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hello everyone and welcome to hoopla kids recipes today we're going to be making some breakfast sushi traffic-light fruit smoothie fun shaped pancakes classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich a strawberry milkshake peanut butter and banana sandwiches Nutella fairy bread banana and date shape an egg sandwich perfect hard-boiled eggs we are going to be making some breakfast sushi now this sounds crazy but it's delicious all you're gonna need is one cup of puffed rice one banana and one cup of smooth peanut butter so the first thing to do is to peel your banana we're now going to chop it up into bite-sized chunks spread the peanut butter on the outside of the banana it might get a bit messy but it's worth it in the end then roll it in your Rice Krispies yum huh it looks exactly like sushi but it's perfect for breakfast no fish involved delicious and there you have it that quick and easy we are going to be making a traffic light fruit smoothie looks amazing so for the ingredients for the green layer you'll need 1 tablespoon of honey 1 avocado and 4 tablespoons of yogurt for the orange layer you'll need 2 tablespoons of honey 1 banana half a cup of orange juice and 1 mango for the red layer you will need 1 tablespoon of honey one banana and 8 strawberries so first of all we're going to make the bottom lay out which is the green layer put all of your ingredients into the blender and blend just because it's green doesn't mean it doesn't taste delicious there we go now we're going to repeat it with the orange layer yummy and finally we're gonna make the red layer there we go so to make the traffic light you want to pour your green layer into the glass first this is quite thick so it will sit really nicely on the bottom then the orange layer will sit just on top of it and finally slowly pour on the red layer and you will have the perfect traffic lights really like so we are going to be making some fun shaped pancakes so what you'll need for this is of course some pancake mix some butter chocolate drops blueberries and a ziplock bag so you want to spoon your pancake mix into your ziplock bag this can be a sandwich bag anything like that you just want to make sure that you can cut the edge off like so this means that when you put the batter into the frying pan it will come out in a controlled manner and you can make all sorts of different shapes like so don't forget to put a bit of butter in the bottom of your frying pan so your pancakes don't stick so here I'm making two little circles and one big circle and you will see what they're going to become in a minute so you want to cut one of your little circles in half and place them at the top behind the big circle like so if you put the little circle in the middle and cut a blueberry in half you will start to see a cute little pig coming to life add some chocolate drops for eyes and wallah we are going to be making the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich so the clue is in the title all you need for this recipe is some sliced bread some jelly some peanut butter and some normal butter so I'm actually going to be toasting mine to give it that little bit of extra crisp so what you do is you butt up both of your slices of bread now this is the tricky bit you've got to turn your bread over this is not the side that is going on the inside this is actually the side that is gonna be fried so spread peanut butter on one slice and then spread your jelly on the other slice when that's all done put them together making sure not to tear your bread cuz you've got butter on the back then we're going to put that into a frying pan you don't need any oil because you've got the butter on it when that's lightly toasted flip it over to toast the other side and each side should be golden brown yummy cut it in half and there you have the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich toasted for deliciousness today we're going to be making a strawberry milkshake so the ingredients you'll need are two tablespoons of sugar a Punnett of strawberries one teaspoon of vanilla essence half a pint of milk and two cups of vanilla ice cream so once you've chopped up your strawberries you really just need to add all the ingredients into a blender and blend them all together and there you have it a really delicious strawberry milkshake Yami we are gonna be making peanut butter and banana sandwiches so all you need for this is some sliced bread a banana some honey some peanut butter and some normal butter so let's get started first of all you want to peel your banana then chop it up and put it into a bowl now we're going to mash it if your banana is slightly right it will be easier to mash and taste even better now it's mashed add a good dollop of honey and mix it all together so once you've done that you want to butter both the pieces of bread this is going to be the outside of your sandwich so that it will crisp up when you put it in the frying pan cover one slice with peanut butter you can use crunchy or smooth and then put your banana mixture on the other slice pop both slices together and now it's ready to go in the frying pan now you don't need any oil when you're frying this because the butter is gonna do that for you and it will make it go crispy Brown flip it over and make sure you toast both sides evenly once both sides are golden brown you're ready to cut it up and eat it yummy there you have a peanut butter and banana toasted sandwich today we're going to be making Nutella fairy bread it's so simple even the little ones can do it themselves so all you need for this is hundreds and thousands some Nutella and some sliced bread so this is a little bit of a twist on the traditional fairy bread so instead of butter we're using Nutella really simply you've just got to spread the Nutella all over the bread make sure you get right into the corners and then to top it off you just sprinkle the hundreds and thousands all over the top so it's lots of fun very simple and that's it that's Nutella fairy bread you can cut them up however you want and serve voila today we're going to be making a banana and date shape is it a great treat for after school and really really quick to make so all you'll need is two tops bananas for dates without seeds half a cup of milk and half a cup of orange juice so all you need to do is pop all your ingredients into a blender and blend them all up it is really that easy and there you have it a delicious banana and date shape we are going to be making an egg sandwich now this is super yummy and also healthy all you need is two slices of bread 1 egg 1 tbsp of oil and another butter so the first thing we want to do is head to the hob with our oil and our egg pop your oil into a pan and then crack the egg we want to fry it looking yummy already you can get rid of any excess with a spoon like I'm doing set that aside now we're going to Buster our bread pop the egg in the middle and we'll up it's time to serve great for breakfast really quick and easy too so there you have it that's how you make an egg sandwich we are going to be making perfect hard-boiled eggs so really simple all you're gonna need is three eggs the first thing to do is to get your parents help boiling some water on the hob it should be simmering not bubbling yet place the eggs inside if you want a runny egg leave the eggs in there for three minutes if you want it to be hard-boiled all the way through leave it for about five the next thing to do is to peel it I do this by rolling my egg like so that means that the shell comes off in one piece well almost one piece and there you have it now it's time to eat so thank you very much for watching whoo plug kids recipes everyone if you have enjoyed this video please do let us know in the comment box below don't forget to subscribe to the channel above and we'll see you again very soon thanks for watching you

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