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(electric guitar playing) – What’s up everyone? This workout is going to strengthen your quads and your calves. Let’s get pumping Tight arm circles, guys. – This is a shoulder exercise. Stress those shoulders. (upbeat music) – All right, we’re gonna do heel taps. Here we go. (upbeat music) – Opposite arm, opposite leg. Down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up. Opposite arm to opposite leg. Stretch it out. – Frog squat. (upbeat music) – Squat down like you’re
sitting in a chair. (upbeat music) Palms to the floor. Palms to the floor. (upbeat music) – All right, skaters. (upbeat music) And travoltas. (upbeat music) Back to the heel taps. (upbeat music) – [David] Opposite arm to opposite leg. Stretch it out. Stretch it out. – [Both] Frog squats. (upbeat music) – Palms to the floor, palms to the floor. (upbeat music) Sit down like you’re in a chair. (upbeat music) Stretch it out. – And back to skaters. (upbeat music) – Come on, move. Move, move, move, move, move. You’re rocking this. Side, side, side. (upbeat music) Come on. – Travoltas. (upbeat music) ♫ Hey ♫ – Come on. (upbeat music) Here we go. – All right, we’re going
back to those heel taps. Let’s go. (upbeat music) – Opposite hand, opposite leg. Get low, down, up, down, up. Get low. Opposite hand, opposite leg. (upbeat music) Stretch it out. – Frog squats. – Palms to the floor. Sit down like you’re sittin’ in a chair. Palms to the floor. – All right, guys. We’re gonna get some
tight arm circles again. – Stretch out the shoulders. This is a shoulder exercise. Stretch it out All right.
– All right. We’re gonna jump with it it. Just a little jump. – Little jump. Working out your legs and
your shoulders right now. – We’re getting ready to get
back into those heel taps. (upbeat music) – Come on. You got this. – Let’s go. – Opposite hand, opposite leg. Get down. Down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up. Opposite hand, opposite leg, come on. – And frog squats, here we go. – Palms to the floor. Sit low like you’re in a chair. (upbeat music) Stretch it out. Stretch your quad here. Yes. (upbeat music) – Nice work. Let’s take a moment to cool down. Breathe in and out. Again, breathe in and out. Nice, have an awesome day. (electric guitar playing) – [Voiceover] Fresh start out. (electric guitar playing)


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  2. I made my whole bboy club do this. Man it was fun and too easy for me

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  12. Na rian zg kan 2tiang cu bawmh si lai ka zumh

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  14. my legas hurt after doing this every day can we get 50 likes plzz i just got out of the hospital

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  16. so tired its so hard

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  26. really nice job I like the music background

  27. This never gets old but now is old btw I guess I'm wrong om so stupid today is 2017 and they made this in 2016 ALRIGHT now im.gonna workout

  28. I make my brother do it

  29. Cool

  30. I do not like this

  31. so hard

  32. Easy as because………

    I’m the 5th fastest In the grade

  33. These people are my trainers I do these everyday.

  34. 🆒 of the most important part of the shows

  35. This is hard!!!!

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  37. this is easy and he smart

  38. This is so fun and so exercise I love them

  39. This is so helpful i really like these guys and how they work out !Ive been eating so much and then i found these guys and stated doing it.After each video I just cant wait to get on the scale!!!!If your actually ready these comets I just wanna say thank youyou made a differences in my life.(If you wanna know more why i Like this channel call 3189348298.

  40. What's the name of this song?

  41. this is so easy

  42. i do this in shool with my class

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  45. I did get pumped up!
    but i got a bit tired

  46. i'll get moving

  47. I can do all of this with out being tierd i can even do a backflip

  48. You made me smile me down

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  53. I play sports so it doesn't really hurt

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  57. I was eating then my mom went on my tablet and doing it and I fell
    Back and wish me luky

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