Rainbow Yoga ๐ŸŒˆ Yoga For All Ages! ๐ŸŒˆ Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up, everyone?
Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have rainbow yoga, the perfect practice
to brighten your day, to help turn
darkness into light. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Okay, my darling friends, let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat of your choice. So you get to decide
how you wanna sit today. You can start kneeling,
you can start cross-legged, you can start this first part
on the edge of your couch. So find what feels good and come into your seat, and when you’re
ready take a deep breath in and lift your
shoulders all the way up to your ears here to start and as you exhale
drop the shoulders down. Two more like that, inhale. Squeeze and lift, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and exhale, let’s let go
of any stress or tension. And one more time.
Big inhale, squeeze and lift. Really breathing into
your full capacity here, holding your breath at the top, and then exhale to let go. So we’re letting
go of any bad juju, any haterade, any energy that’s
just not serving us, right? Whether it’s just a small
tantrum or a little frustration. Maybe we were
bored or exhausted. Whatever it is,
I’m so glad you chose this bright,
beautiful yoga practice. Let’s find what feels good. You’re gonna bring
your left fingertips down to your
couch or to the earth, and you’re gonna
paint a big rainbow with the right
fingertips all the way up and over as your create
length in your right side body. Now really, really reach. When you get to
your max capacity, wiggle the right fingertips. Let your fingertips
just kinda twinkle here, and then slowly
bring it all the way up and take it
to the other side. Right fingertips down,
and from there, paint a big rainbow
with your fingertips all the way up
and over, feeling that awesome stretch in
the left side body. Then when you get there,
reach a little further, twinkle the left fingertips.
Big stretch. Yes, and then come
all the way back, awesome. From here, you’re gonna move from whatever seat
you chose to the ground, and then we’re gonna bring the
left heel in, so one heel in, and then one heel behind,
so you’re gonna create this shape in your body, and if you find
that it’s really hard to sit up nice and tall,
know that you’re not alone, but one helpful
thing is to just lift the hips up on a
little couch cushion or a rolled up towel or blanket. Alright, and you’re gonna
bring your right fingertips right in front of you
and your left fingertips to the outer
edge of your left leg, and then very slowly we’re gonna bring the right
knee all the way up, and then bring it all the down. And then bring
it all the way up, and then all way down. And keep this action going. We’re bringing a little space and movement into the right hip, creating a little
half rainbow shape, or almost like
a windshield wiper with the right knee,
back and forth. Excellent, and then next
time your right knee’s up, go ahead and keep it there. Your right foot may or not come all the way to the ground, and then from here, you’re gonna bring your left hand to the
earth, and same little ditty, right fingertips reach forward,
up and over to the left. Great, and then slowly
bring it all the way back in. And we’ll switch
to the other side. Right heel comes in. Left heel goes behind. You’re just opposite leg
then the ones you did before. Just find your set up first. And then left
fingertips go in front of you, right fingertips go behind you, just for a little stability, and then you can
use your hands here to help guide the left knee up. Breathing the whole way long. Nice and slow and instead of just
working to get your knee up, really pay attention to
how this is all connected, the whole body is connected. So sometimes when we’re tight in one area of the body,
it’s helpful to move the whole body
with breath to tend to it rather than just
targeting that one spot. Alright, the next
time your left knee’s up, plant that left
foot into the ground. Use your hands to sit up nice
and tall, breathe deep here. And then here we go,
right hand comes to the earth, left fingertips
reach all the way out, and up, and over,
creating a big stretch on the left side body,
inhale in, and then exhale,
bring it all the way back. Alright, bring the soles
of the feet together here. We’re gonna grab the ankles,
