Problems With Socialized Medicine & Government Healthcare

we have serious problems with health care what a lot of people think is well you there's some problems with it let's try nationalized health care nevermind that in Canada people actually come to the United States and pay extra so they can get the care they want if you look at certain studies in Canada sometimes you have two 872 I think a hundred and twenty days for certain operations there are people who actually die while they're waiting to see the doctor that's not made up look at the studies we are used to immediate service creative service exactly the way we want it and now we're going to entrust perhaps the most important thing except for our spiritual life we're going to entrust our health care not to a doctor that we know but to a bureaucrat and to bureaucracy the service that were used to the creative innovative service that has transformed our lives is not being applied to health care but it should be being applied in health care the bureaucracies haven't invented iPhones they haven't invented BlackBerry's they have an invented Facebook or social networking or anything that were accustomed to they slow things down and they're miserable every time we go to a bureaucracy like oh I can't wait to get out of that place it takes forever right not because the people working there are bad because that's how bureaucracies work imagine if you had to go to the DMV to get your health care it would be an utter disaster they make decisions based on cost-benefit you're not gonna have the relationship with your doctor who knows you and understand your family life and understands the decisions that you need to make and all of that all of the different you know all the different factors that would change a decision no you are now in a bureaucracy take a number and this is how we do it the other thing about the big government plans means it's exciting it's appealing we are gonna solve America's problems but 2010 you know no we're not but I'll tell you something else it costs money if we ask the government to do everything for us it means that we take our money we give it to the government it gets wrestled through a bureaucracy and then given back to us in the way they see fit instead of us making our own decisions but one of the problems with socialism and there are many is it doesn't actually trust the individuals and the families to make decisions for themselves it thinks that we are children but if we act like children then they're right and so listen here's the fact if we want to be an adolescent society we will be a so ultimately some some level of social Society right until we realize that's miserable we better grow up and become adults but then we have to unwind all these bureaucracies and that doesn't that doesn't take two days we are so accustomed to living in entrepreneurial societies that we say okay I'm gonna try this out if it doesn't work I'll try something else this is not a one or two year solution okay let's give everything to the government nationalized health care see what happens if it doesn't work we'll change it absolutely not that is not reality Ronald Reagan said something to the effect that the closest thing we know to eternal life on this earth is a government bureaucracy and you know we'll see what happens I mean we get the government we deserve but let me tell you something 30 40 years from now when we're trying to unwind it you know maybe it takes two generations to learn a lesson you


  1. Just because USA is too stupid to implement it well, doesn't mean it is bad. Europe's healthcare system is superior over what ever the USA did in past or in present.


  3. Google how long Canadians live, how long Americans live, Look how long people in the UK live.Google how much they pay per person, look up child mortality rates. YOU dummies are paying through the neck for lies.

  4. "HealthCare" as people like to call it is something that most "sick" people don't want. It's not because they don't know any better but they simply don't like the "treatments". Careful, everyone assumes that healthcare practitioners are the greatest thing but let's not be naive… Healthcare can only do so much and it is a lie to pretend that they have everything figured out.

  5. This is so funny. I really hope people can be smart enough to fact check some of this stuff.

  6. These are some awful camera angles tbh

  7. Wanna get rid of the Medical Tyranny? – No problem at all! – EVERYBODY WILL POSSESS HIS/HER HEALTH CARE, ONCE THEY START DOING MY DISCOVERY, THAT WILL KEEP US PERFECTLY HEALTHY ALL THE TIME AND BY THAT MAKE US IMMORTAL – I GOT THE KEY TO IMMORTALITY! – IMMUNE TO ANY DISEASES! – I AM IMMORTAL, FOR I CANNOT GET SICK OF ANY ILLNESSES – Human Biological Immortality already is a fact, guaranteed by the greatest discovery in human history, spanning for millions of years – I can make everybody Immortal in less than a month – We humans can stop aging, ailing and dying (by wiping out all diseases) and live forever (like our Creators from the planet of Nibiru – The Anunnaki) – I got the key to our Biological Immortality – By staying absolutely healthy all the time – By doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day) – My WVCD – The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction, that cures and prevents any diseases, known on Earth for millions of years, even radiation disease (concerning astronauts' lives on space missions) – I will describe my WVCD to everyone, who sends me a check for one million bucks – Everybody will stay absolutely healthy all the time, living their Endless Lives, for Infinite Health = Immortality and Salvation of the Human Race.

