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so good evening I'm on day five of proline and it's killing me I'm just kidding I feel great we'll talk about that in just a minute I have finished my last meal on it and I didn't he didn't take all the T's and I didn't take all of that glycerine at some point I probably should talk about glycerine I think that's one of his magic bullets glycerine is what holds together triglycerides a triglyceride is three fatty acids held together by a glycerin molecule so if you're burning fat in other words if you have ketones you're also going to have glycerin and that your body's making anyway I'm going off down a down a bunny hole and let me let me come back to where we are I finished all the the foods and I feel really good we'll talk about that in just a minute one thing I decided this is my first week of ever doing YouTube live I told myself a couple of years ago I needed to do it just never got around to it these have been very well received I appreciate the interests and I'm planning to go ahead and start doing some oh hopefully one a week and I'd like to get it on a scheduled time now I know I know a lot of folks do this on Sunday night I helped teach our Sunday School and we just went through the ten commandments and a few months ago I started focusing again on that not working on Sundays because I've worked a lot of Sundays in my life as a physician obviously you have to but I don't have to now so I'd rather not it not be on Sunday and it clearly can't be Sunday morning so please the number one let me know if you'd like I like to have a routine weekly YouTube blog number two if so what type what time slots work well for you and number three what are some good topics that you're interested in we're gonna cover some just very very brief very high-level cardio genetics I mentioned those and I had a I had a couple of comments one comment on my blood spike to blood sugar spike up to 200 which we'll talk about a couple of times tonight and the other one on genetic markers the first from Clint Shelton and the other one from Nathan petit so I'm going to cover a little bit more detail about genetic markers and I've got a series of those but again we'll talk about those later so here we go prolonged a5 how do I feel gosh I feel really good I felt really good the past two and a half days and in fact I keep thinking about adding another extending it for another a couple of days with just a water fast I probably won't do that because I love to eat that's just part of my culture I slept really well I this was very different from the other times that I've done proline I didn't sleep well other times I just day four really was just a challenge yeah most of the other times but those were all a couple years ago they were long before I got focused and really disciplined with my low-carb so I think I think maybe some of this is because of I started getting back into a light ketosis there's another thing that it could be I knew I was gonna be doing the FMD this week and it was going to be a five-day and I knew that I really wasn't going to be doing a lot of high-intensity interval training or significant resistance training during this five-day period I know a lot of people have and I theoretically could but I wasn't going to because I also knew this was this was going to be the first time I think I did like a fasting mimicking diet event a proline event and helped so I knew I would be talking about it so I didn't want to be totally drugged out so it could have been just those first two and a half days maybe some of that was getting used to carbs again or maybe it was getting used to a significant decrease in calories or maybe it was the dumps delayed onset muscle soreness it wasn't domes it would maybe it was just some recuperation from the work workout the high intensity intervals and the resistance training because they did really really hard workouts the one day and three days before starting this we've got to got several people again I'm a rookie at this scheduling thing I thought I had scheduled this already about 12 hours ago didn't I just realized that half I came to prepare for it a half hour ago and looked and I'd still not sent the the thing out but we've got a lot of people here already thank you very much for for joining CC starts off with two or three comments and questions for folks who don't clear caffeine for hours and hours or for people who drink coffee all day could this cause people to wind up with more sugar and insulin in their blood well obviously if they're drinking coffee with a bunch of junk in it a bunch of car-based milks and creamers and a bunch of sugar for sure now whether or not just caffeine alone would cause an increase in blood sugar I don't think it I don't know I don't think it does but I'm not sure CCC says I mean causing sure to be elevated for long periods of the day no I don't think it's going to cause just drinking caffeine is not going to cause your blood sugar to be elevated for long periods a day even though it it stimulates you it's not like cortisol cortisol will increase your your blood sugar for long periods of the day Cece says good evening and thanks for the video Helene Louise greetings earthling a good job on the fast thank you very much I'm gonna jump but we've got several other comments but I'm gonna jump back into some more content that I wanted to cover as I said I felt really good the the the last two and a half days not so good the first two and a half days I took a 10-minute nap at noon on the third day and that just I just popped up and it felt good ever since very calm now we talked several times about spikes that I had and there's no question I had spikes if you go back I'm going to show you the the daily patterns oh no that I don't want to show you don't see that the daily graph okay we're going to go back to day let me see may 14th was that one two three four or five okay so day one I started off doing these as a time restricted thing as well so I didn't eat breakfast I just ate lunch and dinner and you can see when that lunch and dinner happened just with these soups these vary they're not low-carb soups obviously and you'll you'll see this in the in a few minutes I'm getting spikes I don't get nearly that high anymore unless I'm taking a carb vacation let me show you that's