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I'm related to your career can you sing I don't wanna die sometimes I wish I never been born at all carry on carry on as if nothing really matters to me oh my god you guys um I got asked if I can sing at all and my answer is I'm not a singer so I was stay tuned for a bit more of my singing skills and I watched Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and I'm obsessed with Bohemian Rhapsody it just sticks to your head to your mind and I've been seeing it all the time and I know it's a really tricky song to sing and Freddie you're incredible and I know I can't sing a song but it's fun like I love singing but anyway hello welcome to a new video today a little Q&A and I asked you guys on Instagram if you're not following me yet at square Pugh mind is my handle so go ahead check it out I changed it up a little bit I used to only post food but now I post a lot of healthy vegan recipes still along with some recipe videos and also a little bit more lifestyle and I want to talk about some questions some topics like art in my mind so if you want me to talk about anything on Instagram let me know also about things you want to see here on YouTube I will be really happy but yeah let's just get right ahead into the questions and I'm really excited all right first one for how long and how often should you do your stretches to finally you reach a split well for getting more flexible it will be awesome if you could stretch every single day cuz then your muscles and tissues and ligaments is like okay these stretches are not gonna hurt us we're not gonna hold on to attention to protect everything from ripping ripping apart because that's actually what they're doing they like no no no we're holding on otherwise like everything's coming rip and you're gonna hurt yourself and stuff like that so if you do gentle stretches like you should feel a little bit of discomfort but not like super painful otherwise it's really counterproductive and stuff like that so yeah if you want to have really fast results you should stretch every day it doesn't have to be super long for like ten minutes before like if you want to read your split just ten minutes a day for like splits and stretches if you cannot make it every other day as good as well that's how I reach my middle splits well I was like that far away from the floor when I started and it took me I don't really know I think it took me like two months or something with like every day or every third day of stretching after my workouts when my muscles were warm so yeah as often as possible I would say what vegan staples do you take along with you when traveling airplane train road trips etc it really depends most of the times when I travel I don't take staples with me cuz there's just submit a limited amount of things I can take with me on an airplane like sometimes it's only had luggage like a backpack or something but I do always take some snacks like I know like rice cakes or nuts and just something that lasts for a long time like stuff that doesn't go bad or if I go on like road trips or where I know that I am NOT able to buy some food for a long time I love to prepare like an overnight oats or like sandwiches or just like fruit and not some seeds and dried fruit and everything that's really easy to pack and also cookies and chocolate bars I love it so much for all bars that's awesome and it keeps you full for quite a long time but yeah I don't think that I actually take stuff because you can pretty much buy everything anywhere but I think when I go to Bali in winter I will take some nuts coz nuts are quite expensive they're saya let me know if you take anything while traveling if you just buy stuff wherever you are like this fresh produce everywhere you can buy fruit and vegetables everywhere pretty much what camera do you use right now I'm recording on a g7 X which is my YouTube blogging camera and for photography I used Canon 60 and I love it a lot but I also want a really good video camera which is good for filming videos and like cinematic shots cuz I want to get more into it and I'm doing it on my Canon 6d right now but it doesn't have automatic focus bow while you're taping and yeah I don't know I need to look out for that but it's like budget there's so much I want to get to improve my content creation but everything is so expensive it's so bad oh well what qualities are looking for in your next partner I don't know how to answer that I don't have like a set thing that I want my partner to have like I would love him to be vegan or to be open for veganism so that I can kind of influence him and like to show him all of the good sides of begin his own kids I wouldn't want to live with someone who's not me inside that I can like I open a fridge and it's like milk and I don't know like meat sitting there and it wouldn't make me feel super uncomfortable and also knowing that he just ate meat and then I have to kiss him I don't know it's weird it's a cave for like the dating phase it's what friended me I was almost vegan I was like vegetarian um and he turned me vegan so something like that would be nice and then also just like I don't know like listening and being kind and like all the cliche things but I don't know I'm just curious to see you that there and everybody's got like their own qualities and disadvantages it's like oh do I so I think it's just fun to get to know other people I'll say I'm like friends and I'm actually a really easy person so I adapt to every person I've surrounded with I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not but I try to make everyone feel at ease except the right way to describe it I don't like I don't