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but I'm not busy creating content for you guys I am a mom to a wonderful seven-year-old but being a content creator takes a lot of my time so what do I do when I want a fast home-cooked meal that tastes good and is also nutritious and of course not fast food everybody welcome back to my channel today we're gonna take a break from talking about makeup and we're gonna talk about food and I'm not talking about food subscription where you get all the ingredients and you still gonna cook it and I'm also not talking about just going to the store buying a whole bunch of frozen food that's holding sodium today I'm gonna be talking about a meal service from Top Chef meals what I love about this meal service is that they send you food that you would probably cook in your own house they send you food that tastes like good home-cooked meals these do not taste artificial they don't taste like frozen stuff I mean sometimes frozen stuff feels good but this tastes like something that was made with heart and salt so I got a few different ones to try but before I show you exactly which ones I tried and what I loved about them I just want to give you some differences between say a Lean Cuisine which I mean is not really healthy for the whole family but is good for just a quick one meal if you are busy if you are busy and on the go and I'm gonna tell you the difference between a Top Chef meal and aleeah's a meal and why Top Chef is better for you than some of the perceived health food your a diet food that you can get in your supermarket so we're going to take for example this Top Chef meal here this is the premium meal this is grilled chicken with coconut pineapple sauce and herb lentil rice with green beans by the way my son loves this and he could totally vouch for it there you go baby did you know that I made that in 90 seconds Wow did you so why don't you try it and tell me what you think I check the chicken first what flavor is that oh yeah like the green beans yeah Mama's so hard Vasiliy know each other nice well enjoy your dinner baby okay Fabio me too and now we're gonna compare it to a sesame chicken so it's another chicken dish and this one's from Ming cuisine okay so the Lean Cuisine this is the sesame chicken this is sesame breaded white meat chicken tenderloins with pasta and vegetables so basically this is processed meat that's been breaded now the calories are 330 whereas the calories in this one are 406 but you're looking at grill chicken versus processed and Brennan now here's where the big difference is when you eat frozen dinner frozen food like this versus frozen food like this this is frozen fresh this is frozen processed this has 650 milligrams of sodium this has 95 that is a huge huge difference so 650 is 28% of your daily allowed amount of sodium so if you eat this you could basically only have two other meals that have this much sodium in it but that's a lot for one sitting like me personally I like to watch my sodium because heart disease runs in my family so I would absolutely choose this in a heartbeat now in terms of carbohydrates this is 51 grams because you have the breaded chicken whereas this only has 36 so this has less carbs less sodium now the grilled chicken with coconut and pineapple this only has 8 grams of sugar and that's taking into consideration that this has real chunks of pineapple shredded coconut it has the rice it has the lentils and it still only has 8 grams of sugar whereas this has 15 grams of sugar where and like it's a much smaller meal too I'm gonna open it up and show you guys you're gonna see it's much smaller as for the protein you're only getting 12 grams of protein in here even though it looks like you get a lot of chicken where's this one you're getting 31 grams of protein so you're getting a lot more protein in this meal making this meal a much better choice but you're getting a more complete nutrition with this so I'm gonna pull it open and I'm gonna show you guys here is it's a little frozen so you have your string beans here and they have a very little topping on them so they're not gonna be smothered like some other brands would then you have your piece of grilled chicken and you have your rice with lentils if you notice something about this portioning is that you have your meat which is the size of a deck of cards which is exactly how big a piece of meat should be when it comes to a serving size you have your rice here and then you have a very significant portion of vegetables here so it's very very much even distribution in terms of like when you think of like a food pyramid you don't want to have too much car or anything else hopefully the Lean Cuisine one has fried chicken nuggets these pains of glorified chicken of it so it's not you know just because this is Lean Cuisine let's not let's think let's not delude ourselves into thinking we're eating healthy because we're eating something called lean but yet it's chicken nuggets it's chicken nuggets in a sweet sauce because this is sesame this is a sesame sauce so it's a very sweet sauce and then you have a big amount of carbs which is the tiny amount of vegetables so if you look at the difference here you can see chicken nuggets carved a little bit of vegetable scott throughout here you have a nice even balance of grilled chicken fresh pineapple shredded you can see the shredded coconut here on the side and then you have the lentils and the rice which makes that a complete protein because when you have rice and these rice and lentils it becomes a complete protein is actually much healthier from you than just eating rice alone so yeah so there's a big difference being this