what I usually do I had I did get a couple of spikes there because that was my car vacation before I went on the proline diet again just that was you know these are my my typical numbers and then just these soups are spiking my sugars so let's go back and look at day two that spike on mushroom and somebody made the comment blood sugar 200 on mushroom soup out of a proline yep that's what happened didn't get so much of a spike the second meal so here's the third meal still got spikes I mean this was day three I believe so day for another significant spike it got away from me I wasn't looking for it and so since I did not to have another one so today I did something different I watched the glucometer and this is a freestyle Libre by the way it's a little button that you put on the back of your arm and you plug it in to libre link which is an app for the iPhone and a couple of other phones and you can monitor your blood sugar and what it does and I don't know anybody that has not been surprised by these numbers so you know I feel very strongly after watching how quickly I went up after those soups that I was gonna hit I was headed for another 180 to 200 so when I started hitting about 130 I went out to take a walk and that's one of the things that I wanted to share with you one of the things that people learned when they when they start doing continuous glucose monitoring is look I can take a a carb break or a carb vacation eat more carbs than I usually do and when I start that spike or even before I start that spike I can go out and take 1520 minute walk and it takes the top right out of this the spike brings it right back down even exercise that mild is its effective is insulin and it's a similar process to insulin and why is that it's because exercising muscles pull sugar out of the blood and into the muscle now one of the questions might be well again there was a comment how could you get a blood sugar that high off of mushroom soup well there's 23 carbs in it yes four of them are fiber and two only two sugars so the rest is complex carbs and you would think dang Brewer well in fact here's one of the comments Clint Shelton why would that go up that high I know you're not pre-diabetic well yeah I responded Clint yes I'm very pre-diabetic and in fact the one of the ABA definitions of blood sugar is anytime over well at least one hour post a GTT or you know some interpretations would be any time over 200 and I did once have a blood sugar measurement over 200 but it was on it was on this thing it was on on a Libre and the Libre is not that accurate so I could debate whether I have I'm officially diabetic or just way pre-diabetic either way just shared with you a couple of tips in terms of what you can do in terms of managing your own and making sure that you know your own situation now we talked about those spikes too in terms of ketones so yes I was mildly ketotic that was earlier today and my at a time when my blood sugar was about 75 that was about what two or three hours after my blood sugar was up about 150 and yes I did people talk about the liebre being not that accurate yeah it's not that inaccurate either it's you you wouldn't want to measure you wouldn't want to take insulin based on it you would want to confirm anytime but I've spent several times confirming with this it's a freestyle light so and it's been it's been accurate to the priests light anyway so if you look at when I hit took those numbers they were down here so I get that sugar level after my so I ate my mush right my soup today it was minestrone I think started headed up got up to about 150 and I did a sorry about that I don't know how we can here we go started heading up I took the walk pulled it back down and about here right before I ate dinner that other cup of soup I had a I took my ketones and my blood sugar and I had ketone value of 2.5 again mildly ketotic now that's one of the things that confuses some people how could you have blood spiked one minute and then blood and then ketones an hour to later I'm meant to look up how long ketones stay in the body there's no question I'm ketotic after four days of of only 600 calories so well some people would ask well and did ask well could this have been ketones prior to that spike let me go in and check my blood sugar the way that's the way you do it is this click that button it says check glucose and so now that completes that that second bump on out there so again it was between that second third bump when it was a little bit lower that I had the 72 blood sugar and the 2.5 excuse me yeah 72 blood sugar in the 2.5 ketones so interesting you know you can clearly have a really high blood sugar and really had ketosis that's what I mean that's diabetic ketoacidosis and I'm nowhere near that and I'm not worried about that in fact it's very unusual for anybody with a more of a type 2 diabetes pattern to get that serious in fact it's not common for type 2 diabetics to ever even need insulin but it's very common for people to start getting insulin resistant as we get older in fact over once you're over 60 even just looking at fasting glucose and and hemoglobin a1c over half of us are our insulin resistant again by age 60 now if you started looking more deeply with an OG TT or even a craft insulin survey a lot more we're gonna pop up as insulin resistant so again it's something to know obvious question would come up well Brewer if you're that insulin resistant why are you doing a fasting mimicking diet that's got significant carbon in it well you know you wouldn't think that these are that bad in terms of carbs and the carbs that it does have are complex carbs here's why two reasons number one I wanted people to under again to understand saying I've had dozens of people lose 30 50 pounds and they typically do it with going low-carb and then shrinking that that eating window but very few take me up on fasting I mostly do water fasting now I've been doing for the past six months or so I've been most weeks I'll do a two-day water fast but again I wanted to do a campaign awareness campaign and do it myself also personally wanted to spread out from this 48 60 hours for water fast and do more of a prolonged fast to get more of a bump so and more of a challenge to my epigenetics we talked about epigenetics had a couple of comments about that if you don't know