Primal or Paleo Diet and Cycling

Hi, everybody, it’s Dave coming to you from
a sunny, but slightly chilly, Scottsdale, Arizona. Can’t complain, it’s January. It’s probably 45 F when I was riding my bike this morning but it’s gonna get up to probably 75 today. So, I can not complain at all when it is
snowing like mad back in Boston, where my little brother is going to school. So, I had my first longer bike ride of the
season today. I’ll post the link to the training plan that I’ve been doing It’s hybrid of P90x and Insanity and Tony Horton’s 1 on 1, mixing with a little
bit of cycling here and there. So, just hitting my recovery week, my first recovery week, it starts tomorrow, yeah tomorrow and so I took a day off extra yesterday and took it out for a little bit longer ride today just to kinda see how I felt. The hardest thing today was really trying
to keep my heart rate down. Like I said, I’ve been doing shorter, higher intensity rides and workouts, you know things like Insanity/Cardio
where it’s you know 40 minutes of really, really intense cardio, where your heart rate is really going up and that was really intentional on my part
trying to gain a real burst, if you will, some explosive power. And I did that, so let me give you the ride numbers here. 2 hours and 4 minutes, average heart rate
of 151, max heart rate of 181. Burned 1626 calories and went just 33 miles right on the rails. So, it’s not a really long ride for me, but
it’s longer than anything I’ve done all year. Again, I’ve been doing just shorter just higher intensity hill repeats, that type of stuff so, I was really interested to see how my
body was gonna respond. One reason I was really interested is because Monica and I have been really adhering for the last couple of weeks here well, that’s 3 weeks now, to the Primal Blueprint. So, you know, Google Primal Blueprint and
Mark Sisson. If you want more information on that, but it’s basically a no-grain, low-carb, higher fat diet. And the idea is to teach your body to burn
fat instead of sugar. And I know when I get into big time endurance training, like when last year when I did the Half Ironman I was really gulping down tons of sugars. You know, simple carbs, processed sugars, shoplocks,
goos you know, all kinds of real high processed sugars and I just felt like crap. Today, I take it out again, you know, twice as long
as I’ve been out for months and felt really, really strong. Felt like I could’ve gone a lot further. Monica has gotta run, she’s training for the Paris Marathon right now. And that’s the only reason I really shut it
down, it’s because I needed to get home so she could go out and run before it gets too hot. But other than that, I felt super, super strong
today, so I’ve had a lot of people tell me that you know, you just can’t do the Primal Blueprint or Paleo type of diet and expect your body to push harder and go
longer, because you’re just not giving it enough carbs. I just don’t believe that’s true. I know for me, the when I eat a higher fat diet and control my carbs by just eating fruits
and vegetables I don’t have any, you know, limit on the amount of fruits and vegetables I eat. I’m gonna go eat a couple of apples and probably
a banana right now to recover from this ride. I just feel stronger and feel I can go
for longer, so you know, give that try, it’s really worked for me and I feel better than ever and I think you might find success with it. So, keep training hard, we’ll catch up soon.


  1. Your body does need carbs that is why you are craving apples and bananas.

  2. @cbalgobin I always eat apples and/or bananas after a hard workout, particularly one that lasts 2 hours. What I don't do is flood my body with simple sugars from processed garbage like shot blocks and GU. I also don't waste my carbs on empty foods like bread. I can't tell you how many people honestly believe they need to have upwards of 400g of carbs a day to do any sort of endurance training.

  3. Go Paleo/Primal!

  4. @avatargrl91 Tony was vegan for quite a long time. He's mostly vegetarian now. You definitely do have to find what works for you.

  5. I'm on the gristle diet

  6. Based on results, how's that working for you bro?

  7. so you still riding?

  8. LE me clarify are you still cycling and on your paleo diet?

  9. I've found great handbook on WooPep page. Good solutions for everyone I think.

  10. PSA: Clif Bar Shot Blocks are 100% USDA organic.

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