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hi youtube its me and cassie african queen so i wanted to talk about three products that have been on dr. oz and they're basically appetite suppressants the first one is the raspberry ketone the second one is i can't pronounce it correctly but it's a garcinia cambogia and then the third one which i don't have right now is the green coffee bean okay so basically they all do the exact same thing they suppress your appetite they make you eat less but you guys the one that I noticed that work the best is this one right here this is the raspberry ketone ok so I went out so before i left home today I took two capsules and I left home like an hour later and then I drove for about 30 minutes to get something to eat okay so this is my food i order a two piece chicken dinner a leg and a thigh with the roll some mac and cheese and greens all that i was able to eat was this chicken wing i think i ate like a fork or two out of my green beans and then I ate half of my macaroni and cheese when i tell you i was so full i was about to bust like I literally could not take another bite I didn't eat my bread which I wouldn't eat that anyway I did not eat the second piece of chicken I did not finish my mac and cheese and the mac and cheese was good ok so I'm telling you this stuff will suppress your appetite I did it I tried it and as a matter of fact I've only got one pls and this was a 30-day bottle I've only got one left so that means I've been taking it okay so yeah this is proof in itself and actually I did not eat until I two in the afternoon and I skipped breakfast which I normally do a protein shake but I actually skipped breakfast this morning and when I took this this completely took away my appetite so if you need assistance in controlling your appetite or just wait if you just want to feel fuller longer and faster like instead of eating a whole meal you'll need a little bit of your meal go pick this up the the raspberry ketone I promise you like ninety-nine point nine nine nine percent okay this stuff is going to work and this is the pure health brand they carry it at walmart and actually it's going to be in the pharmacy section it's not going to be


  1. +LaMikk Chambers let me know how it works out for u.

  2. on my way to get it

  3. Oh really….Have you heard of any bad side effects?

  4. $9.99 for each bottle, you can get them from Walmart or from pure health website.

  5. YEP it sure is lol, girl u got some good eyes, the only chicken I can recognize if KFC and bojangles

  6. LOL, you are welcome

  7. thanks for watching

  8. thanks for watching

  9. What is the price of this?

  10. mmmmmmmmmm, now u put me in da mood for SOME OF THAT YUMMY!!! LOL I will also research that pill. Thanks for da info 🙂

  11. very good

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