Qimmah Russo Gives Advice on Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, and Staying Motivated

my favorite meal of the day is breakfast because I just went through the whole night hibernating and I'm starving in the morning so and I love eggs I could eat eggs lunch breakfast dinner actually any time of day in the middle of the night my ideal meal for breakfast I'll eat some eggs cover me Oh avocado or grapefruit and I'm set for a few hours but that's definitely the most exciting meal of the day yeah definitely start with drinking lots of water you have to give give back all that water if we write it back into your body a lot of lean meals a lot of organic we focus on eating organic because it's the best for your body and you want to focus on your portion sizes and I mean everybody's everybody's different I mean activity I need to be active in order to stay in shape a lot of people they can just eat right and be you know comfort and comfortable with where they are but with my style of working out and the meal plans that we provide you'll be in tip-top shape I mean just through experience I have people send me screenshots of their phones they have me as their screensaver or there's something a screenshot of their wall like in their room and they have my pictures in like this huge collage I mean and they say where everybody's different I would say get a picture or fall somewhere Instagram or find something that you could see every day that motivates you to a point where you finally feel that urge to finally make a change so if you need that image and you need to see it every day I recommend that that's what I've learned that most people go by and once you feel that urge to want to make a change you got to go for you got to hit it in the head thank you for watching a wise way subscribe to stay updated share to pass the knowledge or view our other videos on the left


  1. The meal plans and workout program she sells on her site are a ripoff.

  2. shes a really nice person, I've spoken to her before

  3. Much of her look is based on genes…most people will never look like her…

  4. …….she cute asf

  5. What a teaser I wish the interview was longer😞

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  7. Exciting young lady ! Keep up the good work!

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