like fights and I don't like arguments and stuff like that so it's not that I'm giving in to anyone but I'm just like going around and he's like set this is so weird to describe I don't know they're like different kinds of people some are like good arguing somewhere like good at talking blah blah and I'm good at like putting myself into other people's positions and I kind of know how they feel and I try to analyze everything from like different standpoints so that I know what to do and what not to do in order for them to feel good or feel happy or stuff like that so I think it's really a lot of empathy so yeah I'm a really easy person to hang out with I guess so it doesn't like the qualities in my partner I don't know I think we can't just figured him out alone I don't know it's weird um how always Kiwi now she's two and a half years and she's sleeping in her basket can you see her just right there are she so sweet we went to the vet yesterday just where I could check out for her vaccinations and she did so great she was kind of afraid and she wanted to get down from the table it is on the center wall but the last time she really freaked out when she got an injection but this time she didn't do anything say oh sweet girl hmm um do you see your future self in Germany or somewhere else I don't know I'm just really fed up by the weather and by the ya know the living conditions but like the system because of like a lot of taxes and all of the rules and there's like no freedom and I don't know I mean it's a good country because we have like good healthcare which is super expensive and it's like really secure there are no dangerous animals there is not that much criminality like I feel super safe and it's a good country but I think out for a challenge and I want to see something new and it looks living in a place where they speak English just so that I can't improve and I kind of love like everybody says or bilingual multilingual people say then they have like a different personality and every language they speak and so do i and I feel much more comfortable and much more open and easygoing in English rather than German I don't know why but I think hi I just loved living in Australia so much I mean it was just seven months and it was like four years ago already it's crazy how fast time runs but I don't know I just love you so much and I would love to spend a little time in San Diego doing all of the Acura stuff but really I don't know I have no idea what the future holds and who I get to meet and how all the things are going to pan out and with my job and all that stuff I really don't know so I'm not gonna say I'm I'm gonna stay in Germany or I'm gonna leave I'm gonna live there in there because I have no clue um how to create a future Carey career around veganism well if there's something that excites you a lot about veganism go for it if you love to take vegan pictures like I do go for it if you love to give other people advice about the nutrition then become a vegan nutritionist or stuff like that give like try to build up your following on Instagram YouTube write a book give speeches I don't know there's so many options and I really don't know what what you love so I don't know just try to do what excites you the most and build it up from there like reach out to people be like hey I do this and that does it like is it something that contributes to to you and I just start somewhere and build from there and get to know people you get to know people there's just how words like contacts are everything in the business world pretty much are your iron-deficient how do you get enough iron on no I'm not iron deficient I got tested two months ago maybe um and now my iron is good and you get iron from a lot of sources like dark leafy greens lentils I don't know what else and if you pair it with vitamin C like lemons oranges it gets absorbed even better just do your research hop on Google Nutrition Facts at org something like that and you can find all of the iron iron rich foods actually a lot but I don't really pay that much attention to it um I think I'm just lucky but they're also like iron supplements you can take and stuff like that but go and talk to your doctor about that huntersam research yeah my favorite cuisine I don't know I love Asian I love Mexican food I love sushi which is Japanese I love you tell you it's just everything food is just so good I love it so much and I also love like fusion kitchen where it's like a little bit of this and a little bit bad it's just amazing how old are you 25 already it's crazy I remember how it was 19 and I came to Berlin and now it's already like six years later it's insane can I make you dinner if you ever visit Toronto of course I would love to you and I also want to come to Toronto again I've been I when I was 16 for two weeks in which it was lovely and Canada is on top of my list where I want to visit like also Toronto but also like Victoria the other side with a Banff National Park and stuff like that it seems really nice and I love Canadian people I've met so many already and they also and I just got along with them really well I know you can't really be like a camera to so the whole country is nice but yeah I just heard so much good stuff about Toronto and yeah but Canada jeonhwa I'm really excited to go what do you like to do when you are bored I love to watch YouTube i watch to just scroll around Instagram to find some inspiration I love to cut up with Kiwi I love to make food it's pretty much in like when I'm bored I'm out and about meeting with friends I'm usually here inside and yeah that's that's really in eating food and watching YouTube there's nothing too exciting what would you be