Pushback | Opposition Grows to Senate Bill S-5

messy compromise or promise delivered that's the question right watch first posed late last year following the federal government's introduction of Senate bill as five Canada's new federal vaping regulations today opposition to bill s5 is growing as opponents charge the legislation is turning out to be less of a compromise and more of a mess some say the bill is workable but only with major changes while others just want the legislation scrapped altogether in late August s5 opponents secured support for a House of Commons petition calling for the federal government to halt bill s5 in order to create a fair and logical category for vaping products apart from tobacco in just over a month 7,000 Canadians have signed the e petition proving a measure of support for what amounts to scrapping the bill it's a big ask for one bill s5 which began life in the Senate has already cleared the upper chamber and is expected to move quickly through the House of Commons this fall also Health Canada is fast tracking stakeholder consultation for its regulatory proposals to ensure industry regulations will be ready once bill s5 receives Royal Assent add it all up Phil s5 is a freight train racing towards terminus station the canopy stalk bill has five opponents say yes the legislation could and should be stopped they believe health Canada's decision to regulate vaping products alongside tobacco products within the new tobacco and vaping products Act is a fatal flaw in the government's strategy to win the war against tobacco related disease and death from the outset vaping advocates called on the Government of Canada to create a brand new product category uniquely for tobacco harm reduction products which would also enjoy its own purposefully built legislative framework harm reduction advocates feared if they being were to be shackled to tobacco in any legislative way it would be impossible to define and promote vaping as a safer alternative to smoking this fear now seems well-founded despite years of public consultation stakeholder collaboration raishin an expert testimony given at both the HESA and Sookie committee hearings BLS five today remains unmistakeably tobacco regulation in bill has five the language that governs vaping Albin mirrors the language governing tobacco including harsh restrictions on free speech and sharing of information with the public a prohibition on comparing products along a continuum of health risk and the imposition of massive fines and criminal penalties many advocates were hopeful that by this point in the process Health Canada would have taken steps to incorporate vaping as a tool for harm reduction somewhere in the bill or at the very least softened some of the disparaging language that enshrines vaping as a health hazard yet despite numerous statements by Health Canada that acknowledged vaping is a likely less harmful alternative to tobacco neither this statement nor its sentiment appear anywhere in the legislation inquit bill has five aims to do is really to balance the issue of allowing adults particularly adult smokers legal access to vaping products as a likely less harmful alternative to tobacco products could you clarify a little bit that likely less addictive or less harmful what's the wording in the position there exactly the position is likely less harmful and the idea here is that we know that tobacco products killed one into long-term users the evidence right now is indicating that that same level of harm is not evident in vaping products that was Susie McDonald the former director-general of the tobacco control Directorate at Health Canada in an interview with reg Watts conducted early this year her statement that aping products are a likely less harmful alternative to tobacco products is difficult to square with the stated purpose of bill s5 which is the purpose of the Act is to enhance the public awareness of the health hazards of using vaping products it's really quite astonishing Health Canada state smoking kills one and two long-term users and acknowledges the same level of harm is not evident in vaping products all the while if Shepherds through bill s5 with the stated goal of informing Canadians of this potentially life-saving fact joining us today to discuss the growing push back to BLS 5 is David's Wiener sweeter is a world-renowned tobacco control expert and public health activist he's also a lawyer an adjunct professor of law at the University of Ottawa David thanks again for coming on our show you've spent the last 30 years on the front lines in the battle against smoking what's your position on Bill as five well I mean if I had my way I'd say start over because what they've done is they've taken our tobacco control legislation which I was very involved beginning yeah getting going here for decades uh the the legislation we've had in cigarettes and then just started to fit in the vaping is if it's the same sort of thing so it's like saying we've got this disease and we've got a vaccine we better treat the vaccine the same as the disease well no I mean what we're trying to do is is improve health of Canadians I mean Health Canada has a mandated as a statement of what it's trying to do which is improve the health of Canadians David I do think Health Canada believes it's meeting their mandate and that bill as five is a pragmatic solution to the vaping conundrum oh I think you're correct about if you have to start from from something that is based on some someone's the truth of understanding of good science you know if you look at the regulations at Health Canada has proposed if you look at what they said when they introduced Assad to begin with you know what were they telling us you know here we have the Royal College of Physicians of UK telling us that vaping is likely to be at least 95 percent less hazardous than smoking you know if you spoke if you can switch to beeping that's fantastic you know we have Health Canada coming out and saying it's likely less harmful what do you mean it's likely less harmful in in what they've just put up with the regulations you know they talk about yes there's a threat from these products but there's also opportunity how do they see the opportunity well to quote they say the opportunity presented by vaping products is that they may provide adult smokers with a less harmful alter well if there was a prize for understatement I mean that would certainly be in running David as understating as that statement is its miles apart from the language in the legislation which simply state – over and over again that vaping is a health hazard the way that bureaucracy works the way politics works you've got people who are trying to find middle ground you've got a lot of people who I think very unfortunately tragically have an abstinence-only view of these things they see nicotine use as sin and you know the way that they look at that a smoker is a way that some fire and brimstone minister would look at a sinner they don't want me to do it and they think it's okay to mislead somebody to torture them with information that they don't want and and that's not public health David you mentioned information there's two really big problems reg Watch sees with the bill one is the stated purpose which is to further the public's understanding that vaping is a health hazard and to to prevent anyone from correcting that misbelief by criminalizing the sharing of information which might lead a person to believe that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking now granted Health Canada does say it plans to approve a small number of statements kind of like reverse health warnings but considering the bills derogatory language and Health Canada's equivocations on potential harm I think it's a big ask of vapours to just say trust us why on earth would they want to have a provision saying you can't tell smokers about less hazardous product put you in jail if you do so you change things like that with vaping rather than saying we will decide what you can tell people you recognize there's a reason that we develop other way that we did we didn't take the Soviet approach of everything's forbidden unless it's specifically allowed we say you can say you can do whatever you want there's Liberty but if you do something that's illegal misleading ripple effects cetera we come down on you like a ton of bricks you know we can do that sort of stuff let's not protect the cigarette industry because what we're hearing is for people who say we're so afraid because of things that we think the cigarette companies got away with I mean stuff I was going after them for God we're so afraid they might try something like that again and deceive people that our solution is will deceive people I mean that's not a solution David final question if you could make one change to Bill as five so that it would pass the sweetener test what would that change be the one thing would be I would rewrite this bill to be consistent with what work with public health for over a hundred years there's no sense breaking that precedent now and going with something that is inconsistent with what is historically work let's give it our best shot and if we don't succeed we it isn't for want of trying if we do succeed we have set another enormous precedent and the the worldwide significance of that you know is is almost beyond imagination when we look at how many lives remember long how many people are suffering unnecessarily we know the solution and we shouldn't back away from CD well that's it for this edition of reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for Regulator watch com I'm Brett staffer