what that is I've got a couple of videos on it and many of us think that epigenetics clearly is a part of what's going on with insulin resistance I think I will I will hold on that for a while and and deal with some comments and don't let me forget to go to cardio genetics okay tim schafer i do hard training and my glucose always stays up even when I'm into keto diet heavy thank you for sharing that tim deb stay blessed hi question I'm thin I do in a minute fasting 21 and 3 most days with 45 minutes on elliptical can individuals like myself gain benefits from fasting yes yes you can it depends on how old you are the older you get or as you start getting past your 40s and into your 50s and 60s there's a significant benefit and again it has to do with some of the things that I've been talking about fasting has also been shown to it has a lot of impact let me see if I can find yeah okay so here here's some of the biological impacts anti-aging cell mode it gets the cell into more of an anti-aging mode it part of that is called autophagy it's where the cell is cleaning up by eating trash that's sitting in the cell that would normally wouldn't get wouldn't would not get eaten killing damaged cells a decreases abdominal and visceral fat so even then people can have that and fasting tends to help that and I've already mentioned the epigenetic changes I just got to mention this if you've ever listened to Jason funk he makes this point a lot it's a very good point if you look at religions you know it's one thing that Jesus Muhammad the Jewish leaders Moses I think Moses anyhow I don't remember Moses say anything about fasting but clearly it's a part of Jewish tradition I think Hindu Buddhists one thing that all the large religions in the world Cohen Confucius – I think one thing that all of them agreed on was fasting yeah you just don't see it that often here on ma you're starting to see it more and more with health nuts modern day but oh yes fasting can help enthusiastic support for weekly live chats evenings preferred but we'll take advantage of anytime that was Nathan petty Thank You Nathan in fact I'm going to be quoting you a little bit later you asked about the genetic markers tim schafer been doing keto for a year and a two-day fest is always so easy it is your body gets hardened to fasting the first time you fast is the hardest time and again that was the purpose of the fasting mimicking diet Valter Longo a fella named Walter long Valter Longo an Italian developed it and his purpose for developing it was I think he got the impression that he may have been a little bit of it had a little bit of a slacker mentality even though he obviously works hard he's one of the leading researchers in longevity but his one of his mentor was Roy Walford the the guru of caloric restriction caloric restriction being long-term decreased calories they did the biosphere 2 with half well about ten people stayed in a big terrarium in the desert in Arizona for months and again showed very positive impact so again your body does train to fasting and that's one of the reasons I brought this up I can't get people to take me up on fasting a lot of significant weight loss but no prolonged fasting the fasting mimicking diet is a great way to do that first one to start getting your body hardened okay so let me see tim schafer I eat chicken broth with duck fat so good high in vitamin k2 actually I've got a small story to tell about k2 one of my videos I thought I'd done one okay – but I had not one of my viewers commented on a bit on k2 so I just did a video on it about a year ago maybe a year and a half it quickly became my number two most popular video until last week and I'm thinking what the Dickens happened we as you may know we've been doing some things to change the thumbnails that wasn't it Kim her most of my hour we have a media manager now she's in the Philippines she found that someone else did a evidently Eric Berg did a k2 video about a week ago and I think that's where the algorithm switched so I've gotten my competition the competitive juices going I read the book k2 and the calcium and paradox I originally thought that I was going to be critical of that book and I am critical I'm gonna start doing a series on k2 because it's very very interesting there's a lot of stuff there I a lot more than I thought so again that's for the future mmm Betty Davis Barry Davis I'm sorry I'm thinking about movie stars have you started confirming your spikes with finger sticks yes I have been confirming my spikes with finger sticks and those are real spikes Tim shape and I'm not surprised I can't eat I can't eat those kind of carbs or I won't get spikes so I mean obviously I can but I know I'll get spikes if I do so either a I'll go ahead and do it for something like this or B I'd do it and know I'm gonna be taking a walk or just taking the hit or C as I showed you before I don't eat those kind of carbs on a regular basis Stewart Jones how do you test your blood sugar continuously well I just showed you it's an app on your iPhone but the app is called libre link right there libre link let me see if I can I don't think I can get a better image of it li b r e li NK and then you you need to get a prescription still I think then you get one of these little patches this will last for two weeks to give me a number now these are not the most accurate the thing that we had before that was called thing called Dexcom v and Dexcom is for I think probably far more reliable but it's also a lot more expensive 800 to 1200 bucks this is I think these are 74 3 correct me if I'm wrong but it's it's not a lot you can also if you don't have an iPhone or another phone with Libre that you can get that you can download Libre to they make little readers that are about that size and I think the readers for the 14-day is about 70 as well they used to have ten days they're just they're phasing out ten days they're not selling them anymore ten day buttons and before the whole thing was like 70 bucks I think 40 bucks about 40 bucks for the reader and 30 for thee for a 10 day button Turkey you look very young after fasting well thank you very much I I feel very young Quincy Quincy disapear Quincy would you suggest limiting complex carbs if someone has insulin resistance yeah you know this is a place where I part and many of us part company