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I touch each marker I want to show you real quick how I make my turkey meatballs with zucchini first thing I do is cut up by peppers and sauté them spray a little bit of olive oil if you want or whatever or you prefer then I use for portobello mushrooms and also I add them to my mixture I do use mrs. – I tried to avoid so at all times the next thing I do is add my zucchini I cut both ends off after you know wash them very thoroughly and the the gadget when you use for this is at bed Becca Vuitton is called a spiralizer so this is a doodle sparrows in your zucchini make sure that the center of your zucchini is in that metal hole so in that way is easier to turn once you get to the edge of your zucchini the only thing to do is at the top toward the little cap you see that it has spikes to it and that is to push it to your zucchini into the gadget and just turn I think it took approximately a baby less than five minutes maybe two to three minutes to actually do one zucchini this is a really simple process you take the middle out and just toss it and there you have your spirals I love oil to my pan and then I added my zucchini noodles I'll sauté them for is stored around for approximately eight to ten minutes I do not add guys saw to my noodles to my food I do add Emily on the sea salt once everything is sauteed I add my turkey meatballs from the oven once this is cooked as you can see I do like my soft but slightly crunch to it after that the age of marinara sauce to your meatballs after you are Sookie needles are thoroughly cook you're going to add your me sauce on top once you combine everything or anything you have to do is add your Parmesan cheese or cheese of your liking I use either Parmesan or Romano and that is all it is that that's simmer for another couple of minutes and that is it guys I hope you enjoyed this high-protein and vegetables and low carb meal all right guys it's more girl thanks again for watching you


  1. Yum, I would use veggie balls in mine.

  2. Love this recipe TKU

  3. Looks good and healthy 😊 have a blessed day and week!!

  4. Awesome recipe. I love pasta, this is so much healthier. I will try this. Thanks Mooregirl😊

  5. That just made me hungry. Looks very good

  6. That looks delicious 😋😋😋

  7. Great recipe, thanks for sharing.

  8. looks delicious

  9. It look good god bless

  10. Omg! I want some❤❤❤…
    Where did you get the spaghetti maker?

  11. Thanks for the recipe idea, looks delicious!!

  12. Hello and good evening. This is the perfect meal. Just what my family and I want. Where did you get your spiral gadget? Was the marinara sauce you used sugar free? I'm only asking because that would save me time from making my own (during the weekdays we are so busy). Thank you sooooo much for making this video. It was truly helpful.

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