Preventive Medicine

hey Justin Viera another episode of truth together right now I want to be talking a little bit about preventative medicine I'm kind of gearing the truth together topics more towards preventative medicine rather than just a bunch of different topics although all kinds of topics are going to be getting discussed I find that preventative medicine right now is something very important not only for me to talk about but for others to get in on too since we have all these different types of things out there with awarenesses of this and awareness of that they're not really talking enough about preventative medicine awareness so I want to start and be a part of that fabric of awareness and make some good things happen in this world so first and pretty basic is something about how the matrix is a lot like with eating and healthy and being and healthy and all of that I call it more of a matrix type thing where we're kind of plugged into certain things like people being plugged in on the constant waiting in fast-food lines for example or waiting for their coffee for example so we're all in these lines we're all in these hospitals we're all in these different ways of thinking we're all glued to the couch and we're all watching too much television while the television brainwashes us this type is the type of matrix now I'm going to be giving a lot of different examples of this matrix one not right now a bunch of examples but as I go different videos one example I'm going to give right now from the notes that I had I wanted to do a quick video on was that of how it relates to kind of when you go into say a a warehouse or a place that doesn't have food where one moment you weren't really really hungry but you go into this place and have a vending machine that's just waiting for you with its delicious beverage or as cheap chips and cheap drink and cheap and nutritious food you weren't hungry before but now you're gonna cough up a little bit of money for a treat well this matrix has built in all kinds of things like this all over it that Rob your money and tell you things that help to cause you to have disease and this disease is taking the way your freedoms one freedom at a time when you're too lazy and sick and motivated to do anything you are dependent on a lot of these hospitals and a lot of their pills and a lot of the things they would give you a lot of their advice too now I'm not saying that all of them are bad some of them are quite very necessary but when it's the bulk of what you do on a day to day or a week to week for your health it's not gonna spell your overall freedom in the long term now health and all that stuff isn't gonna guarantee you freedom either you can get hit by a car you can become crippled or whatever like that that's gonna give you a higher likely chance of getting true freedom and living a rewarding happy life that we all would want of ourselves and even our loved ones so a part of this awareness is right now just be conscious of wherever you go all the little things are trying to sell you and feed you and plant into your mind on a day-to-day you can't even go into a store really quick or into a warehouse or into some place you know where the vending machines are they're everywhere you can't even travel down the road without them being at a rest area now if you if you didn't bring your own food yeah it's good snack really quick it seems like but bringing your own food is better having your own food on you relying on yourself to feed you that goes a much longer way instead of this matrix we live in that most of us are plugged into fall for every single time have a great day none of the stuff is either good or bad mostly it's the dose that's going to get you so if you're always if you survive on vending machines or you survive on fast-food lines or your only advice and knowledge you have is what the doctor tells you you're probably gonna want to start seeing the world differently and going after better things for yourself get the knowledge put in the time care and a lot will come your way take care okay so that was not one of my best

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