with a lot of the diabetes gurus and like the ABA we think that the the a DA has too many carbs in the recommended a DA diet and all you have to do is watch your blood sugar it to the glucometer there's a Jenny rule J E in NY rule ru HL has a couple of good books blood sugar 101 and diet 101 she's a diabetic she runs the a very big diabetes website called blood sugar 101 tens of thousands of diabetics on there all sharing their experience and that's one of the comments that she'll make over and over eat to the glucometer it just makes sense so if something makes you your blood sugar spike up like that spikes are not really good now – somebody's point someone asked me earlier and I'm sorry I don't see that comment anymore the question was there's a short term spike and then coming down quickly is that as damaging as long-term clearly does not appear to be so if this work if I didn't know how to manage these spikes with walking or if I had like a type 1 diabetes where it would the spike would just go up and I wouldn't be able to handle that and I would need insulin I don't think I'd be doing the this diet now actually speaking of diabetes and the fasting mimicking diet pearl on diet it has got great research showing that it does help insulin resistance significantly and does it help more than other types of fasting no it doesn't I mean all types of fasting do help insulin resistance okay KB KS q k BK Esquire I guess the truth is many Americans would never try stopping eating after six or even seven that in itself would probably help a time you got it that's exactly right quincy st i'm sure there's a connection between late-night eating and insulin resistance eating late at night is not healthy for you I mean there's you look I've got a couple of videos on time restricted eating and it's not healthy for you you what you do want to narrow that window it is healthy for you to narrow that window the other thing is you know most people that do what first of all the the most common concept of intermittent fasting is skipping breakfast basically and then doing what somebody said earlier a few minutes ago like narrowing the window but technically intermittent fasting is more like a 5 to 5 normal 5 days lower calorie or no eating for two days that's more of an intermittent fasting technically squeezing that window which most people just do by skipping breakfast and eating lunch at 12 and then something else at 6 that's a very common 6 or 8 that's a very common narrowed window if you look at the research there is something to the fact that it's probably healthier it would be healthier to do to eat a breakfast and then lunch and skip dinner there were times in my life when I was able to do that but it's just hardly anybody does that because dinner is such a social event ok CeCe are there any southern chefs who could make natto palatable well as I told you I spent the early the morning half a day looking at k2 and natto was one of the things and dang if anybody could make natto palatable that would be a big deal that might be Nobel Prize right there we need someone to say challenge accepted I agree shop is sharp good to see you shot be sharp I've seen your name a few times Quincy yes search for Sachin pendous studies oh yeah that's yeah that's what I'm talking about the time restricted eating I think that's what you're talking about to respond you to the comment about late-night eating impact insulin resistance tim schafer blood sugar 101 is the best it is a very very good and it is a major eye-opener Stuart Jones the timing is perfect for me thank you you're very welcome Stuart I'm glad you you joined us now glad you're you're taking some interest in your health Joe a7r I I'll take you up on water fasting do you want do you want to do two day CANSEC two consecutive days or two separated days I would do two consecutive days I mean yeah two consecutive days I think that's better that first day is 10 yeah it tends to be the least comfortable the second day you're just starting to get into ketosis and a lot of water fasting gurus would say now you got to hit at least that third day because then you are ketotic I think today water fasts make a significant difference it depends on your goals but start with the two days and again they will be very helpful for you k BK Esquire what about aa risk what about the arguments that fat causes insulin resistance by blocking insulin receptors well you know there that's a great great question there's a lot of research that would indicate that fat in the diet causes insulin resistance we're still clearing out that fog here's what I think personally and and I've seen it here's what I think I think that the biggest challenge is adding two major macronutrients together like when you load up on carbs and fats at the same time that that tends to that tends to be challenging for more of a trying to a longevity type of diet why is that challenging think about it carbs stimulate insulin insulin has a couple of effects one of them is to pull blood sugar out of the blood because it won't because high blood sugar damages the body and it wants to decrease that blood sugar what's another impact that insulin has it stops fat burning so if you're chronically in a mode of having stimulated your insulin in other words your basal insulin is going from a more normal two to four up to where your basal insulin is like 3040 you're hardly getting a chance to burn any fat and guess what did you think about there's a connection you talked about that middle-age spread in other words how Middle Ages start to gain fat do you think we're starting to gain fat because we're eating more could be but a lot of people like the Gary Taubes has made most most of his authoring career on saying just the opposite we eat more because we're getting fat because we our insulin is elevated that's the hormonal theory of weight gain a lot of people agree with that I personally agree with it too it's speaking of Gary Taubes in his books good calories bad calories while we get fat and what to do about it a couple of things like that B e Russell's is keto healthy after heart attack I've got several patients that have lost significant weight by cutting carbs and post heart attack and again gosh what what portion most of my people most of my patients are overweight and anything over to a BMI of 25 