doing if you wouldn't do this kill we're career wise it's a hard question like before I was doing all of the social media stuff I was working in a agency for like advertisements stuff design but it didn't make me happy but I don't know if I would have gotten out if I wouldn't have like seen the potential and social media of my photography so it's really hard to say actually probably working a job somewhere how do you never feel you're healthy lifestyle I got problems with my sweet tooth here's the thing there's no failing with your healthy lifestyle I love sweets too I love them so so much I could just eat sweets like sweet food all the time I love chocolate so much and I allow myself to help chocolate and I don't see it as a failure I just see it as a little treat or I edit you like my porridge bowl is something like that it's like a little bit so then it makes me to eat more of the good stuff um yeah I don't know you can't just try to cut down on like the bad sweet foods like gummi bears and stuff like that which is like processed sugar and you can make your own sweet treats like with dates and cashews and they're like a lot of recipes out there and I just cut back on like the sugar and add more fruit which is I love smoothie balls so much and you can make them thick and creamy and it's basically like a sweet like a sweet treat or making ice cream I love it so much like frozen bananas put it in a blender and that's it but ya don't see it as a failure cuz otherwise every time you eat something sweet you punish yourself for like not sticking to your healthy lifestyle but I feel it's healthy to you to not be perfect all the time and not to think too much about your food because food is something we consume every day and we have to in order to survive and if you and if you make like eating food a bad thing then every time you eat you think about like the bad thing or about failing and it's just gonna be up in your head all the time and that's not a part of a healthy lifestyle so just enjoy the little things the little treats you give yourself and try to not eat sugar all the time or I have ice cream every day and and find healthier options like instead of ice cream make yourself an ice cream which is amazing so yeah just try to replace it time by time or you could also do like three weeks of like stupid clean eating and then you buddy kind of gets like neutralized of the cravings because it takes about three weeks to get used to new heaven and then after that you can introduce some sweets like a dark chocolate piece after your meal stuff again yeah something again isn't it weird that your ex-boyfriend is still very often around you think so we are really good friends we have like a friend group that's like our friend group and we have the same things that we like and we have so much in common actually and if it would be weird I would like to say or tell him that I don't want to spend time with him anymore but that's not the case so it's only like it's it's only getting weird when you make it weird but since we're still getting along so good it's not weird at all we just push each other and I don't know it's just nice it's nice to have good friends you know and it's bad to say like not to spend time with each other anymore just because like something happened but yeah you can also you can you can see past that and just be friends you know and it's nice where are you going to travel next um the next thing is a cruise ship excursion I'm really looking for it it's north of Europe so it's like one-stop is in Germany then we have Poland Russia Estonia Latvia I guess so it's like you Sweden's like a little round trip I'm so excited for it I've never been on a cruise trip so this is gonna be so exciting how do you keep up your motivation to train every day I don't train every day I have like one or two it really depends on how a few days of rest day sometimes I don't have a rest day it feel like depends on like what's going on how I feel who's got train with me and stuff like that um but I don't know it's just that I love it so much even if I have a bad day like today I'm really low on energy but I have soaked training in yet in the evening and I know love it so much and I don't know I just like I found the sports that are so important to me and that I love so much so I don't want to skip a day of training it's insane I think I'm kind of takes it to acrobatics I just love it so so much so I don't really need motivation that gets me going it's just like the joy and like the energy that I get from it and the drive that I want to become a better athlete and stuff like that so it's really just like that I really want to do it and there are also dates but I don't have like that much motivation especially for like gym workouts because they're kind of boring to me and it's like pretty much the same every time but there it motivates me to go that I can work on the little muscles that help me with acrobatics so I've got something to work on cuz I think it's good to have a goal and that you find your sports like it doesn't matter what you do you just have to find the sport that you like if you like running go run like as much as you want to if you like ball sports just go for it like it really doesn't matter you don't have to go to the gym on a treadmill because that's really important to me at least um just find find your passion how long have you been vegan I am a vegan for almost three and a half years now it's not a super long time I wish it would have been longer but everybody starts somewhere and I'm really happy that I'm vegan or that I turned vegan 3 years ago and that I still am another I feel amazing I don't have like deficiencies I actually