PRIMAL at Fitness Playground

It’s a class that is designed around
movement and mobility training for bulletproofing joints, stabilizing and
mobilizing the spine, the hip girdle and the shoulder girdle.
These are movements that we had as children and we see it in vertebrate
animals and so a lot of the movements mimic animal movement to return that
same level of flexibility and movement to an adult body. I used to play like this and adults don’t play very much and it’s a really important part of our life to be healthy, is to be able to play. The
benefits of it are more stability so if you can’t get low enough in a squat and
you start practicing mobility movements like in primal flow you’ll be able to
get lowering squat so better strength greater muscle activation you’ll be able
to deadlift heavier. If you’re an athlete doing strength training
you’ll be able to overhead press better because your shoulder mobility will be
better and then for the day to day you’ll be able to do unusual movements
with your spine safely. You’ll be astounded at what you can achieve.

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