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Set up in a power rack
with the bar on the pins. The pins should be set
to the desired point, just below the knees, just
above or in mid-thigh position. Position yourself
against the bar in proper deadlifting position. Your feet should be
under your hips, your grip shoulder width,
back arched, and hips back to engage
the hamstrings. Since the weight
is typically heavy, you may use a mixed grip
or a hook grip or use straps to aid holding the weight. With your head looking forward,
extend through the hips and knees, pulling the weight
up and back until lockout. Be sure to pull your
shoulders back as you complete the movement. Return the weight to
the pins and repeat. [music]


  1. Why not just do dead lifts? Wouldn't that be more beneficial? Serious question, not trolling.

  2. I would assume this exercise would be more of an alternative to deadlifts for people with limited mobility in their lower back. But I agree, if you can do deadlifts, they would be a lot more beneficial than this exercise.

  3. To change things up. Some people also cant deadlift so they can do rack pulls instead

  4. less stress lower back, leg and forcus on back exercise. its another name is half dead lifts. u can try this before increase ur dead lifts weight


  6. I like to do rack pulls to get the upper portion benefits of it while taking the legs out of the equation. It's good for people with routines that go from legs one day and working back the next day.

  7. I have a fused spine and herniated L1-L2, so doing full dead lifts are almost impossible, unless I do such a light weight I'm basically doing sets of 50. But I can do these and get up to 285. It really helps my mid to lower back.

  8. This is completely wrong. There is no such thing as a half deadlift. This lift is suppose to be called a Clean pull. And if you are doing it from what called the Hang Position. You would have blocks. This is an example /watch?v=Kenjwp17Upo

  9. what part of this workout works your back?
    the only contraction i can see is in the lower back…how is this supposed to give a thicker full back? thanks for the help.

  10. The grip strength (finger flexors) and the lower back (erector spinae) work isometrically to keep the bar held in the hands and to keep the spine from rounding. In lay mans terms the erector spinae works to oppose the resistance created by the weight you are lifting to increase the strength of the muscle (I am a personal trainer in the UK in case you are wondering whether I know what I am talking about).

  11. im just curious, if you just want to work your back wouldnt rack pulls be better than doing deadlifts? so that you dont end up using a lot of hamstring and glutes?

  12. thanks for the advice, i've been doing rack pulls for a few weeks and have definitely been feeling the nice contractions in my erector spinae and middle back. i just wanna know if this is one of the best workout for building a thick 3D back

  13. rack pulls=lazy man's deadlift

  14. For those that critize rack pulls: Rack pulls is a good accesory work with overlead so that you can get stronger in your lock position. If you are feeling that you are having trouble locking the weight when you lift it then rack pulls might be good with overload.
    This is similar to floor press, where you overlead your triceps to get stronger to help you lock the shoulders after the push.

  15. isn't hes back too arched inwards?

  16. damn he did alot of weight

  17. never even heard of these babies. Im doing them now. super wide grip

  18. Most of you guys are arguing deadlifts vs. rack pulls….
    Here's some food for thought: do rack pulls as an accessory excercise after your deadlifts…
    You're welcome

  19. dont arch to much or u get fucked in the shower rooms by the bigger guys

  20. I couldn't find a height to set the pins at that felt comfortable, note I have long arms. I didnt like the bar rubbing my knees coming down..but the lockouts felt good

  21. This exercise has helped me a ton when going for PR deadlifts. I find it helps mentally, and is a wicked grip strength builder for those of us that refuse to use wraps.

  22. do not look "forward". absolutely no benefit putting your neck in a non-neutral position while lifting. same goes for squats.

  23. If no one has access to a rack, can they just do a Barbell bent over row for an alternative?

  24. I have a bad lower back. I've been dead lifting, but I can tell it's not right sometimes afterwards. Regulars are a little too risky for me. Might switch over to this.

  25. Guy says below the knees, guy has above the knees?? Fucking white people

  26. Rack pulls are for pussies

  27. @0:37 Be sure to hyperextend you spine and snap it in half at the end of the movement!!

  28. fk deadlifts do a long cycle of rack pulls and when you're doing crazy above the knee numbers sloooowly go down to deadlift again

  29. err that bar is not just below his knees its just above

  30. "Position the bar just below the knees"

    Bar above the knees the entire time

  31. What's the point of that 2 inch ROM exercise?

  32. Larry wheels does racks pulls regularly so anybody saying they aren’t beneficial can tell that to him

  33. Rack pulls save me from deadlifit injures

  34. ma puoi mettere uno cosi a fare un video dimostrativo porco di quel porco? dai ostia. ma svegliet.

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