Pros and cons of drugs versus exercise in chronic diseases prevention and treatment

we're with Michael riddle why are you from Toronto York University Michael have been involved in the debate today between mimetic of exercise and exercise as a treatment for complications of obesity and clinical disease so we know that we can normally treat clinical disease with medicine we know also that LT lifestyle have also a lot of interest and in the treatment to replace drugs but how can we reconcile both yeah this is a this is a fun debate it was it was a challenging debate the push recently has been to try to use agents that have typically been given to patients who have disease to now use these agents to prevent disease and that's what I was trying to focus the debate on today and I and I think that what we try to say that there are major limitations when we do that we're treating disorders and symptoms with medication we're not really getting to the root cause of the problem which in my belief is a lack of physical activity on the physical activity so in the debate I tried to make the case that to restore normal physiology and to fit to Bent disease but the root of the problem needs to be fixed and that's increased physical activity not medication which simply treats the symptoms that the patient may may develop in the future and what are the pros and the cons on each of each of them then what we learned that some of the some of the pros of medication is that the adherence to medication can be easy you know it's five seconds take a pill it's an easy solution we've learned that they can be very effective in some cases for example in in lowering blood glucose levels lowering cholesterol levels we're talking about statins and an oral hypoglycemic agents so there's no question that they're effective and largely they're fairly safe but some side effects but they're kind of minor really but on the other hand with some bad at minute long-term perhaps perhaps some more dangerous if I said long term you're looking at things like potentially heart failure and complications associated with with prolonged use with with kidney failure and liver failure so we know that that all the beneficial effects of exercise in fact that the livers have delivers healthier the adipose mass is healthier this last information pancreatic functions better insulin sensitivity the muscles like all the side effects seem to be beneficial for exercise with medications and so it's not quite so it's not so clean and they come to rag of physical activity and exercise is that it takes times yeah what hard the other pros or cons on physical activity you know if physical activity is is about hard work sometimes it's about dedicating it would be thirty minutes or more a day to being physically active and some people just they just don't want that time come in but we need to share with them that the psychologically it actually can be very beneficial so they start to enjoy it they'll they'll start to work with trainers they'll start to work with certified kinesiologists and they'll really have that whole body benefit as well as their whole self efficacy and their whole psychology improves so it's not an immediate fixed it needs to be a long-term investment and they'll and they'll feel help isn't it they'll feel healthy and stronger I just talked to a gentleman who made a life change at the age of seventy and then now it's more physically active and his his energy is vigor his self-confidence is just improved tremendously and there's really no medication that that will mimic that in my opinion and if we could be fair with the medicines and drugs and we can have the support of professional like in his allergies and nutritionists and we can have the help of also the behaviorist yes these these change in behavior that would help to be more fair right we talked about that today and use both yeah you having and having cognitive behavior therapist having exercise physiologists working together with physicians really trying to set up the best type of of care model that we can think of I think to help prevent disease and entry disease with with a whole lifestyle approach you know we could be the future treating clinical disease absolutely thank you very much

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