  8. Goddam this is so dumb. Sure there are problems with socialized health care. But howbout people in poverty who cant afford healthcare. Socialized health care may be their only means of survival. NO issues can be solved by thinking of one political perspective. Using one perspective especially when it mean classic left vs right thinking is the only thing thats childish here.

  9. What a fool!

  10. Who is this fascist prick? He sounds like a mouthpiece for the big corporations who control healthcare in the USA. He talks utter bullshit and sounds like he has no knowledge whatsoever of the alternatives. I've lived under both systems and this asshole is simply lying through his teeth.

  11. Socialized medicine is disguised as a humanitarian movement. Don't be fooled!

  12. How do you get past the rich vs. poor argument? The liberal idiots always say that the poor people cannot afford healthcare and that is why it should socialized.

  13. This is a filthy fucking lie! It's why US healthcare is a joke to the rest of the civilized world. Don't believe his bullshit propaganda.

  14. America no longer values Freedom. It is very sad! God forbid we get Communism in this country. It will be the beginning of worldwide suffering and nowhere to turn for safety and comfort. God bless this country and hope people see the light before it is too late.

  15. I hate the canadian health care,
    No Doctors and nobody want to treat you !
    European health care is the best !

  16. Plus. Sweden is so small compared to the United States in terms of population. If Bill Gates was the only rich man living in Sweeden, His tax dollars can cover your healthcare…. for as long as Bill Gates exists. GET IT?

  17. You live in Sweden. Where your guaranteed to get no waiting time for poor quality care. It might not be poor to you but once you dump the data, the evidence is clear. We in America know this. You see? There is a double edge sword.

  18. I live in Sweden and our health care is nationalized. It works very well. There are virtually no waiting times to see the doctor and you can choose any doctor that you want to see. ALL decisions on treatment are made by the doctor, not the government. No waiting for insurance representatives who are not even trained in medicine to tell us if we can have a procedure or not. I have NEVER had to wait more than a week for a diagnostic test, and that was non life threatening. This is lies!

  19. consumers with pre-existing conditions didn't have a choice under the old system.

    why are you guys always talking about what a great country you have but you seem to hate the poor who make up the majority of your work force and citizenry?

  20. I never said that's the why most people are ill, those are your own words. My point emphasizes moral hazard.

    Look at Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security right now; the government has bankrupted all of these programs and you think a more socialized healthcare program will work? "Your system isn't better" isn't an argument for why socialism works.

    “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”

  21. most people are ill not because they didn't take care of them self but because that's mother nature …you have an exident and lose a part of youzr body like a hand or your borne having quite a bad permanent illnes and no your system dosn't work better than our system

  22. But why should someone who takes care of themselves have to pay more for someone who doesn't take care of themselves and who doesn't save their money? There's great moral hazard in socialized healthcare.

    Listen to Ron Paul speak about his time as a doctor back when the United States had a free market healthcare system and you'll see how free markets beat socialist programs every time.

  23. Michael Miller, you sir, are an idiot.

  24. Die waiting for healthcare? In Canada? The studies are out there. Really? Post them please Action Institute.

  25. universal health care means that you carry the weight your able to carry ..most ill people can't carry anything they need our help … and thats were greed takes place … i live in germany and i pay more than i use in this system right now …because i'm healthy but i know 4 sure that in case of a emergency even if i'm broke i will get treatments that i need … i love to pay more … i don't wanna be ill at all and i don't wanna save money for the day i need it the most because of cancer

  26. out of his ass. i live here and i doubt even 1% of the population buys private healthcare. maybe hes talking about the dentist? lol

  27. Theirs no innovation is socialized healthcare. Duh.

  28. A lot of Canadians complain about healthcare. 30% of Canadians buy private insurance even though they get it "free".

  29. To be fair, I don't think the comment mentions making nuclear weapons. Maintaining and keeping wepaons and the infrastucture and technologies associated with it all require government spending..

  30. this guy is stupid he completely misunderstands the propositions given by people concerning national healthcare.For one the problems he outlines with so called government runned healthcare is everything wrong with corporate runned healthcare.Which is the problem now in the us, it is not efficient public service.Let the public decide on what they want and they want a so called socialized medical program cus it is definitely better than corporatized medicine

  31. This video is absolutely wrong. I am a US citizen living in Germany now for school, and the healthcare here is not perfect but really really good, especially compare to the US. I lived 5 years of my adult life in the US without healthcare because the business I worked for would not provide it because it is so expensive and even when I did get on a moderate (still expensive) healthcare plan in the US it was terrible and covered near nothing. This guy gives no facts just propaganda hype.

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