and nice and slow, bring the knees up and in,
feet come to the ground, and then bring
the feet together, takes the knees down and out. Keep it going
all the way up and in and all the way down and out. And no matter what age you are, you might take a
second here to close your eyes and just think about a
beautiful, colorful butterfly. Maybe if you are a kid,
or a kid at heart, you might take this moment here to ask what color
butterfly would you be, if you were a butterfly? What color or what
colors would you be if you were a butterfly? And then I dare you guys,
if you’re adults, to tell us what color
butterfly you would be in the comment section down
below after this practice. Okay, you’re doing awesome. The next time the knees come up, go ahead and bring
them in, in, in, and again, don’t try to
copycat my shape and my body, be true to your body,
so if you can’t get here, make it your own, maybe creating a
little more space. So that’s one of
the beautiful things about at-home yoga,
is we come to remember and remind
ourselves and each other that yoga’s about
getting to the true you, not copying or
emulating somebody else’s version of yoga or the
shapes or the experience, it’s totally yours. So as you gently bow
your head to your heart, and start to wake up
through the back body and get a great lovely big
stretch to the back of the neck, you can just meditate on that and send some love to all parts of yourself. Inhale lots of love it. Exhale lots of love out. Cool. Slowly lift the head,
come back up. We’re gonna grab the
hamstrings, backs of the thighs, as you lift the toes up for a
little balancing posture here. Great, breathing deep. You might take
the fingertips out if you want a
little more challenge. Lifting the heart,
waking up the core. Great, and if you want,
you can straighten one leg. Just see what happens if
you straighten just one leg, don’t think too hard,
breathe deep. And then bend that knee, and
then straighten the other leg. Just see what happens, keep
your heart lifted, open mind, and then bend, and then
maybe let’s see what happens if we send both
toes up towards the sky. We’re here for three, two, on
the one, cross your ankles, come all the way
through to all fours. Excellent, from
here you’re gonna come to Tabletop Position,
shoulders over the wrists, hips over the knees. Cat Pose and Cow Pose
moving together. Start with Cat, you’re
gonna draw the navel up, press away from your yoga mat and arch your body
like a black Halloween cat. Create space in the back body,
claw through the fingertips. Now Cow Pose, drop the belly, open the chest,
let your heart shine forward and lift the corners
of your mouth slightly if you’re wondering, “Why did I
pick this rainbow yoga video?” Just trust. Maybe this is a good one for you right now and you
don’t even know it. Rounding through
the spine, Cat Pose. Spinal flexion. Dropping the belly,
staying connected to your foundation. Cow. One more time, Cat Pose,
rounding through, breathe out. And then dropping the belly,
opening the chest, breathe in. Yay, alright, from here, we’re gonna walk
the knees in just a bit. Kick the right foot out, and
then sweep the right foot all the way up
into a nice low lunge. You can walk
the knee back if you need a deeper stretch here. Find your breath again,
inhaling in, and using your exhale to really
relax your shoulders down. Alright, then
take your left toes, and you’re gonna
bring them over round towards the
right side of your mat, then you’re gonna
bring your right hand to the right inner
arch of your right foot. Alright, here we go. You’re gonna put a big
paintbrush in your left hand and you’re gonna
take that paintbrush all the way towards
the front edge of your mat. You can lift up
on your right hand as you reach all the way up. You’re painting a
big rainbow all the way up and overhead, stay connected
through that front foot as you bring it all
the way down to the ground. Fingertips or left
palm to the ground here as we reach the
right fingertips up, then you’re gonna slowly,
take your time, straighten your right leg,
turn your right toes in, and find this
Gate Pose variation. Alright, then we’re gonna
play a little guitar here, so you’re gonna take
your right fingertips forward, and then through, and
then around, and then back, and then you’re gonna
keep this circular motion going in your
right hand as you wake up through the shoulder,
through the side body. Core is lit up here.
