Primary Prevention For Rheumatic Fever And Heart Disease

for rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease which is a disease of the heart and of the joints if you are having arthritis and if you are having any symptoms related to heart like breathlessness palpitations or swelling of the feet or face then you must get yourself checked automatic heart disease by echocardiography if on equal you are having rheumatic fever automatic heart disease then you must not use the age old drugs immediately start with as it were my sin and even if you had a sore throat which is the beginning of rheumatic heart disease a sore throat is the Pirkle of entry for this bacteria which causes rheumatic fever rheumatic heart disease you must start with as it from ISIL 500 mg 1 ody for 5 days and then one tablet once a week for one year only if you are having arthritis suspected to be rheumatic or when in doubt take a secure phone AK 200 mg 1 BD for 5 days to diagnose somatic fever rheumatic heart disease you only need to see if the patient is having carditis or heart failure any symptom of heart failure pericarditis or remove the ankle CHF if any of these features are present if there are moments in the heart along with this probably it is automatic heart disease if there is treating arthritis knee joint arthritis or ankle or elbow then the patient could be hiding o matic arthritis so you must treat with adit from ISIL and 1 or D 5 mg for 5 days and then one tablet once a week and you must read with particular fan at 200 mg 1 bt for 5 days and also these patients must have an echocardiogram feel done definitive diagnosis for genetic heart disease is an echo Doppler study so echo doctor study is a must for diagnosis and all we need is destroyed arthritis correctives and echocardiography to prove that you have got traumatic periodic heart disease nothing to worry you can treat it completely with our it through mice

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