Punisher Prison Bodyweight Workout


  1. so why are you in here ?
    THE PUNISHER: position of memes

  2. How you gonna get gains if they practically starve you with trash ass meals

  3. That guys back is so huge you can see it from the front.

  4. The only thing punishing is watching his acting.

  5. Anyone plz tell the of the actor or the film…..

  6. Give me some chon chon

  7. Just goes to show even the most effeminate man can be lean and mean

  8. Punisher Season 3 trailer

  9. Why can't he just break that cage open

  10. One meal a day, and no sleep. Wake him up every hr on the hr, oh yeah and keep him in the dark. WAIT I think that's Rambo lol

  11. Testosterone

  12. If u can look like that without weights damn add some of these to my routine

  13. Smart video

  14. When your mom takes your Nintendo switch

  15. You should go to the casting for a new Wolverine when Jackman will stop playing this role

  16. He got shanked and bummed 5 minutes later.

  17. Χαχαχαχ to be like him you need steroids and gym… these exercises are not enough to be like this

  18. Like me

  19. I just can't do the L sit ;-;

  20. Wtf is this shit :)))) this is a part of the movie ? :)))))

  21. I may not shoot lasers outta my forehead or web outta my ass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Each…….Step turns me into a monster

  23. No manches, eso apenas para calentamiento. Dónde está La verdadera rutina?

  24. Gay aids

  25. I thought this was a homoerotic porno

  26. C'est d'une nullité….. Déjà utilisé le punisher pour faire des vues c'est bidon…. Et mdr work out prison quoi ….. Aucun intérêt

  27. Is that the punisher or the hulk

  28. Solo vi que esta calentando 🤦🏽‍♂️

  29. in a month he will lose his muscle mass due to all that cardio.

  30. I saw the thumbnail and honestly thought this was a trailer for a new punisher movie.

  31. Where Can I Get Steroids in Prison

  32. that body don't get whit that workout but! it's a pretty good workout to do keeping that principal strong- body you need.

  33. Most of this looks like plain aerobics. When I was in prison I had a cell mate and we would sit on each other during these exercises to make them actual bulk builders.

  34. Ya chao

  35. Das Training im Knast bring nichts. Die Muskeln bekommen nicht die nötigen Nährstoffe die , der Muskel braucht ! 💪

  36. The upside down push up's and regular push up's are legeit jail workout… But the others ain't. In jail they also do a lot of dips off the bwd/chair, pull up's, elevated push up's, squats and use of a water bag made with a plastic garbage bag wrapped in a tshirt.

  37. No bicep exercise.

  38. What about diet in jail

  39. Q bosta kkkkk

  40. This is like the porn adaptation

  41. Badass

  42. How tall are you

  43. His boobs are not normal

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