#PSLfromHome Core Workout

you hello everyone I’m Katie and today we’re
going to be doing some core exercises that you can do at home coming to you
from the Parks and Rec Department city of Port st. Lucie fitness and Lavonnv is
going to be helping me out today so let’s start with our first exercise and
sit back so you bring your feet out and cross your hands over your chest and
without rounding the spine just lean back as far as you can while still being
able to come back upright so until you feel your core engaged so the farther
you go back the more challenging it will be and if you wanted to make it a little
easier you could also use hold onto your legs for a little bit of assistance to
help pull your way up and from there you could hold it in a boat hold either
reaching forward or holding your legs and to make it a little more challenging
you could lift your feet up and just holding that 10 to 30 seconds now I’m
going to have you lie on your back and doing a glute bridge so your feet are
about hip distance apart you can plant your hands on the mat bringing your arms
alongside you and lifting your hips up and exhaling as you lift your hips up a variation on this would be you could add
in a knee lift lifting one leg as you lift the hips and next up we have I’m going to have
you flip over and come onto hands and knees with your hands right directly
under your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips and a bird dog so
extending out opposite arm and leg and you could just alternate side to side another option would to be holding one
side and bringing your knee towards your elbow with a big exhale and then a third
option you could reach an arm and leg out and swim the arm back at the same
time as you’re bringing your leg forward perpendicular to your body adding in a
swim type motion from here we’re going to do some plank variations so always an
option to have your knees on the floor when you’re planking just making sure to
not droop through the midsection and having the butt down or you can come up
onto the toes one option is to do a Jack of the feet you could either step out
side to side or add in a little hop jacking both feet out at the same time next we have mountain climbers so the
knee comes in towards the chest with a big exhale you could add in a little
twist towards the opposite knee or a knee to the outer same side elbow and
then our last plank variation dropping the heel side to side which you can also
do from the knees still just going side to side so for all of these exercises if you’re
just starting out one to two sets of ten to fifteen reps would be a good place to
start and you can work your way up to three rounds as you progress. Thanks for
watching parks and recs at home core workout. Stay tuned for more videos to

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