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there's two types of pre-workout in the world Matt and mine good morning everyone good morning Philadelphia today is Thursday February 8th and it's 10:02 a.m. Matt and I are on our way to the gym we're gonna get swole gonna pump some iron gonna get huge the process but eventually all right yeah I haven't worked out since Friday and it's Thursday so that's been six days and I am going insane like I'm actually going crazy so I'm doing Kelsey Walters power workout and I didn't do her chest and tries on Monday or her back and abs on Wednesday so dings both today and then tomorrow is back and shoulders so we are going to the gym to lift and then today is just a bunch to do's and not really Aaron's just like to do that home but tonight we do have dinner with our friend Callie which will be nice so I'll catch you guys at the gym putting up that camera just now it was like hurting cuz my I'm so sorry BCAAs I honestly don't know what exactly BCA's do with our protein for your mother branch chain amino acids they are proteins their protein it just helps muscle recovery and like muscle growth so like when you lift pretty heavy it's just good to take them afterwards I don't know if that's what it's supposed to do but whenever I take them versus when I don't I can tell a difference of how sore I am versus house or I'm not we're going to get lunch with our friend Gracie and your dad Diamond Dave that's at 12:30 it's 11:30 now and it will take backwards a week you can drive for longer and just kill some time a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down yeah let's rhythm stride I'll show you guys stride in the space and everything and I've posted it on Instagram but now show you what what is that Mary Poppins on is it a spoonful of sugar is it a spoon all right so this is Phoenixville and this is our shopping complex called West Side apartment and shopping and we're over here in this end cap this building right here is stride all right so this is it nice big building drive up a little bit this end cap this is all US four thousand square feet of pure beauty no it's okay yeah it's beautiful it's so big and then next what we have California tortilla is my god I can't even lift up my arm oh right there then pet value and then we have a nail salon then there's an open cap I'm hoping for like a brunch place to go in there and then that big round at the end is a brewery all right so this is stride starting soon the lighting in here is very poor created yes anyway orders the auto Coast and I got a Greenville oh my gosh it's just large avocados his that was too much I got a green bowl when I get Chuey I got chilly in some salad the salad the healthy choice of the day I got Southern Fried Chicken and a donut I'm pretty skeptical because the Southern Fried Chicken baking with a vagina is the same price as a Southern Fried Chicken Victor don't and we're in the north southern fried based on like that on your Instagram handle what is it DVD daily doing blogs new blogs come check me out I'm what you doing you know I documented of you get ready so are there five i document my diabetes journey and now i lower my blood sugar like taking spin classes with Tori and her gang look at that not explained to me it's okay let me get down to eye level in comparison okay let's go hair salad for Gracie up it was for me and crazy crainville for me max donut and fried chicken and green beans cuz you gotta get some veggies in the air and Max and go right back home yeah and a Jewish chili and a loaf of bread to go with it can't forget the corn breakfast dig in everybody in the bathroom there's some I'll show you guys when I'm done letting me feel weird hair up look at it too flaky like dandruff leaky but it just looks like fluffy it's like a cloud little ya wear a hat sometimes I hate so check it out why are you looking over here nothing to see here yet I'm straight ahead perfect trying to avoid the tinkle on everything else always wash your hands it's really cold out here might not look cool when it's breaking free yeah I like the court a lot but uh I guess who you are I like the coat a lot but like when it's cold I want to say come on Tory my lunch was really really good we went to as I say where we want we're at funding farmers bounty farmers I got Southern Fried Chicken we're in the north no big deal though I got Southern Fried Chicken and I don't with it and it came with it came with green beans and mac and cheese and it was full of and there was two sauces there was like a spicy sesame garlic sauce and then there was also like this white sauce that I wasn't sure I tasted it and I wasn't really sure what it was but I could dig it a glazed donut with it so I don't know it was good it was delicious and the chicken like it looked like there was bones in it but there was no bones in any of it there's like one drum bone it was ridiculous but it was so good I mine was my bowl was really good there was peanut butter at the bottom of it which is sounds like it'd be really weird but it was really really good well talk to you later folk huh this has been a Tory Stirling vlog that's opening a package from maxi it actually plays music I don't know I haven't seen it whoa whoa what do you think there's like mute makeup in the boom box no no take it out and let's open it if it's just make about me it's just makeup I thought it was a real stereo that mean so could we go walk we could have been walking around with it like on her shoulders thanks Mack I wish it was a next time sent a real one yeah so the guy casts on the no play away that there's on our way over we have a lot of merge to be shipping out today and more merch actually just arrived at my mom's house and it was so good math going to get that I'll show you guys what it is um it's not gonna go on sale yeah I've to talk to Jess and see well we're gonna put it up for sale but um I will show you guys what they are and I'm really excited about it okay I need a v-neck large fact I need another v-neck large last one it is sold out v-neck large rolled up and then Meghan my class she got a unisex long-sleeve in small Oh Matt and I are also gonna go get hanging things so we can put them like in these closets and have the birthday like on hanging like racks you do not I mean that looks I feel like fold up and like oh yeah hey come on you need oh you're good do you need help okay we're up here yeah bring it up here yeah please yeah let's open them right now it was outside okay up here you have a morning you have a sticky note on your shoe Matt yeah it came off yeah merge merge merge merge merge yeah yeah unveiling oh my god I love do you like that's beautiful my god wait I love and how are the mind strengthen the body feel the soul and our symbol oh my god I breathing see my fingerprints cuz it's cold you have that do on it this let's take professional pictures when we're done in front of the backdrop Matt look at it oh yeah Tyler mine training the body fuel the soul aren't those awesome they're really nice I like the white well we'll have to decide when we're gonna put these on sale I really like the white let me call Jess and see and then we can announce it in the vlog when they'll be on sale maybe Sunday night so yeah like watch the video link it yeah I love these Sarah take one love love love love let's look at Sarah's folding look at how Sarah folds it's so beautiful how'd you do it so beautifully the water bottles that I have showed you guys are going on sale Sunday at 4 p.m. which should be today if this video goes up on Sunday today at 4 p.m. these water bottles are going live 4 p.m. Eastern Time so check the link down below if you guys want to get one of these water bottles they're super super cute I am about to go wash mine and start using mine but they're literally so cute that's going to conclude the vlog for today we just got back from dinner our friend Kelly's house it was delicious everybody so delicious um but it's really cold outside which is why my coat is like still on and this it's so freaking cold and wind chill to windchill the 20 degrees isn't that cold it's a windchill bites at the bone so it brings it to be so cold but that's all hope you guys enjoy this vlog if you do be sure to give it a thumbs up and the water bottles are on sale so be sure to go check them out by them I use mine tonight they work great so cute so yeah I hope you guys all enjoyed this and I'll talk to you guys Oh what is what you're buying yeah you got to get them not my style personally but all you ladies out there in your life they need to drink some more water do this cuz it'll encourage you to do it nice quote on their water fuels the soul mind and the body so you got to get it


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  29. are u dating or not.

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