Teammate: We got matched with BuQiuRen Teammate: I’m watching his live stream Got recognized even before landing 1 squad 1 squad! 2 squads Teammate: Here, 3 enemies Teammate: Knocked 1 Teammate: The ones we knocked just now have been revived Knocked 1 Teammate: Shooting from far Teammate: Not going to right side? It’s been looted, no need to go there Teammate: He’s jumping on top Teammate: 2 at left They’re fighting each other Teammate: Enemy on right Grenade Teammate: Too nervous fighting with pro player! Sedan infront Change cars Shoot them! Knocked 1 Abandoned him Teammate: Poor thing… Get in the car Rooftop! Come inside! Left is Number 1 Right is Number 4 Lips pouted, what are you both doing? Eh, wait! This… Still have enemies on the hill! Cover me cover me! Teammate: Enemies on left too Crawl toward me! Move a little more This can kill me? I closed the door!


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