Pump & Focus GALORE 😵 ASC Supplements SICARIO Review

what's going on everyone DJ Fitness líneas reviews and together with me today this is El Jefe posting pre workouts little brother steamed free formula pre-workout pump product focus listen people I'm gonna take you through the level of this thing I'm gonna tell you what's in it and why you should care then I'm gonna share it in my personal experience using this one in three different scenarios then right towards the end of the video as usual I'm gonna give you my final verdict who should care should you care when to care let's get right into it okay people so it's a Nessy supplements turned into the supplement stim junkie supplement category a couple of months ago I reviewed their El Jefe Timbo's pre-workout which I really like and actually made my top ten stim junkie pre-workout list I'm gonna link to these two reviews below they actually have three products they have another one called bomba which is their AAA intra workout product at some point it's gonna make itself to the channel listen Sicario is a steam free pre-workout so you know when we're talking about steam free pre-workout they're sort of like two categories I would say to a large extent one of them is more the pump formula so you know 100% pump formula and there's a few quite a few products that fall into that and then there's the steam free pre-workout formulas which are basically when you look at that these type of forms they look like a steam pre-workout – the steams so you get pumps you get power you get focused you got a bunch of stuff that theoretically not can that will only help you with pumps but will also help you to basically if you want to cycle off steam pre-workout and feel still like you took took a pre-workout right most of the benefits of pure workouts except the stimulants unfortunately anyway so this is more of a steam free pre-workout Sicario here by the way the label just like El Jefe is one of the most beautiful labels out there you just you just want to hold this one anyway as far as what's in this thing this is quite a loaded label so you basically have two categories here in the label you have pump and cell volumizer matrix which is basically your combination of pump vascularity annual production cell volumizing and some power output ingredie so basically have citrulline and I'm gonna buy you a one scoop to scoop one scoop is the 40 serves two scoops is the 20 serve I'm gonna talk about two scoops here and then I'm gonna tell you how I actually used it so in the two scoops you get citrulline at four grams which is a lot of citrulline I mean obvious that's pure citrine three grams is the clinical dose you get bitten anhydrous a two and a half grams great on the upper end of the BT 904 muscle protein synthesis at power output ATP production ricer pump that's a self volumizer so you know when you look at pumps there's the stuff that will get you like the NO production in the vascularity and there's stuff that will get you swole Reister pump the best swirl ingredient out there and 2 grams is on the higher end then you have augmenting sulfate one point 5 gram 1 gram is where I really want to see igniting 1.5 is even more than you want to see pomegranate extract 800 ringers again on the higher end that's gonna help with NO production then you have raised to 6 which a lot of you guys love right like basis 6 really helps with vascularity and NO production so listen there's a lot of pump ingredients in this tones of pump ingredients on top of the beaten and others for muscle protein synthesis and power and the two Skirving x' is a lot of these things are actually overdosed or above clinical dose I'm gonna talk about that later anyway then you have the focus matrix so this is where it becomes more than just a pump formula and goes into the steam food pre-workout so for the focus matrix look at that you have l-tyrosine with two grams again usually 1.5 grams of tyrosine is the top-end then you have alpha GPC at 600 milligrams boom critical dose most of the pre-workout 7 out there when they have alpha GPC they have it at 300 milligrams then you have lion mane mushroom at 600 freakin milligram by domain one of these next-gen focus ingredients I love lion's mane if you use domains and if it's in the right formula in the right context you're gonna feel the focus you're gonna feel the focus 600 freakin milligrams then you have a personai which you used to see left 200 micrograms again super high dose usually see 100 micrograms which is the not milligrams micrograms which is the one serve here and then you have the absorption masse so what did we learn here people you have like a pump formula that's literally overdosed on every freaking ingredient here then you have a focus formula which wouldn't like this this focus formula in a pre-workout would be freakin amazing the lion's mane do per se in the l-tyrosine at the clinical dose alpha GPC at a clinical I mean just amazing package so obviously a AC supplement really saved money on two scoops you could actually argue and I'll tell you about my experience in a second at one and a half scoop is gonna be at ninety percent of these ingredients at clinical dose right and one half scoops would be thirty serve for this one listen people labels are just labels so let's talk about the experience and when we took a talk about stuff like a steamed free pre-workout like this we're talking about the pump effect yes we talked about stackability with the ASD supplements El Jefe which I'm going to talk about in a second and then and then I'm gonna talk about how did I actually use this and how you can actually think about this one so listen here's what what the experience looks like as far as the flavor I you have the crystal blue wrasse I think there's another flavor I'm not sure but check it out this one is okay if that it's not amazing it's not amazing it's okay there's some aftertaste to it I think that we they'll have it was the heaviest flavor was actually the original one was what was worse than this but they change it now and I I didn't try the new one but I heard that it's really good this one is not it's better than the original heavy its I mean come on people this is a pre-workout who cares it's okay it's tolerable you can take it men up it's not terrible you can take it anyway listen as far as the actual experience and I want to share with you the way that I use it because I've actually like I mentioned use it in three different scenarios one scenario one scenario number one by itself so going off steams just using this and seeing what I feel so here's here's the thing pumps on point guys they're coming the label here doesn't lie and I can tell you both on two scoops and one and a half scoops the pumps for me personally we're exactly the same and actually tried it at least three times in each version one and a half scoops and two scoops okay so that's number one as far as the focus I really like it now obviously with focus ingredients they work better when you have a stimulant and I'm gonna talk about that in a second but even without stimulants you definitely feel the focus the ingredients here have an effect less than you would have with stimulants but you still have an effect you're getting pumped you're getting in the zone I really like this as a steam free pre-workout now does it replace a steam pre-workout if you're looking for a steam experience know for sure not so that's why I want to talk about my second way that I use this when you actually combine this with better alanine like 3.2 grams of beta-alanine you can get I'm gonna link to this to the deal that we have on the site below I mean we don't sell anything we just know where the deals are so there's this one sells for like $4 a table and this has what like 120 servings of 1.6 60 servings of 3.2 grams battalion anyway when you combine it with better alanine man this is a true Steam free pre-workout you get the buzz you get the feeling if you want to cycle off stems this is one of the steam free pre-workout you should go to personally i prefer it together with better alanine but if you don't like banana and you're still gonna be ok the other thing that I've done just to make sure that I'm not dreaming it's actually added 400 milligrams of caffeine to this one and I can tell you this one plus this one plus this one is a great steam pre-workout you actually get the focus you get the energy you get the pumps you get the thing you got everything this becomes a great steam pre-workout now the only thing you won't get is a lot of motivation because there is no DMA chance to fire but the focus on this one together with the caffeine battalion so what I'm saying is if you're buying this right and you just buy in this day I'm gonna link to this below like you can get both of these for like six dollars more or whatever seven dollars more super cheap right caffeine and better alanine listen you're actually gonna get a great steam pre-workout and then you can cycle off and have a steam free pre-workout this third experience that I've used it is together with the he'll have both steam pre-workout now I would say this this is always a very expensive package when you combine it with the heavy and heavy was actually great for me at 1 in 1 and 3/4 of a scoop so the combination would be very expensive right I mean but if you can afford it I can tell you that this even though we'll have to buy itself is a great pump pre-workout great pump pre-workout so I don't I didn't feel like a huge impact on the pumps because it's already great right but where I did feel a great impact is that this actually made el jefe an amazing focus pre-workout so heavily the rank is good for motivation and mood elevation this just added the focus in great focus psyche to it which is just amazing so you get a bit more pumps but the focus is amazing so even the use case we don't have even though that's expensive I'm still telling you it's expensive I really really liked it so you have three use cases as a pump formula by itself and a steam free pre-workout great when you add better alanine even better when you ask caffeine it becomes a pre-workout with a jefe you're gonna get more pumps a bit more pumps into it like I said if Hef is already great but you're gonna get focus which is just freaking unbelievable in the combination with the DMH a and B caffeine at El Jefe listen as far as where you can find you can find it on I think today only the ASC supplements but you know we're Fitness Dinu so we find deals from all over the web we find the coupon so I'm gonna link below to the page on Fitness dnews and if there's deals and coupon I'd like a 25% coupon on this thing on the site on the ASC supplement so you can get it and like I said use it at one and a half scoops that becomes twister tea service and then it becomes cost effective together with a coupon but if the other stores start selling it you're gonna find it'll fit these deals because we compare prices and find the best this if this video was helpful in your Sicario steam free pre-workout decision-making process give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you're new here because this is exactly what we do here we got you we get this stuff we try it we tell you exactly what to expect and what to not expect these are unspun surd unbiased reviews and if you want to save money on Sicario ASE supplemental heavy or anything fitness you go to Fitness news.com we don't sell anything we just help you save money [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Thank you GURU…LIKE THE MOVIE SICARIO..this stuff is No Joke ..hey pro!!

