Piano playing


  1. you guys should really put someone to do an example because I don't even know if im doing it right

  2. 1:58 dead here😪

  3. My voice stops working after 2 minutes. How do i know if im getting better?

  4. How do i do this? I don't really understand the instructions

  5. I can’t feel my lips, but it’s my 1st time doing this. I only had to stop for a few seconds!

  6. so high

  7. I now have the ability to talk to dolphins, thanks

  8. I switch to a falsetto really early on, does anyone know how to fix that?

  9. I am a soprano and use this as a warm up

  10. From 1:34 …

  11. Can someone pls tell me the title of the piano thing that he did on the Ho Ha and He that was going higher?

  12. Reaching the notes were fairly easy but my problem was that I ran out of breath🤷‍♀️

  13. Good vocal exercise thank you 🤗🎵👏❤

  14. I do love using this video to do a vocal warm up❤! It's awesome. I also made some covers and sang my own song. Let's check them out and tell me what you think. Thank you very much 🤗!!


  16. Okay today i died at: 2:38

  17. Like this if you're a man

  18. 2:47 🙁 or 🙂

  19. I challenge you to do this exercise without laughing while reading the comments.

  20. Damn i felt like I'm gonna die in the high part lol 😂

  21. I did some vocal exercise and my dad got so irritated that he sound like a next door neighbour yelling.

  22. my ‘ah’s cut out at exactly 2:00

  23. Gonna do this everyday
    Day 1: 2:48

  24. My mom just rushed into my room and thought my cat died

  25. My lips are numb.

  26. Does anyone else have a hard time doing lip rolls?

  27. am I the only one who starts an octave higher cuz it’s too low

  28. Does anyone know what register to do these in?

  29. for women??

  30. Oh my teacher told us to do this while saying “do re mi fa so fa mi re do” and it’s so hard like what

  31. I cant hight note so how? Can i get hight note?

  32. When I get to the high notes do I start singing with falsetto or just give up? Cause my chest voice won't support the high notes!

  33. Hopefully this will make me sound like Christina

  34. 1.18 secs.. Is all i can take for now.

  35. Jeeezus, sweating by the 3 minute mark!

  36. Do this exercise in this mode: ((( 1. Ahh, then 2. Lip Roll, then 3. Ooo… ))) in that order and you all will see how complex it gets and how much it will improve you faster!
    …getting my 5 and 1/2 octave range back one dey at a time. Make sure to open wide-smiling for the "Ahhs" watch your posture and keep your neck plum-lined/ no goosing around.

    and always #UnlOCKyOURFOOL®

  37. I've never laughed so hard in the comments section before😂😂😂😂😂 oh god, i cant it properly😂

  38. tHiS iS fOr YoU BTS!!!!!!!!

  39. I try to do your vocal work outs aleast everyday I have 9 videos that I do

  40. it sounds like animal crossing

  41. how to vocal range i mean what i say when i try to vocal range pls reply me

  42. I died at 2:13

  43. Btw is it okay to sing in falsetto?

  44. Beginning of the year I was at a c5 now I’m at a E5

  45. OMG amazing excercise! Thank you

  46. 2:29 and I'm wailing like an ambulance 😂

  47. I can finally do the whole thing

  48. Ok but what the hell are lip rolls

    Edit: nvm I know

  49. What’s a lip roll

  50. having braces doesn’t help with the first excercise (^_^*)

  51. Can I use falsetto if I cant reach the high notes?

  52. When I used to be in a choir some years ago I could do this without any problems and now I can't reach the high notes I used to, any advice ?

  53. After doing the zee sound I ate two cups of rice as I got hungry so badly

  54. Wow i reached new levels with my voice it’s weird

  55. Day 1.Stuck at 2:23

  56. i can sing until 2:36 uncomfortably, but comfortably until 2:15 as of 2019.6.08

  57. I did it OwO

  58. 2:40

  59. am i the only one who cant do lip rolls?

  60. 2:45

  61. •`• cool

  62. May I know the name of the first note in this video and the highest one, please?!…(the range)

  63. well, I sang good during my childhood,like every sorts of high and low ranges. But when my voice became hoarse , i got a feeling like something was stuck in my throat and i developed a habit of clearingy my throat by any rough means possible, which was the ultimate mistake i made. I couldnt even speak properly after that. In 5 years of time, I 've improved quite a bit but i still cant speak up to my full extent. I need to exert more pressure to my neck to speak up the words.Can anybody help me with the exercise guide,like which exercise to choose(I have problem with E scale and falsetto)

  64. Day 1 : dies at 2:00

  65. i better not get kicked out of my hotel room

  66. came here for liproll beatbox tutorial but ok…


  68. i do these after drinking tea/coffee to warm my throath faster and i get great results

  69. I'm a bass for the most part, this is gonna be very hard. Including falsetto i can sing most tenor and Alto notes, but I'm just trying to grow my chest voice

  70. Me at 11 am “AHHHHHHH”
    The rest of the house trying to sleep “really”

  71. I want to be able to sing the high notes at the end of the song Phantom Of The Operah! Hell yeah! Right now it is literally impossible! I’ll give you guys an update.

  72. Uhh whats a lip roll

  73. What do I do when I can’t sing the notes anymore?

  74. What is a lip roll

  75. progress: could not go higher than 2:25

  76. Im a bit confused..so i do lip rolls for the first 2 rounds and the 3rd round i do a AH them back to lip rolls again for 2 rounds?

  77. Can anyone here please help me? 🙂 – it is my dream to know my songs in many languages.

  78. Stopped from a couple months now I’m back at ground zero 🙁 sucks 🙁 just gotta keep putting in the effort. I saw results before I stopped.. don’t stop practicing!!’

  79. 2:47 is my progress

  80. Christ light headed asfrig

  81. Only could reach up to 1:30 🙁

  82. I feel like snow white😭🤣😭🤣

  83. Back at my usual 2:15, mild light headedness. Gonna push past 2:15 tomorrow.

  84. Dad walks In room and watches for five seconds and then joins me

  85. 2:25 #YES #IMPROVEMENT #ProgressRegressProgress #DailyRoutine

  86. My grandma and my brother fight when i’m doing this i should stop or keep doin

  87. is anyone else thinking woahhhhh when they hit the high notes 🙂

  88. Kk I’m stopping to 2:58 for today

  89. Wow I finally made it to the top!

  90. What are lip rolls???😂

  91. 2:23 #PositivePush

  92. Day 1 Evening –1:19
    Day 2 Noon – 1:42
    Day 3 Afternoon – 1:42

  93. 2:23. Nice bit of improvement at 2:15. Glad to see progress. I really wanna pass 2:23 now

  94. What are lip rolls

  95. 2:25 but it was awful cause i ripped a bowl before warming up. Note: wake n bake comes after wake n sing

  96. What is a lip roll

    my sister: SHUT UP

  98. I can't lip roll on high notes. I get angry. I slapped myself in the face.

  99. You could also try doing eeee, ayyyy, ahhh. It helps with placing different vowels

  100. Me currentjng doing this at 12:05AM😂

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