Probiotic Supplements, Dr Oz Discussion, Healthy Gut Bacteria

let me tell you about something that I've been trying to talk about in the show for a while but it's my pet bee of interest probiotics you know what you know much about them no not a thing all right so folks who have irritable bowel who are tuning in today people who have chronic fatigue syndromes people have a lot of these inflammatory conditions like vaginosis and the like one of the things that we think might be happening in you if your immune system is generally depleted is that the bacteria in your intestinal system aren't growing normally and when we're born and we go through the vaginal of our mothers or do we breastfeed we actually pick up bacteria from there and that colonizes our intestines mmm and those good bacteria grow in there and eventually they're about ten times more bacteria living in our gut than cells in our body that allows us to absorb all these great nutrients that we need isn't the body something aren't you still fascinated daily the reason I went into medicine Oprah is because I knew I'd never learn at all really that's the number one reason I went into it real quickly the issue with the bacteria in your gut is if you're taking antibiotics yeah if the bacteria are growing correctly in your intestinal system then you get the wrong bacteria which overwhelm the good bacteria and that's what it looks like this image shows that those little coral reef looking structures are the lining of your intestine those big railroad cars those those fears there's tubes that those are actually the bacteria the good bacteria the lactobacilli so historically we would eat yogurt and kefir and all these ferment kids right right those are a great source of probiotics so and if you don't want to take in that form they're little pills you can take that have probiotics in them and then you want to take prebiotics these are foods that actually nourish your intestinal system they're most mostly made of fiber even when you say take yogurt you mint you real yogurt not the low fat whatever that way yogurt with live culture in yes but my and and and so if you eat those kinds of foods you'll naturally replenish the bacteria at your intestinal system but you also want to give you yourself the intestines your body the right kind of food to nourish those bacteria so onions and garlic a hundred percent whole grain breads these provide fiber which the bank you

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