Foundation is strong. Now just find a softness
and easiness in your face as you strum the guitar here. (strumming noise) Once more, awesome. And then we’re
gonna go all the way back the way we came in,
so you’re gonna anchor through
your center, your core, you’re gonna
come all the way up. Reverse with your paintbrush,
turn the right toes out, nice and slow,
hold on to your balance, move slow and steady,
and bring it all the way back to your nice, low lunge. Excellent, here you go. Lift your heart
up towards the sky, sweep the fingertips forward
up and back, big stretch. And then exhale,
bring it all the way down. Plant the palms, bring your
right knee back to the earth, and we’re gonna kick
the left leg out long. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, sweep the left
foot all the way up. Send your right
knee back just a bit, find that nice, yummy stretch,
keep breathing. And then when you’re ready,
sweep the right toes toward the left
side of your mat. Bring your left hand now just
next to the left inner arch, and then you really
wanna pull back with your left crease here,
breathing deep, before we take our paintbrush,
so strong foundation, front knee over front ankle, and reach it forward,
up, around, and back. Excellent. When you feel like you’ve found the earth with your
right fingertips or right palm, then you can
hug the low ribs in, start to straighten
through your left leg, and turn those left toes in. Then left fingertips reach up,
we breathe deep using this shape, this
opportunity to go inward. Self care, self love,
and then here we go, bringing the left
fingertips down and around. You’re gonna move
in a circular motion here, really feeling the
skin of the body stretch as you go through your dance. Try to keep your foundation,
that which is touching the
earth nice and strong. Alright. When you’re ready,
let’s reverse it, so here we go,
really hug the low ribs in. Connect to your core,
your center as you reverse it. You’re gonna
take your paintbrush all the way up and over,
you’re gonna turn the left toes back towards
the front edge of your mat, right leg comes to follow as we come back to our nice low
lunge, framing the left foot. Here we go, big breath as you
sweep the fingertips forward, up and back, lift your
heart up towards the sky and then exhale, melt it down. Plant the palms. Come back to all fours. You can just shake
your tail a little bit here one way, and then the other. Awesome, now we’re
gonna walk the knees back, come on to the belly. Drag the hands in
line with the ribcage, squeeze the elbows
into the side body. Tuck the chin into the chest,
and Cobra Pose, here we come. Inhale, lift the heart. Gaze forward.
Exhale, release. Awesome, let’s do one more. Inhale, lift the heart.
Gaze forward. And exhale to release, awesome. Pressing back up to all fours,
walk the knees together. You’re gonna paint,
just imagine, now each fingertip is a
paintbrush, a different color, and you’re gonna paint
two beautiful rainbow lines all the way down your mat,
flick it away, and then melt
gently forward into Child’s Pose, Balasana. This is our last
yoga pose for today, so find what feels good here. If you need to modify
or change this up to come into a relaxation
pose that feels okay for you, go ahead and do that now. And then I’ll invite
everyone to close their eyes, relax your shoulders, and give thanks for yourself,
to yourself, rather, for showing up here today,
for keeping an open mind. And when we practice having and experiencing
an open mind on the yoga mat, then we know what it feels like to maintain that or have that or create that
experience off the yoga mat. So in other words, if we wish to stay open minded
instead of close minded, yoga practice is
(stammers) a great way to do that. Who would have thought?
I swear. Okay, here we go, slow
and steady, come back up. Imagine you’re a
little seedling growing into a beautiful flower here, and you keep
growing really tall, and you’re gonna end
just the way we started, in a seated
posture of your choice. So you can get creative here, you can add some style elements
to your seated posture, or you can go traditional. Wherever you are,
sit up nice and tall now. Lift your heart. We’ll close today’s practice
by bringing the palms together and honoring the
love and the light and just the
awesomeness in ourselves while also
celebrating and recognizing and seeing that in everyone
else, and everything else. When you’re ready,
take a deep breath in, and we’ll seal
today’s rainbow yoga practice by bowing head to heart,
and shouting, saying, declaring, or whispering Namaste. Thanks everyone. Benji and I send you our love. Let us know how you’re feeling in the comments
section down below. Take care. (bright music)


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