built a lot of strength and muscles while being being handsome you can be a happy healthy being in for sure what's your major at the University nutrition now I didn't start as studying nutrition at all so I don't have like much knowledge about it I know quite a few things because Fernan told me but I actually studied communication design which is like a little bit of everything a little bit of geography design marketing advertising videography what else that we have like a little bit of everything and then yeah once you get to work you can kind of choose where you want to get better in and then I also had like a trainee program at my work which was like design based so a lot of InDesign illustrator Photoshop just like you know the Flyers logos and stuff like then I'm related to your career can you sing this is what I was mentioning earlier I would say I am a bad singer really I cannot sing that good but I enjoy singing so much poor neighbors I actually did quite a lot also while walking Keowee when there's no one around um but yeah I really do do like in and I would love to be a much better singer I never took lessons but as something I would really enjoy doing I guess because I think there's a lot of like technique and stuff that you can learn to actually be able to control your voice more and to really channel your abilities but it's so hard to learn on your own and but I'm never gonna be like a super awesome singer because I just don't have that range and I don't know just my voice it's not that pretty um but yeah I think I would be like on the lower end of like a rookie singer I mean it doesn't sound terrible terrible it's not that you're like ah this is awful it's just like like uh better don't do it it's like nah but I do really enjoy it a lot especially musical pieces when I was a child I wanted to become a rock star so bad and then when I progressed and when I had to choose like what I wanted to do later I really wanted to become a musical musical performer but more like dancing but you still have to sing a little bit like background vocals and I think now I could kind of do it maybe I don't know I don't know what the requirements are for like a musical singer a musical dancer performer and how could you actually have to sing but yeah I really want you to go on stage so I'm training to become an acrobat and maybe someday or not maybe one day I'm gonna perform gotta send it out there right um I am singing I don't know I would love to be an awesome singer and I try I really do sometimes I train a little bit on my own bass really hard um so yeah here's a little quick clip of me singing enjoy I hope you're not gonna die open your eyes look up to the skies and see um I just kill the man further gone against his head pulled my trigger now he's dead mama life had just begun carry on carry on as if nothing really matters too late my time has come sends shivers down my spine but he's aching all the time goodbye everybody I've got to go mama oh I don't wanna die sometimes I wish I'd never been born at all nothing really matters to me okay last question is what is the first and the last thing you do when going to bed or are you getting up and there's quite a lot I do sometimes sometimes I don't but the very first thing and the very last thing would be cuddling with Kiwi or giving her a kiss that's my nighttime routine like I just go over to her she must see your lies under my blanket at my feet or something and then I give her a kiss I'm like good nice with you and then I turn off the lights and in the morning Kiwi comes and wakes me up and she's like sitting there was some colors and I just so sweet I love her so much mom she's like my baby all right you guys thank you so much for watching if you have any other questions please let me know down below and I'm gonna address them in the next video until then thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time here my channel and check out my recipe videos I did another one where I put like five super easy breakfast recipes in one video and it's something I haven't done before but yeah if you like them I'm gonna make one where I show like my dinners of a week and breakfast of a week and savory breakfasts and stuff like that so let me know what you think about that or any other videos you want me to do any other questions you want me to make like a single longer video about anything really enjoy your day good bye love you


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  3. Everything in my life is changing currently, I'm finishing college and I will work full time soon but also my health is declining and a very close family member has cancer and is very close to leaving me 🙁 I am experiencing so much anxiety, I wish everyday that I wasn't alive and I stress and panic and I feel scared. Life really doesn't have much meaning and I don't know what to do. Everyone is making me feel bad by saying that my health is poor because of I don't eat meat etc. I have no support whatsoever. I just want to die. Please help me I don't know what to do

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  6. Hallo liebe Tanja:) das mit den Menschen kann ich total nachvollziehen. Ich passe mich auch meistens an und versuche keine unguten Konversationen zu beginnen bzw versuche den anderen immer das Gefühl zu geben, dass sie so in Ordnung sind, wie sie sind:) Ich finde es eine gute Eigenschaft, wobei ich immer betone, dass es natürlich auch wichtig ist, zu seinen Eigenschaften/Ideen/Werten zu stehen:) Alles liebe von meinem Kanal

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    Q: What did you do in Australia and was it tough to go?

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