Private Health Insurance for All (Rey Solano)

hi I'm ray Solano I'm gonna talk to you about the disastrous plan at AOC wants which is called Medicare for all I believe it should be doing the real plan the plan that I would support would be private health insurance for all Medicare takes care of about 70 million people throughout the United States the cost is about $10,000 a year per Medicare recipient the Medicare recipient pays about $1,500 a year towards that through their Social Security check and the remaining taxpayers who are working pay a Medicare tax and that subsidizes Medicare what most people don't know is that Medicare is administered by private health insurance companies United States government can't handle the volume of transactions for 70 million beneficiaries who use the health care senior citizens and disabled people use health care the most in our country and it makes sense frankly that's why the government created Medicare because private health insurance companies wouldn't insure them because they're it's just too costly to insure them so the government had to make a plan for senior citizens and disabled which it's been the successful plan in terms of taking care of our elderly for many many years and unfortunately if we do Medicare for all it won't be continue to be successful it'll be devastated because Medicare for all will devastate it because your private health insurance companies out of business the private health insurance companies administer Medicare as I said before all aspects of it's a medical coverage hospital coverage ancillary coverage as an example I live in New York so in New York let's use Queens County as an example in Queens County where a OC is a congressional member there's several private health insurance companies that administer Medicare there's an insurance company administers ambulance care for Queens residents there's an insurance company that administers Medicare form hospital benefits in Queens she probably isn't even aware of that I want to also talk to you about another type of insurance called Medicaid Medicaid aids the poor the way Medicaid is funded it's funded by the United States government paying 50% of the total Medicaid cost each state pays 25% and each municipality that the Medicaid recipient lives and pays another 25% so that's your second type of insurance you the government created Medicare and they created Medicaid but the private market created private health insurance which is why I believe it should be private health insurance for all so here's what I'd like to say private health insurance for all would work like this anyone in the United States can buy private health insurance from any health insurance company throughout the United States there will be no borders no barriers on where a private health insurance can sell a private health insurance plan the private health insurance company will have to provide the minimum coverage of medical and mental health benefits minimum coverage of hospital benefits and they would have to allow writers for people to buy vision dental pharmaceutical coverage and ancillary services such as medical equipment supplies now here's the kicker I would allow two additional things and this is how we can get universality keep quality of care and quality care and our tremendous benefits in medical technology as long as we keep it private here's what'll happen the private health insurance companies will allow what's called an any willing provider writer which means that if you have insurance and you live in California and you go on vacation let's say you're on vacations in Minnesota so you go to Minnesota go on vacation you get sick and you're going to see a doctor that doctor will be able to take your insurance that's an any willing provider so any doctor can take your insurance plan that works nice right so wherever you go on vacation even if you go to Puerto Rico Puerto Rico's Paul the United States so if you go to Puerto Rico and there's a doctor there and you need to see a doctor you're on the beach you cut your photo in the shell you go to see a podiatrist podiatrists gonna take care of you you have let's plan that comes out of California he could take their insurance that's called an any willing provider provision and I would make that as mandatory now here's the other thing I would do I would tell the government to put its money where its mouth this people who pay for their own private health insurance when well get the private health insurance cost back when they file their taxes they get a tax credit for exactly what they paid for private health insurance so that would be my plan my plan would be private health insurance for all

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