Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle

seniors soccer player Bianca Sierra fell in love with Auburn's new Recreation and Wellness Center the moment she saw it it's awesome it's blew my mind away really it's I wasn't expecting something like this it's just really pretty Sierra is one of many Auburn students who have taken advantage of the brand-new one-of-a-kind recreational facility during its first month of operation the center has a list of amenities nearly as long as the one third of a mile indoor track the workout stations that are spread throughout the building to alleviate overcrowding to a challenging five-story rock climbing wall to an outdoor pool for swimming and relaxing basketball soccer and more we have something for everyone and so I think we will become a destination for our students and I think this weekend we saw that in the fact that normally we're not very crowded on the weekends but we were very crowded on the weekend I think our students realize now they have some reason to stay on campus the August opening of the recreation and wellness center culminated a four year process begun in 2009 by then SGA president Lauren Hayes under her leadership students voted themselves an increase in activity fees so future Auburn students would have a first-class facility so I think it had been talked about honestly for decades everyone knew we needed a new center but when I came in to my presidency it really was just the right time to take it to the next level I know this is going to make a huge impact on you know high school students as they're coming to visit Auburn or you know as people come to visit for football games it's just going to be another part of the Auburn experience it's going to be very memorable I think it'll definitely help with recruiting and stuff even with soccer players because we all are always active all the time and having an extra place to work out not just the soccer field and waiter and something new will be awesome it has been amazing I just cannot even tell you how excited the students have been it's just been it's it's just been incredible I had no idea it'd be this good

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