Reactivating the Repat – Minister for Health and Wellbeing

At the election, the Liberal Party
committed to reactivate the Repat site, to reopening the operating theatres, repurposing Ward 18 as a facility for
older people with mental health issues, and reopening the hydrotherapy pool. The Marshall Liberal government is
acting to deliver on those commitments. On the 2nd of May, I terminated the
contract for the sale of the Repat site. The hydrotherapy pool has reopened, a reassessment of the Development
Plan Amendment is underway. In April, we started a consultation process
which engaged both SA Health and community stakeholders in identifying, testing, and
developing options for the site. Those ideas have been brought
together on an issues paper. The state government is committed to reactivating
the Repat as a thriving health precinct. We are excited about the opportunities to
use the assets and the space on the site to provide services to better
support the health and well-being, not only of the southern community,
but of all South Australians. It’s important to be clear; we cannot, and we are not reopening
the Repatriation General Hospital as it was before its closure in November 2017. Some teams have been relocated, some teams have been dispersed, but we are determined to reactivate
the Repat as a thriving health precinct. A precinct which embodies the spirit of the Repat, and honours the veterans and health professionals
who lived that spirit for more than 75 years. Today we are launching the
consultation on the future of the Repat. We’re also today starting a parallel
Expressions Of Interest process, which is inviting private and
non-government organisations to describe how they could partner with SA Health in delivering a variety of health and
related services on the Repat site. An industry briefing and tour of the facilities
will be held as part of this process. Private and non-government organisations are encouraged to express their interest. The Marshall Liberal government is committed to preserving the integrity of the site as a genuine health precinct, and for that to be reflected in the planning laws. The decision about the Repat site is an important one, and we want to get it right. We know there are many different
views about how the site could be used, and what should be located there. That is why public consultation is vital. Discussion around the future of
the Repat is a four-way conversation; involving the community, the government,
stakeholders, and clinicians. This is a unique opportunity
for you, your family, friends, and colleagues to help set the direction for
the future Repat health precinct. Tonight is another milestone in the
journey to reactivate the Repat site. For 75 years, the Repat has been a beating heart
in the South Australian Health Network. My hope is that the Repat will be like the
roses in the peace garden at Daw Park. That, looking back, we will see that
last year has been like a heavy prune, from which the Repat will spring to an exciting future. Thank you.

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