is just a quick sampling thing I just want to give you guys a comparison so you can see I tried whole bunch of them we're gonna look at them now I'm really excited to show you some so I'm gonna tell you all about the flavors I sampled by the way all of these need to be defrosted 8 to 10 hours before you cook them and once you pop them in the microwave they only take 90 seconds so this is a really easy way to have a good family dinner healthier options and even some treat yo'self options and an affordable price the way I like to look at is if I made an amazing meal I popped it in the freezer and I'm ready to reheat it and serve it to my family except for it's like you ever go to like a family dinner where everybody kind of makes something amazing and you take a plate home and then you pop it in the freezer and you warm it up for later and it's like yeah you're kind of using that feeling of home well you know I don't get to go to a lot of family events because I'm always so busy and I don't have a lot of family so it's kind of like ant Top Chef meals made these amazing meals and I just get to pop them in the microwave warm them up and I get to have a taste of home and it's very quick and it makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my family I love that I could pop it in in 90 seconds later it's ready to go so let's look at the flavors the vegetables stuffed portobello mushroom was extremely Hardy I love that they have vegetarian options this is a great way to get some extra in your diet I love the top chef meals of mindful of different dietary restrictions the shrimp scampi with herb lentil rice and green beans with savory delicious creamy and I loved that it tasted like something you would treat yourself to at a restaurant the sliced roast loin of pork with warm apple gravy and smashed sweet potatoes with zucchini was one of my favorite dishes this is a little bit higher in fat with 31 grams however I feel like this is one of those meals that you would treat yourself to on a Sunday night you would sit down and eat with your family and maybe you wouldn't have it every day of the week but it's definitely savory filling delicious and of course it includes those servings and vegetables the grilled chicken with coconut pineapple sauce herb lentil rice and green beans is one of my son's favorite this combines all the tropical this combines tropical flavors with healthy grilled chicken I love the portioning on this as it really just has complete proteins and it contains vegetables with appropriate size of meat the stuff broccoli and cheddar chicken breast with bechamel sauce with bechamel sauce was another savory dish which i think is perfect for which i think it's perfect for family get-togethers or even date night at home it's a great way to treat your significant other to a romantic meal without having to break the bank or take too much time cooking the braised boneless short rib in beef gravy with sweet potatoes broccoli was hands-down my favorite dish of them all the short route was so tender and so soft I could cut it with a fork this one reminded me of being in a New York steak house and I was just overall impressed with the flavor I love that the gravy was in a separate container so I can control exactly how much gravy I want to go on which lets me feel like I'm controlling how healthy this meal is the sweet potatoes were absolutely delicious I loved that they were table with just a little bit of cinnamon so these meals really impressed me I loved that I was able to make the taste of home or the even the taste of a high-end restaurant in my home really quickly really easily my son was able to enjoy them my family is able to enjoy them I feel like I can even sneak and be like how company over be like yeah I made this isn't it amazing and really like I have the top chef you know little package covers like to the side like no pay no attention so whether you're a busy mom or you just want something nutritious and easy you just want to have food in the freezer you don't want to cook for a big crowd of people that's coming over you want to have something for a romantic date when your significant other but you don't know how to cook top chef kind of has you covered by the way these meals in terms of price point a lot of them are less than ten dollars a meal which is super affordable in my opinion because figured out if you're ordering takeout if you're going on the grub hog chances are that you're gonna wind up spending like $20 minimum for baby just you I don't know that's just what it is with me but I bet that's the tip and the tax in every sometimes there's even like a $5 delivery fee no one's a baby $20 only what it was dumplings you know any means so it's like I feel like this is a great option for anybody and like I said Kendall loved it and there are a lot of healthy options on the site there's even meals for two there's premia they even have a full romantic dinner on there like they have a lot of different options everything is fresh everything is delicious so guys there's something like Top Chef meals interests you let me know in the comments section below have you ever tried a meal sub or a meal delivery service let me know as well I would love to hear you guys experiences if you enjoyed this video please be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you aren't already please head over to Instagram I recycle sorrows give me a follow up most posting food fashion flat lace you name it and of course always my makeup looks that feature my makeup recipe but all of my makeup ingredients underneath and as long as guys thank you so much for watching

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