is overweight unless you've got you know you're a bodybuilder and the majority of my patients are there so yes it works any thoughts on bulletproof coffee yeah I actually I have started doing that about six months ago and I've gotten a habit gotten in a habit of doing that as you make have noticed you notice with my spikes I I started my first couple of days on the vesting mimicking diet the proline still not having breakfast made sort of a a tea anyhow I'll skip that I'm getting a little getting in a sentence gonna be difficult to explain okay fast plus carbs equals insulin resistance and I I agree that's Tony tell-tell affero K BK Esquire thank you for doing this you're very welcome it's my legacy thing I've retired a couple of times and this time I'm really focusing on getting that message across tonight by the way there even by very conservative methods there are what eighty million Americans with insulin resistance the state of California at this point over half of Californians 30 and above have insulin resistance 90% have no clue they don't know that their insulin resistant and I can tell you from the patients I see I mean I get some people coming in that are very sophisticated really smart health notes kind of folks and they'll tell me no I don't have I mean again I've shared that story with Jon Lorsch either he was pretty sure he didn't have insulin resistance and then he shared he human me we got a craft insulin survey and his blood sugar went way up there semi arrow great timing today okay thanks David Jones ever worried someone's electrolytes might be lower out of balance before trying a water fast well if somebody's not sure what to worry about that I mean somebody's in normal health I mean I used to be a pretty avid marathon runner and there are times with exercise and a basketball player you know two or three four hours of basketball some days you have to watch your like electrolytes when you're working out but that's a fairly temporary thing it's assuming you replace them I'm sorry I don't really get the point tim schafer bulletproof coffee use your favorite tasting butter it makes a difference oh by the way to finish the comment about that coffee I use coconut oil sometimes I use ghee in bulletproof coffee routinely in the mornings be Russell thanks thank you for your interests be e tim schafer we need to test insulin more doctor more dr. Kraft yes we do need to test insulin more k BK s fascinating point about middle-age spread probably lower testosterone is also related to the high insulin in middle-aged as well I do think it is taking TRT seems like a band-aid I've seen my testosterone double from low I do think that the trt is a band-aid we didn't know a lot of people of us a lot of us worried about cardiovascular and other impacts of testosterone replacement therapy I don't do it for several other reasons and if I did I won't get into why I don't do it but there are a series of tests testosterone replacement clinical trials very good ones done over the past five years they tended to show that it really didn't help a whole lot except for one thing in terms of improving sleep but then in itself that answer creates a conundrum also because sleep is so important for insulin resistance and a bunch of other things so every answer creates some new questions doesn't it andrew wilkinson dr. brewer I read a diet book which I can't remember the name of but it's at least 60 years old he said to never eat carbs and team in a meal together his most famous advocate was Sir John Mills that's very interesting if you if you think of who it was let me know I thought you were gonna say Banting there was a fellow named Banting hufo who wrote the first low-carb diet if you read any of Garry Thompson's books he he talks about Banting Quincy St I watched your videos and cardiovascular inflammation and how it damaged the intima is it possible to reverse the damage intima to pre decease state it's clearly possible to get rid of the inflammation and getting rid of the inflammation basically involves mostly lifestyle stuff if it's insulin resistance which it is the vast majority of the time and most of the time unrecognized insulin resistance once you start managing that the instant the cardiovascular inflammation comes down you can also even reverse plaque I've got several videos on that I actually dropped my on arterial age by about 20 years when I was 58 I had my first CI MT carotid intima-media thickness tests and they measure it and reported out often in terms of arterial age mine was 74 at age 58 and that was a that was really frustrating because up to that point I've been in preventive medicine my whole life I taught it at Johns Hopkins I and I practice what I preached but there's mostly plant-based diet and here's what was going on I was developing insulin resistance and didn't know it I was not that clear on insulin resistance 5 years ago didn't have nearly the background that I have now so yes you can reverse cardiovascular inflammation for sure and believe it or not despite what a few Doc's will tell you you can also reverse plaque now not always its reversal plagg tends to be plaque that's been laid down over the past couple of years not stuff that's been stabilized and and 1020 years old solid arrow solidary o Libertad i finished a four day dry fest it was an interesting experience interesting is an interesting word isn't it you know what I wanted to just cover a comment by Nathan petty and that was he said something like if you go into the comments it was the comment on one of the recent live videos that I did and he said you mentioned you have some genetic markers for cardiovascular disease maybe there would be a good series I've got at least half a dozen maybe more videos on genetic risk factors for heart attack and stroke you may have heard of Brad Bale and Amy Dunning's book beep the heart attack gene if you haven't it's a great book they're referring to nine p21 there other there's some others out here for q25 I have four q25 I'm jumping to those two and here's why there's two reasons number one I have both of those and number two they both demonstrate some terminology I'd like to make you aware of this terminology is nine means the ninth chromosome and p21 is the section on the chromosome so for q25 is the fourth chromosome and the q25 area I am homozygous