Quick Gym Workouts with LUZIA Artists | Cirque It Out #4 | A Fitness Series by Cirque du Soleil

Welcome to another
episode of Cirque It Out and this time from Cirque du Soleil’s
big top show, Luzia. Are you ready?
Uno, dos, tres, let’s Cirque it Out. I’m Kelly McDonald and I’m the Adagio
Flyer in Luzia. So with 8 to 10 shows per week, we have a lot of different trainings
that we require for the show on each element that we perform. So that will be an hour a couple
times a week with all my partners and then I’ll spend
a few hours on my own on each different
discipline that I’ll train. Today we’re gonna start
with some leg lifts and then we’ll move
over to the ladder and do a different
from of leg lifts where we have to use a pushing and
pulling technique with our arms and then I’ll go
upside down for you and show you some candle sticks
and some planks. So for the first
exercise we’re gonna do, I’m gonna show you how
to do a leg lift. Find any bar to hang on and make sure that you engage
your scapulae the whole time, I want to see a long neck. You’re gonna lift your legs all
the way to the bar using your core. Here we go. And now with bent legs. Make sure still
to lift with your hips. Here’s the second exercise. You’ll also be doing
the leg lift but now find a
ladder to do it on. You’re gonna grab the top hand
about at head height and you want to put
the bottom hand at about waist height. All right, now let’s step it up
to the Cirque du Soleil level. This one takes a lot of control and a lot of time to learn so make sure you have
a good spotter and that you’re ready to try this
before you do it by yourself. All right, here we go. Keep at it, keep training,
enjoy life and you’re gonna make it. My name is Shelli Epstein,
I’m 23 years old and in Luzia I am
the running woman. And she also jumps
Russian swing. On a daily basis before
the show I run 30 minutes then I do at least 30 to
an hour of conditioning, Russian swing specific exercises for
legs and ankles to help stability. Today I’m gonna teach you
3 progressions for chin-up so one beginner,
one intermediate, one advanced. So this is a chin-up
for a beginner. What you want is to get a box so you are able to
jump yourself up and when you get to the top,
you control yourself down so your muscles are working
the exact same way as they would for a chin-up so this is a demonstration
of what you want to do. So this is now a chin-up
for intermediate. What you want is to
find an elastic band and you put the band
in your knee, you can either use
one or two knees depending on how much
resistance you want. So once you’ve accomplished
the first two exercises, you can actually
change the bands and the resistance
to make it easier or not but now you should be able
to do a full chin-up and here’s a demonstration. Keep at it,
keep training, don’t be discouraged,
don’t lose motivation and eventually you’ll get
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