Random Gym Dunks – During Christmas Break


  1. That little guy throws some really nice passes

  2. Man no offense but ur very tall and u dont need big vertical to dunk, just sayin but still..nice video😎

  3. I wish I was 6'4", right now i am 13, 6,1 and can only dunk off 1 foot

  4. how many inches should you grow in 2 months doing those excersises

  5. Man I Wish I was 6'0-6'5 but I'm only 5'8 but 13

  6. So I'm 5'7 and a mate of mine a year higher is 6'7 wtf and I'm 14 and he's 15

  7. That height is a gift, keep up the good work.

  8. When you go in for a dunk stand at the three point line start off running really fast then as you make your way to the hoop and which ever foot you jump off the highest you jump off of that foot or both of your feet and you will jump higher

  9. When was your first game dunk

  10. inspiring.. please get him in the weight room. he wil lbecome a beast. 15 yearsi s the best to start

  11. And I'm 4 foot 9

  12. I am 9 years old and can touch 8 foot and I can dunk 7 foot 5

  13. nice bro, check out my stuff also !
    how tall are you man?

  14. I'm 6'6" and 17 he reminds me of a younger me haha

  15. Do you like jumping off of one or two feet?

  16. I'm 5'7 age 14 and could dunk 9ft but will get up there at the end of 10th grade and cool video

  17. just a random question…have you trued VertShock? Im going to be trying it pretty soon

  18. Pretty nice for being 15. if I was 6'4" I could do the dunks I always try to do but miss.

  19. Dang man you can get up there. I'm 13 and only 5,2 and a half. I can slap the net but I can not hit the rim. I'm jealous.

  20. Nice video, Pal! Keep the channel on…How tall are you?

  21. nice he can jump

  22. This is amazing

  23. Keep up the dunking videos bro!

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