for h4 for q25 the atrial fib G atrial fibrillation is a significant risk factor I believe it multiplies your risk for four q25 I believe well know atrial fib multiplies your risk for stroke by about five I believe and I got one for since I'm homozygous for four q25 it means I got one for q25 from my mom and one from my dad they were not the wild-type or the normal type but the risk gene let's go back up to the top the the heart-attack gene with nine p21 they originally thought it was a cancer gene because they were seeing some cancers with it then they started realizing it was very much related to heart attack and stroke so they started calling it the heart attack gene that was right before Amy and Brad wrote their book since then they have discovered it's a diabetes gene a diabetes risk gene and here's the thing it's got a gene prevalence of 50% now when you think about each of us has two copies of all of our genes or the vast majority of us they're 99.9 whatever and half of the half of us have risk it I mean half of the genes in the gene pool 490 p21 are risk then you realize that three-quarters of us have at least one of the nine p21 risk genes now that would be if there's only one snip only one location the reality is they soon discovered there are a couple there were a couple of locations now up to like two dozen locations in the 9021 area which can increase risk for heart attack and stroke so once you start getting all of those different locations each of which where you can get one from your mom and or one from your dad you're starting to see much more of a curve with again now let's go back to the simple the simple view of it so if you've got the this gene and at least you got you got 50% prevalence that means you got a 50% probability of getting a risk gene from your mom 50% from your dad so how does that come out just in terms of Mendelian genetics well a quarter of us are going to have no risk genes half of us well another quarter of us are going to have to risk genes in other words homozygous if this were just one location and then half of us in the middle would have one risk gene and one non risk gene so we got 75% of us with the risk gene for heart attack and stroke so maybe that helps give you some perspective in terms of cardio genetics again I've got several videos out there if you have an interest in looking at them go to the comment bye I think it was Nathan petty and read my response I put I put links to most of those videos in I can't find Nathan's comment now I think it was Nathan petty Nathan please correct me if that's if that's wrong Tony Taliaferro fit for life food combining not sure I understand that KB K s question high tech question thoughts on hyperbaric oxygen therapy for arterial inflammation yeah may be high tech but a real short answer I've never heard of it sorry what is an acceptable glucose spike after a meal you really want your blood sugar to stay below 120 if possible if you read any of Jenny rules books she thinks anytime you get over 140 you may be having some burn going on there I don't agree with any of that here's my perspective I do want to keep mine as low as possible for as long as possible and if you think about what hemoglobin a1c is it starts to make sense we all know what hemoglobin is it's the protein that carries the iron molecule right hemoglobin a1c is that hemoglobin that has been located in other words glucose has linked covalently to that protein and it tends to burn that protein and deep or denature it and make it dysfunctional so the more glucose you have and the more exposure you have with glucose molecule to a protein molecule the more likely you're going to get glycation so I think it's just a time under an amount of time that you an amount of how high it is okay Stuart Jones great I found the Australia site for Libre so we've got Stuart I didn't know you were in Australia that is fantastic well we've got I've actually got a couple of patients in Australia and one in New Zealand tim schafer plugs most important to stop it from increasing stopping the increasing reduces risk of cardiovascular disease I'm glad you brought that up I didn't mention that I mentioned that if there's one thing I mentioned it is this think about it most plague people say well I'm okay until I get diabetes right no plaque is created by insulin resistance I've met and seen many patients that have had insulin resistance just you go back in there you look at their labs a decade two decades unrecognized and it's meanwhile it's just continuing to cause that elevated blood Sugar's elevated insulin and we talked just a minute ago we just got through talking about the time you have a glucose molecule next two proteins burning that protein causing intima damage the intima passing LDL through it in a to lodge in the media of the arterial wall and that is plaque so yes we got 80 million Americans out there with insulin resistance in other words they're building plaque right now ninety percent of them don't know it they don't even know they have insulin resistance a lot of them that have insulin resistance don't know that that means they're building plaque now what's important about plaque like causes heart attack what's the number one cause of death heart attack what's uh what's the number one cause of disability stroke plaque also causes stroke so plaque and therefore instant resistance are causing muslims of the death and disability in this country and that's not to mention most of the blindness happens with type 2 diabetes kidney there's just multiple problems associated with bad glucose metabolism Nathan pity you are correct I don't know if you're talking you're talking to Tim Schafer to me but thank you either way Tim Schafer odd thing is there's almost no chance of getting of getting diabetes too if you eat the right diet yeah you can still get insulin resistance and that's a major part of of Aging but if you manage your diet appropriately I feel comfortable even as as significant and advanced as my insulin resistance is I feel comfortable that I'm not I'm I'm gonna do fine because I'm strict and disciplined about my diet if I fall off the wagon and start carving it up all the time and porking up and getting big and cranking up millions no resistance more and not doing anything about it of course I'm going to have trouble Tim tell the