Primary health care throughout our life

primary health care meets the majority of people's health needs during their life it welcomes a child into this world providing services like vaccines that protect us and our communities against infectious diseases primary health care supports us through childhood adolescence and adulthood with services to keep us healthy like guidance on good nutrition and physical activity habits it keeps a close eye on risk factors runs diagnostic tests and can confirm a number of diagnoses right in your local community be it at a rural Midwife host family doctor practice City clinic with a group of doctors a social worker in a community center or a pharmacist on the corner of your streets primary health care also treats and manages a number of conditions through regular follow-up care prescription medications and further prevention including chronic conditions such as hypertension diabetes and asthma in addition to mental health and urgent care needs primary health care provides services for people of all ages to take charge of their health and confidently manage their needs in partnership with their regular health providers family members and caregivers it meets the majority of our health needs during our life and even accompanies us into old age adding life to years and years to life primary health care needs our support just as it supports us


  1. Oops! 😬 Nurse clinics seem to have been omitted in the video! Along with pharmacists, doctors and midwife colleagues, they also deliver first line health care in the community for better outcomes every single day.

  2. I am so happy about this refocus on Primary Health Care ( PHC). I teach the primary health care course on the MPH and undergraduate programmes in the College of Health Sciences at the University of
    However it seems that health workers nurses and doctors do not think that PHC works, yet PHC
    worked in Zimbabwe post independence and through it the country managed to reduce inequalities
    in terms of access to health care services. We have documented proof that our basic indicators
    changed positively such as a reduction in Infant and maternal mortality.
    Unfortunately, our health care delivery system has reverted back to the curative model. The poor status of the economy has created new inequalities and so the environment is becoming increasingly
    inadequate to to respond to the basic needs and principles of equity . I do have trust that the new
    government will fulfill its promise on providing health care especially to the poor communities.
    I do hope this focus will be carried to fruition.
    My name is Julita Maradzika (PhD Public Health: MEd Health education /promotion )

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