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welcome back to am Northwest convenience foods are fast and easy but they're not always that healthy here to show us quick know cook meals that pack a nutritional punch we welcome back the healthy grocery girl registered dietitian making Roosevelt good to see you again man thank you so the idea is that they're fast and easy but and they're no cook but they're healthy for you cuz that's amazing is you see picking up a burger at a drive-thru exactly these meals require no cooking so no oven no microwave they're quick they're easy and they're healthy healthy most important part so let's start with what we're making over here so meal number one is a Honey Nut overnight oats so this is kind of going to be like oatmeal except you're not going to cook it so simply what you do is a half a cup of oats 1 cup of water in a teaspoon of cinnamon in a medium sized Bowl you mix those ingredients together and that's gonna create your overnight oat batter so this is is this the overnight or here it looks like we finished so once you have your overnight oats batter you'll put some of that in a mason jar or any container you have on hand and then layer it with some chopped nuts another layer of overnight oats another layer of chopped nuts and then drizzle with some honey and then you'll just put a top on this jar place it in the fridge and overnight the oats are gonna absorb all of the water and the honey and the flavor and then it looks just like this in the morning and you literally can eat it just as it is so no cooking you can make it a day ahead of time you can make a bunch of these on Sunday and have overnight oats one for every day of the week just grab in the morning if you have you know family everybody can put different toppings they like you can do chopped up apples bananas blueberries walnuts almonds whatever you like and this is a balanced hearty breakfast I was gonna say that so that looks like it looks like better than oatmeal it is and I mean I mean it's gonna be equally nutritionally as oatmeal but it's quicker you know than making oatmeal and some good health benefits here oatmeal rich in soluble fiber which helps to lower cholesterol levels carbohydrates you know energizing from the oatmeal almonds are a rich source of vitamin E which helps boost your immune system good for this time of year and then the honey is rich in vitamins and minerals and it's a natural sweetener so a lot of good health benefits and we'll really sticks with you for a long time so hearty breakfast no cooking quick right for lunch here yeah so here we have a creamy avocado sauce with some vegetable noodles and so what I do to make these veggie noodles is you can use zucchini you can use carrot here we have a cucumber and we're just gonna julienne if you want to try this out here first I just got to say this is like the coolest tool I love that I love kitchen gadget this is a julienne peeler and you did such great exactly so first we're gonna take off me to peel off the skin of the cucumber the zucchini and then with the julienne peeler you're just going to make noodles so here you can still check that off so here we have some noodles right and then to make the avocado sauce real simple too small right avocados just about two tablespoons of water a little bit of lemon salt and then I just mix that together it's almost like avocado or guacamole excuse me and if you want to try this here you can see that sorry you didn't really put any spices in the in the avocado and I put a little bit of tomato tomato spices yeah and you can see it really will spiral on your fork the noodles will just really good like regular pasta Wow it has holes into it so there's something in there yeah there's a little bit of jalapeno in there too are you forgetting thats really good yeah it is it's really filling and you know avocado rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your heart your brain a lot of good health benefits in that dish as well and again you can make ahead for the whole week you create a bunch of vegetable noodles on Sunday and have them ready to go for the whole week for meals I'm big on doing this now with zucchini instead of pasta and I love that and it really is filling so that's alright okay so here we have a black bean taco salad again no cooking so we just have some chopped romaine lettuce some black beans here some salsa I'm some shredded carrot again some avocado or guacamole some sunflower seeds and then you keep you picking out coat again because it's a good fat it is and so this is you know you want to make sure your meals are balanced and they're healthy they're gonna be satisfying and satisfying and keep you full and so avocado is right way to do so because fats take longer to digest so they help keep you full longer and again avocado just has so many great health benefits I mean you've got the chips here yeah I like to use the chips actually to eat my salad with so I kind of use them kind of mix it all together and of course you can use a fork but I like to use some of the corn chips and you can kind of eat your taco salad that way with a little bit of the chips okay and the healthiest part about this I'm just trying to check here so we have black beans what do you like about black beans well they're both a carbohydrate and a protein so carbs are gonna give you energy proteins going to keep you full longer you're gonna be more satisfied after your meal a lot of people say well but you'd help me food I'd you know I just don't say fall I'm hungry late night some keys is you need some protein you need some healthy fats and there's fiber you know in the beans which is fight we all need most Americans need to eat more fiber right so that's a good way to get more fiber in your diet this is great we're gonna put the recipes on our website for everyone at home and check it out I love it this would be a good thing for a college student to get to know how to do this without worrying about a kitchen area thank you very much I appreciate that


  1. is zucchini cooked?

  2. i hate cooking this looks good

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