Qué es el Fitness?

What used to be a hobbie became my real passion. Fitness is a lifestyle that transformes you, inside and outside. My main goal is to encourage as many people as possible and make them fall in love with this lifestyle. Through my social networks and my web site, I share with you all my knowledge, experiences, advices and tips to help you being in good shape, becoming more healthy and to be a better version of yourselves, inside and outside. In this show I’ll give you, not only many information and useful tools, you’re also going to see more about my life as a mom, a housewife, my routine that can drive anyone crazy, my family, my job, new projects, my trips, and a lot of other things that social networks won´t let me show you. Why? Because I need you to see that behind those social networks there´s a real woman with the same challenges that everybody else. I want to show you how I put together this lifestyle. Join me in this new adventure, this is… SaschaFitness TV! Hello you guys! Welcome to my new channel “Sascha Fitness TV” another tool of this 2.0 world which I will conquer because it allows me to share with you much more tips than I do on my social networks. I’m going to explain you the reason of many things and at the same time I’m inviting you all to my private life and I’ll show you a little bit more of me in order to gain that emphaty that I need to change your lives. How are we going to start this show? Well, very simple. If my name is Sascha Fitness logically we’re talking about fitness that goes beyond a trend, it’s a true lifestyle. And here I’m going to show you what it means. What does Fitness mean? Fitness is more than a trend, is a lifestyle. It’s a marriage between Good nutrition and exercise, whatever workout you do. It’s a lifestyle that allows to you live your life with more intensity, energy, vitality, and health which is the most important thing. At the same time, with fitness, you can enhance other aspects of your life because it improves your self-esteem, your safety, your strength and your discipline. But, not everything is fitness. It’s not like: “I’ll put on my sportswear and, hey! I’m fitness”. There are some steps you have to execute so what you do is considered fit. For something to be truly fitness it must include this five important aspects: First of all: cardiovascular resistance. You have to get that little heart working not just for an aesthetic issue. Yes, when you increase your heartbeats you burn more calories and as a result more fat But it’s important to strength the heart for good health. So, whatever you do, it must increase your heartbeats. When we talk about muscular resistance it means that as your workout advances you’ll be able to resist more, You’ll get less tired. Muscle strengh means that you’re slowly going to lift more weigth and you’ll notice it Today you started lifting 10 pounds, But in a month, two months, you can lift 15 pounds 20 pounds, you get stronger. Whatever you do, maybe you practice yoga, hot yoga and at the begining there are some postures that seem impossible for you to accomplish and a few months later you can do it. So fitness must help to slowly increase your strength. Your flexibility has to improve. If you can´t reach your feet in a few months you should be able to do it. Whatever you do, flexibility is super important because it also controls your range of motion you will move in a better way and it prevents a lot of injuries. And last, but not least, is the body composition which means that whatever you do it must improve your body composition. Maybe you used to weight 132 pounds, now your weight is 132,5 pounds. It’s been four months and you feel frustrated. Damn, is only half a pound! Yes, but your body composition has changed! Now there’s more muscle, less fat and you lost 2 or 3 sizes That’s what really matters. Whatever you do it has to work at the same time the cardiovascular aspect to lose fat and the muscle aspect This will allow you to maintain good tone, definition and speed up metabolism. Now, the most important thing and what I would like you to remember all the time is that this lifestyle allows you to be a better version of yourself inside and outside. Without comparing yourself to others, without falling into stereotypes. If you take care of your health, your health gets better and you like what you see in the mirror, Is more than enough, mission accomplished!. My Fitness Diary Well, since I can remember I’ve taken care of my body because it was something normal in my family. My mom taught us to eat healthy since we were little I always saw her in her sportswear I’ve practiced sports like tennis, swimming, I danced flamenco for 11 years So working out and eating healthy was very normal for me. But in my teenage years I got realty interested in fitness, more than usual, and I started to read on my own, to study. I was that girl in school that would give you healthy tips, and check out your lunchbox I tried to do more exercises. And then when I turned 20, I decided to become a profesional of fitness because I realized how much I love this lifestyle and I know the great changes it can do for other people so I said to myself: If I do what I love for a living, is like not working at all. My routine, I have 2 types of routines, my routine when I’m working and when I’m not working. When I’m not working is the best! I spend all day with my daughter Avril, which I love. I get up very early, at 5:30 or 6am, because I like to do my cardio workout before my family wakes up, and then it gets crazy. I have to prepare breakfast for my husband, for Avril, for me and my daughter’s lunchbox for school, and we all want to eat different things. I want oatmeal and egg whites, my husband doesn’t like oatmeal, he can’t stand it, so I have to do a smoothie for him, my daughter likes pancakes, so I make pancakes for her, oatmeal for me, smoothie for him, sandwich and fruits for Avril’s lunch, then we take her to school and I use that time in the morning to do the housewives things like grocery shopping and other stuff. I also go to the gym, I do my exercices very fast, I spend not more than an hour and a half in there, without wasting any time. Then I go back home and finish lunch, I love to cook, and I spend the rest of the day with Avril. I don’t like her to be watching tv all day, so we always do different activities like painting, we improvise plays, she sings, we do our make up, we get dressed up, we do our make up again. We always cook in the afternoon, that´s why my house is always a mess. She is a very neat person, I´m not like that at all, I´m the opposite, so she likes when we are home alone and cook together my recipes. The nights are our family time, we talk about what each one did during the day, we watch tv or a movie together, we play with Avril, that’s a relaxed day, now…oh and during the day I check my social networks, I work on my computer or my cel phone. But when I have to work it gets more complicated. I get to travel for business, visiting a lot of places, going to the media for interviews. And I always take some time to do my workouts, even if I have to wake up very early to do so or go to bed very late and tired beacuse I must stay in shape. There’s more pressure on me than on everyone else and I accept that, If you are an ambassador of the fitness lifestyle you can’t say “well I have a media tour for a month and for that month I’m not working out”. So I have to stay in good shape and practice what I preach to those who follow me. It’s very complicated, between the job, the family, and the workout routine, it takes all my free time. My goal is to finish with those myths around fitness, that you must have big muscles to be considered fitness, that’s a lie. Look, a woman that eats healthy, that goes to the gym, that doesn’t use hormones nor anabolics is not going to have super big muscles, but she’s going to have an athletic, fit and healthy body. You don’t have to look like a bodybuilder or be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you don’t have to show yourself on a stage. Its just about being healthy, having confidence in yourself, being happy with your own image and with a good physical condition. Taking the stairs or chasing your kids without getting so tired, carrying the bags from grocery shopping by yourself. That’s what fitness is all about, it gives you the tools to improve your life, that’s it. Well my dear friends that’s it for the first episode of SaschaFitness TV, leave your comments and suggestions, please have mercy is my first time! Use the hashtag #SaschaFitnessTV on my social networks because I’m going to read every single comment and get inspired for the next episodes. You’ll also be able to see this show on my web site www.saschafitness.com, share this link so our fitness family keeps growing. Hello guys, welcome to my new chan… So what is fit?… Is a lifestyle that goes… When we talk about resistance, cardiovas… Heartbeats. Second place: The resist…I hate when I get stucked in there!!!. So this has been all for today…wait, I lost the idea of what I mean to say… That was today’s show, it was my first…oh my Goood! And that’s all for the… I will slowly get…ohhh I try to improvise and I mess it up sh%/&*! …fu$%!. Zen…ok. Watch the first episode of Sascha Fitness TV…I forgot. I – see – you… Ok…these bloopers are gonna be soooo goooood!…ok.


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