Public Health Masters Degree

It’s definitely important to realize that
public health really isn’t so much a “What?” but kind of more of a “Who?” and a “How?” And, it is unique in that there really isn’t
a set definition of public health because there are so many different entities involved,
and it does kind of manifest itself in so many different settings, and some of those
include things like epidemiology studies and health policy and health providers, but really
that’s just skimming the surface. To me, public health is a coordinated effort
to provide positive health outcomes to a community. I would definitely say that I’m still growing,
though, and that I have a lot to learn, but that this semester’s laid a foundation from
which I am eager to build. So, it has left me excited for what else I
have yet to learn. Just two weeks ago, I was able to open a new
pharmacy in a community that, um, had little to no access to grocery services or pharmacy
services. I learn every day as a pharmacist that pharmacists
are an asset to their community and to not take that for granted. Bridging my passions for teaching, health
care, and international affairs, public health will open more international opportunities
that my PA degree would not alone. The master’s in public health will expand
my foundation and perspective in treating my patients and their communities, along with
improving my ability to create meaningful and sustainable change. I plan to continue working or supporting the
efforts of the American Diabetes Association, specifically to help better educate patients
and their families to, to live their best lives, to not let diabetes get in the way
of them living a safe and healthy, happy life. And I’m really excited about my career and
I’m really grateful to Shenandoah for what they’ve provided me so far. Thanks!

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