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  1. Hii mam Rama garu ma babu ki 1year complete chala akkuva toilet veltadu andi chala water akkuva tagutadu and mangoes pettavacha amina problem Na

  2. Maam naa babu ki 18months, nenu maa husband untaamu, nene chusukuntaanu babu ni babu food vishayam lo sleep vishayam lo tega visigistaadu, pakkana lekapote legusttadu food ki asalu mouth open cheyadu ee madya chirraku vachi kottestunna control chesukoleka adi correct e antara? Please suggest me

  3. Yame chayali mam plz

  4. 8 years old mam

  5. Ma papa chala sannaga untunde

  6. Hi rama garu me phone no evvaru plz

  7. Rama gaaru…can you please discuss on children with mental disabilities and how society should perceive them and provide support and encouragement ..I see so many parents even in well to do households facing the stigma…please honour my request

  8. Namaste Rama Garu.ma babu meliga chupute vinadu, bedaristhe adustadu ami chayalo Ardam kavadam ledu dinigurinchi videos cheyandi medam plz

  9. Very happy madam. Ma manavadu 5yrs chubby ga ledu ani feel avuthuntam .ippudu mee matalavalla gnanodayam kaligindi .thanks .pankaja

  10. I can relate to this, I have always been lean and that’s how I am. But people around me have always been mean

  11. Same problem mam maa son ki . Doctor dhagara ki vellathamu

  12. Ma family lo kuda ide prblm mam
    Lavu sannam ane vatiki diet maintain chesi change avochu mam
    Kani ma family lo ma relatives comment chestaru
    Nvu potti podugu nalupu telupu antu
    Alanti comments vinapudu chala hurt avatam…daniki ela respond avalo kuda telidu….compare chestu matladataru…ilanti vati nunchi ela duram ga undalo chepandi mam…enta patinchukokudadu anukunna edo oka situation lo antune untaru…valla norlu ela muyinchali chepandi pls

  13. ధన్యవాదాలు

  14. Thank u mam.

  15. Aa nijam madam

  16. Jaya gaaru and Rama gaaru please renuka devi story meeda oka video cheyyandi.

  17. U r videos is gud rama garu

  18. Baga chepparu madam

  19. Maa babu 18 months old maam baaga bakkaga avutunnadu weight gain recepies cheppandi maam.. Normal weight gain kuda ledu

  20. Make a video on having two girl child and society thinks that having two girls is unlucky and blab blab

  21. ramaa garu plz phone number evadi

  22. Ma babu age 2 1/2 age inka matallu ravatam ledu emena chepandhi rama garu

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