Proper Food Combining – The Secret To Healthy Eating

thank you for joining I hope that you are doing well proper food combining the secret to healthy eating a meal might look healthy but depending on the combination of foods you're eating it may actually cause weight gain and digestive problems for instance after eating steak and potatoes tuna noodle casserole or scrambled eggs with toast you might experience bloating or feel gassy dehydrated or tired no wonder they violate all the principles of food combining also known as triple og try food combining if you're suffering from digestive problems or trying to lose weight this natural technique has helped tens of thousands of health seekers over the years the principles of food combining are dictated by digestive chemistry different foods are digested differently starchy foods require an alkaline digestive medium which is supplied initially in the mouth by enzymes protein foods require an acid medium for digestion hydrochloric acid as any student of chemistry will assure you acids and bases neutralize each other if you eat a starch with a protein digestion is impaired or completely arrested the basic rules of proper food combining eat acids and starches at separate meals acids such as berries citrus cranberry tomato and vinegar neutralize the alkaline medium required for starch digestion and the result is fermentation and indigestion eat protein foods such as meat fish fowl eggs milk and cheese and carbohydrate foods such as peanuts bananas potatoes pasta rice and bread add separate meals protein foods require an acid medium for digestion each protein like poultry fish meat and eggs with non starchy vegetables like broccoli asparagus cauliflower carrots and green beans eat grades like and quinoa buckwheat and millet and starchy vegetables like butternut squash lima beans peas and corn with non starchy vegetables like turnips sprouts radish cucumber and beets eat only one kind of protein food at a meal eat proteins and acid foods at separate meals the acids of acid foods inhibit the secretion of digestive acids required for protein digestion undigested protein putrefies and bacterial decomposition and produces some potent poisons eat fats and proteins at separate meals some foods especially nuts are over 50% fat and require hours for digestion eat fruits alone on an empty stomach except for melons such as watermelon musk melon honeydew melon cantaloupe papaya which should be eaten alone since they digest faster than other fruits they combine with almost no other food dessert the desserts eaten on top of meals they lie heavy on the stomach requiring no digestion there in Furman bacteria turn them into alcohols and vinegars and acetic acids every rule has an exception most often your body will tell you which combinations work and which ones don't listen to your body's messages and find out what works best for you thank you for watching good day and good help


  1. Is okay to mix concentrated protein + acid + non-starch veggies?

  2. Thank you for this very important yet ignored aspect of good eating habits.

    This means that even if you’re determined to eat healthy, stay away from processed food, and use fresh foods to prepare your meals, you still need to learn how to not combine items the wrong way.

  3. can i combine green mango and watermelon?

  4. Wait can I combine for example eggs and have 2 glasses of milk with it?

  5. Ms. Liz to help me understand a little better tell me will this be an appropriate combination of foods. I think it is.
    salmon + broccoli + white rice

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