Professor says transgender daughter denied health coverage


  1. Get your "daughter" psychiatric help.

  2. What is a benifit…a human benifit is mandatory…but a promotion of the gender dysphoria is a pandemic…

  3. They celebrated child molestation….and everyone framed it as a beautiful thing…

  4. Thats why the ruling is without contest

  5. This liberal is virtue signaling. Benefits don't cover a mental disorder.

  6. Pay for it yourself. This liberal democrats have lost it.

  7. This lunatic will spread this nonsense in his classes. File a complaint.

  8. Why don't you report on low income families who can't afford medical care for the sick kids in the house. Instead you push this liberal propaganda.

  9. I expect more from Kcra. Rich white privilege professor can afford this. But that Hispanic woman in South sac cant get cancer treatment

  10. Good news! Self-mutilation should in no way be a covered "Procedure." No more than assisted suicide!
    I'll not pay for a sick hobby!

  11. FREAK!!

  12. No matter how much you WANT it to be, she is NOT "just like anyone else's daughter". Stop comparing your freak show with my normal family you insane sumbitch.

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