Pharaoh that was the answer to the to the book fit for life in regard to food combining and from oh thank you Tim I appreciate that Bart Robinson really enjoying this discussion tonight as always well thank you Bart I appreciate it and clearly recognize you from making comments on the channel Steve Shappell hello Steve I recognize you as well or your name hi doc have you taken an OGG t-tests and what were the results also how much are you exercising and how often just curious I took one last March and I believe my one hour went up to about 180 I'm pretty I have a video on it a lot of those videos haven't come out yet because usually I'm at least a month ahead in terms of videos I've recorded how much of your exercising I exercise pretty hard I used to do a lot but it was more that long slow distance I've always up until a couple of years ago when the research started coming out about HIIT interval training and resistance training I tended to be mostly a distance runner I've run several marathons around one altra marathon ended up walking more than running but you know it's 40 miles in a day here's what I do now I have two hard sessions usually two days apart every week and usually not on my you know I do my water fast Monday and Tuesday then Wednesday I'll do a hard session and Saturday or Sunday I'll do a hard session the hard session it starts off with about half an hour of intervals and these are mostly on the treadmill do a 5 minute 5 minutes of 7-minute mile pace run then I follow that with about 20 minutes of six-minute per mile pace one to two minutes each and some and sub stuff a little bit slower that's as fast as I'll get but that's pretty good for a 60 year old guy then I go into resistance training and the type of resistance that run training I do is called Austrian volume method you can read about that what you do is you try to get up to about you you look to get up to about 100 reps now that sounds like kind of wimpy and for most of my life I have done wimpy level weights or resistance training but starting about rep number 70 or 80 and you do multiple sets starting about reps 70 or 80 you start cranking it up to where you should get to where you're at failure at the end I am still quite so good at getting a complete failure but I made some significant improvements this past Sunday and I think that's why I felt so bad the first two and a half days of Maya of my fasting mimicking diet proline bin be able mr. Abel how are you cannot get with the fasting I just saw this as own sorry I missed it well it will you can go back and watch the beginning of it it'll it'll stay on fat Ted writer I recognize that name too hi dr. brewer do you have experience with home cholesterol analyzers like the cardio check are they accurate thanks for going live thank you for your interest we do you know given I've been a preventive medicine doc for over 30 years so yes I'm I've had a lot of experience with home cholesterol checkers I haven't had any experience really with them over the past couple of years and the last time I had experience with them they weren't too good so I would not get too focused on those and here's another reason half the people that have heart attacks have a normal cholesterol so don't get too focused on cholesterol cholesterol is not the Bugaboo that we've all grown up thinking it is thinking it is Andrew or Wilkinson dr. brewer what are your thoughts on the carnivore diet I think I think we've got way too much debate about diets I just learned what the carnivore diet is it's where you eat nothing but it's like eating nothing but meat that's what a carnivore is I think we're omnivores and I think there are certain times and places where plants plant kind of food is not bad for us and in fact that was a major plant-based guy up until about four years ago and maybe that you might say maybe that cause your insulin resistance that no I'm 62 years old I think that's about all I'm gonna say about the carnivore diet how to recover from overtraining I will tell you this I have never recovered as well from training as I have since I've gotten more low-carb and I don't I've read about that I've heard about it now I've experienced it I don't understand it if somebody does I'd love to hear hero because I think that's true tim schafer an idea for you I'm going to eat my keto meal then go to the lab two hours later and get an insulin test should give me a measure that is valuable I think it will HIIT makes it easier for train yeah you got to be careful with HIIT you got to be careful with everything BAM be able a month-long cardio net monitoring Oh only had four irregularities sinus rhythm tachycardia once at 101 BPM and two sinus rhythm bradycardia swell I was in sleep die diagnosis hypochondriasis it don't be too difficult on yourself and here's one of the things I'll say a month long you know here's why they're doing it at month long I'm assuming Bambi that you've had some some of that or it feels like a you know what we call a flutter in your chest if you've had that be very aware and very concerned because the number one cause of or the number one dysrhythmia that we have is by far and away atrial fibrillation and as I covered earlier and if covered on many videos atrial fibrillation greatly increases your risk for stroke now a lot of atrial fib is what we call paroxysmal that just means it happens a couple of times and then it goes away I first got or I got my first I cardia I car is a is a little electrode that works also for your iPhone and lets you the old original had electrodes on the back of the cover of the eye kardea cover you could put your fingers or your thumbs on it and you could get a rhythm strip I first got mine five or six years ago because there were several times I felt a flutter I still didn't diagnose it though never saw in Asia afib what a year and a half ago I woke up at 2:00 in the morning and it wouldn't go away and my heart rate was like 110 120 and more actually it wasn't 110 it was gosh I can't remember it was it was very high it was atrial fib level I did have an eye cardi at that point checked it and I clearly had atrial fib so there's some I kardia i kar di a a live core a li ve cor and guess what Apple watch just came out with a great way to watch for this so Bambi anybody else here's the thing we used to do a holter monitor or a