Prevention of Chronic Disease In Older Adults

paty we both we know that there's been a lot of research activity that shows that link between physical activity and the prevention of chronic disease or at least the the amelioration of disease as well can you tell us a little bit about that and especially about some of the research you've been doing with cancer patients and survivors and the benefits of physical activity it the the research is so phenomenal and it's wonderful for people to find out the news about this because a lot of different diseases were dealing with now such as type 2 diabetes are now earth rightous heart disease and stroke osteoporosis they go on and on right so like there's so many of them and we call them lifestyle diseases because unfortunately we acquire a lot of those because of the choices we've made in our life 20 30 40 years ago and that sort of is the bad news part that we've acquired them not because of genetics but because of how we chose to you know what we ended up eating for whatever reason whether we were active or not active stress in our life all those things that we do have some control over hopefully so that's the bad news but the good news is because their lifestyle diseases we can actually do something we can do something about it ourselves and we don't have to take a pill we can look at how can I change my lifestyle so that I can either prevent getting some of these diseases or if I do happen to have type 2 diabetes I can better manage it so I can live healthier and longer with those diseases so that is critical and physical activity is huge in that prevention and/or management of chronic diseases and it's all those current disease is even the cancer work as you mentioned we did some great work with the University of Waterloo the they have a well fit center there and they have a specific program for cancer patients where they come in and they exercise and it is an exercise program it's not activity it's a structured exercise program with qualified staff working with them and from the research we gather and in speaking with the people there through their program the benefits for cancer patients are quite significant because when you're in treatment generally speaking you're feeling too tired and so you do rest a lot more you tend to lose strength you tend to lose the ability to to your capacity to function well all day because you are tired and your quality of life really decreases and the people who go into the program when they start exercising not only do they get the physical benefits of increasing their strength they have more energy they recover from their treatment faster they feel better the other huge piece is the mental side of it because I haven't experienced cancer I know many people that have and all of a sudden you have no control of your life you've got this cancer now you gotta deal with treatment and you have no control over that but when you're doing something for you and it's good for you and you feel good and you have control over that that time it really is beneficial so the benefits are huge for those people who have cancer are currently in treatment and the research has shown that people who are physically active can potentially reduce the risk of getting cancer again which is huge and also living longer cancer survivors can live longer and so we also did some work to promote this information to cancer survivors so an older battle who's gone through treatment and is now a survivor even if they've never been active before they can start to be active now because they will reap those same benefits they'll get more energy they'll be stronger they'll feel better all the same things they will reap the same benefits so it really is significant the physical activity component is phenomenal and it's okay to exercise when you're in treatment as long as you are aware of what you're doing you and someone is watching you for certain strong exercises but if you're just walking around the block that's different

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