  2. Review Fulcrum from Vaxxen Labs. $23 on Amazon. It holds up to your top stim junkie pre’s. Look into it. Trust me, you wont be disappointed

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  6. Had to look up that Sipernat in the ingredients, interesting stuff!

  7. I love that companies are starting to realize the benefits of mushrooms, particularly Lions Mane and Cordyceps.

    Btw, do you know of any single ingredient stim replacements for DMAA? I love the hyperfocus and superhuman drive I get from it while working out but the crash is intolerable at this point. It get this irritated vibe the whole day, it feels like a dirty comedown from hardcore substances. It makes my voice higher and shaky, light-headed and unable to socialize throughout the day with high anxiety.

  8. cool staff but expensive i dont think i will feel something different

  9. ANOTHER GREAT review!!!

  10. Bro I got that bogo free Shogun and took it with Primeval Labs Mega Pre (stim free) – holyyyyyy shit I was a pumped, sweaty rage machine for 3 straight hours. I'm really enjoying the fat burner + stim free pre workout combos

  11. Looks awsome only downside i remember when checking it out was the price! But if ya get what ya pay for?

  12. Holy shit dude i need this shit! Im ordering rn, only thing i wish is that it had S7 instead of VASO6

  13. my man when you speak we always CARE beginning middle AND end!!! lol, hope the boys are doing well!!!

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  17. Epic review mate 👍

  18. Sicario is by far my favorite non stim product to use… and that's saying something for someone who absolutely hates using non stim products lmao. It got me through leg day and cardio in a happy, blissful mood. I didn't care so much for the taste but whatever lol

    As far as Bomba goes, it's damn good tasting intra. Tastes like some fruit juice and I mix mine in 25oz of water. ASC has some badass products (for so few anyways lol)

  19. You saying Sicario in slow motion makes it sound like you announcing a new movie 😂

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