cardio net monitor these kinds of rhythm strip monitors for a week and then we found that people can have these atrial fib episodes months apart so if you're having those symptoms I'd get an Apple watch I get I'd get an Apple watch really there the advantage to an Apple watch for detecting a fib paroxysmal atrial fib over other things is that with the alivecor and the other types of iPhone electrodes you have to feel it and then have it nearby and then know how to use it with the Apple watch you've got it on all the time and so a lot of these atrial fib episodes the atrial flutter is going to happen when you're asleep and you won't feel it sometimes it'll happen when you're awake and you don't feel it why do you need to know that again significant increase risk for stroke and is there anything about it there's plenty you can do about it yeah well I started to say I won't mention it if you have atrial fib you need to look at the rest of your risk yeah well if you have a a it's it's called a Chad's too vast to and you start looking at the risk that you have for stroke most of us that are 60 65 years old and have insulin resistance and a couple of other things end up needing to take one of the no acts new oral anticoagulants like a PICC Seban Eliquis I prefer Eliquis for several reasons but I'm probably getting too deep in that Fathead rider thank you that's helpful thoughts on measuring c-peptide versus insulin an old friend of mine taught me about c-peptide the dog down in in Pensacola Florida I still not use it very much it clearly does let you know helps you know that whether it's endogenous insulin versus other types of insulin may be more of a question for an endocrinologist low carb aged recovery interesting there was a question by Lucien P Susanne Miller my husband has a CAC core a coronary artery calcium score of 1650 but the cardiologists in our city only test lipids do you have suggestions I don't mean to be blatantly advertising my services and frankly I don't have a whole lot of extra patients that I can see but I do see patients I've got I'm licensed in almost 40 states in the country and I have patients and most of those now that's a that's a telemedicine type visit but we do full full panels of cardiovascular inflammation we dig deep in terms of insulin resistance because of the seven reasons that we talked about today and if you characterize my practice at this point it's finding a whole bunch of unrecognized insulin resistance and folk and full-blown diabetes if you're interested in and you're a family member seeing me just you go to our website previa at heart risk calm or you can email Michelle at my health at previa at heart risk calm Joe Oh Joe Riley good – Joe a7rii is a KA Joe Riley how careful do I need to be the a chai tea how carefully you need to be with a chai tea you can you need to push with a chai tea to where you're now let me back off for a second because my wife says that I'm the devil when I'm talking to patients about HIIT because I I say use the breathing as a as a gauge you should not be able to talk you should not be able to you should not you should be gasping now so that means that how does an 80 year old that's done nothing but just you know his most vigorous exercise is walking we have plenty of 80 year olds whose most vigorous exercise is walking and they stood do start getting into HIIT I've got a video on that one too it's one of the old school videos HIIT for elderly and how do you do that well first you start walking up a hill you find a hill to walk up if you can't find a hill to walk up now tell me that you can't find a treadmill now I think your question was about do I have to be careful of course you need to make sure that you don't have have significant risk immediate impending risk but that's far less common than we might imagine which Apple watch look for the Apple watch that has the cardiovascular monitoring on it that was from jamming 68 16 actually I've gone way over an hour already guys I really appreciate your interest the longer we get on these things that the less people want to just take the dive and and view it later I'm going to be doing a setting up a weekly live event like this again please go back find the comments find this video put a comment in let me know what what time slot would be a would you would you like weekly if you would be what time slot preferably not Sundays and see what topics you'd like to cover thank you again for your interest close out in-stream you


  1. Wouldn't better recovery after exercise with a low carb diet be partly due to emphasis on adequate or even optimal amounts of protein used for repairs? Isn't protein our primary fuel?

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    Great observation on walking helping to mitigate glucose spikes. Thanks. I will be walking after meals from now on.

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  10. I wonder about fructose and the denaturing of protein by glycation. I have heard that fructose ages protein seven times faster than glucose. (The browning reaction) but it does it at a different part of the protein so it does not show up in A1c.

  11. I eat natto daily. I use the things I learned from Japanese folks to enjoy the experience. Eaten alone, the slippery stuff is what bothers my wife. I always add prepared mustard. I will try it with other things the Japanese use, like finely chopped green onion, shredded daikon radish, soy sauce. And I will try alternates to the rice the Japanese use. I use oatmeal now. But I think buckwheat could work. I cook it with veggie broth and chopped onion. I will make a video about this.

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  17. This was the program that got me into HIT .. from ABC TV Australia. "Get Fit In 6 Minutes!" And the interesting thing was that 6 mins or so of HIT was the equivalent of running xx KMs. I have a TABATA timer (fromg Google Plays store) on My SmartPhone. it buzzes you to exerices, then dings to rest, the buzzes to HIT again etc.. until you do your time. I used the programs suggestion as being the best for the average Joe. I think 8 second full sprint, 12 second rest etc for 20 mins. which is 8 minutes total of full sprint. And as I go I increase the resistance of the exercise bike. Work well.

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