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  2. I smoked 2 to 3 packs a day for almost 30 years, and tried every cessation product available, without any success……..within TWO WEEKS of vaping, I was able to COMPLETELY STOP SMOKING!! and have not looked back……..I now find Smoking disgusts me, I can't even stand the smell of them. It will be two years SMOKE FREE on March 31'st/2018………..THANK GOD FOR VAPING!!! IT IS SAVING LIVES AND HEALTHCARE COSTS TO TAXPAYERS!! The LIBERAL Government (BOTH FED AND PROV.) needs to voted out of CANADIAN POLITICS FOREVER!! NOTHING GOOD HAS EVER CAME FROM A LIBERAL GOVERNMENT IN OVER 50 YEARS!!!!!! I hope the SCUMBAGS whom supports this Bill……Gets terminal Cancer, bc that is what they are going to cause with this IDIOTIC BILL S-5……..COMPLETE BULLSHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You REGULATOR WATCH for producing these videos!! You are doing excellent work, the msm could take some notes from You.

  3. excellent show, keep up the good work, we need people like you in the world that spread the truth

  4. The 95% less harmful can mislead someone who hasn't read the study. In fact 50% of smokers die due to smoking. For vapers it's 0%.

  5. If Health Canada is saying that they want to educate us about the hazards of vaping, shouldn't they have to tell us what those hazards are, and do so without lying?

  6. They just want to profit from controlling the 20% of the world's adult population. #AllBecauseOfTheMoney #SickPeopleDriveTheEconomy #TruthDoesNotPayThemAsMuch The Medical Industrial Complex and the parent Pharma, don't want a healthy population. Kapeesch!

  7. Another excellent show! Thank you.

  8. Get bs government crap everywhere against vaping

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