Principal at SEND school discusses state of pupil well-being provision ahead of election

So the two big things around special needs, in a nutshell, are: health not doing their bit around the accountability of the EHCPs. The other thing is the government need to reconsider the way that they allocate and distribute their responsibilities and bring them back centrally, so that they understand where the shortfalls are and be able to address those. Importantly for us as a school is how the funding elements come together so that they make sense and that they actually pay for the resource and provision that we need to have in order to take care of these children. We’ve got three children here out of 400 who have life-limiting conditions. They require a healthcare expert to look after them and make sure that they are breathing okay, that they’re swallowing okay, and that they are safe. They’re in our school but we don’t get the support of that healthcare, and it really is a postcode lottery for children with special needs across the country. It depends on where they live, it depends on so many different factors and that’s not fair.

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