Preventing Insect & Fungal Damage on Cucumbers, Squash & Zucchini: Types of Sprays, Journal, Routine

welcome to the rest of garden homestead today's video is all about preventing disease and insect damage with your squash zucchini cucumbers melons this is really a second video I will link the first video that showed you how I planted the squash zucchini cucumbers everything that you see here these has been growing for about four weeks and it's really time to start prevention you don't want to wait till you see the diseases you don't want to wait till you see the insect damage you want to start early and the first thing I recommend is keep a journal if you're just getting started or if this is you know guarding something you've been doing for a while and you know diseases come you know pests come if you don't have a journal start now write down the date write down what's going on if you're using your camera take a couple of pictures and try and start managing the diseases and the insects about two weeks before they arrive in your area and it's gonna vary for everybody so we're going to cover neem oil which I felt my seed shop which is right there product called BT which you can use in a spray bottle like that you'd want to use a smaller spray bottle like this if you have a smaller garden you don't need larger containers if you have a larger garden you want to set them up you want to set up your sprays in larger containers this way you don't have to keep refilling them so BT and neem oil are really used for chewing insects they're organic ready to be organic I still wouldn't recommend spraying everything and then eating it right away so if you're spraying any kind of chemical harvest what you want you know for the next couple of days from your garden and then put down your sprays and then we're also going to use peppermint oil you can use rosemary oil I sell neem oil and the peppermint oils at my seed shop that is to mask the sense of your plants and I'll talk about that in a second and then I'm going to use serenade which is my antifungal you can use whatever one you want the whole key with an antifungal is to spray on a routine don't miss dosages and that means you could pick every seven days you can pick every 10 days you can pick every 14 days it's good to vary again depending on your zone I'm gonna try to do most of my sprays every seven days so she I'm going to really try and stay ahead of all the problems so let's start with how the insects find your plants a lot of insects look for colors your pollinators look for the bright colored flowers they come to your plants they pollinate a lot of damaging insects can smell your plant so for instance here is my squash and again I'll link that video that showed you how I planted them I forgot in the back I had two squash growing and I forgot to thin down to one after about a week so I cut them out I really didn't want to remove them but I had to cuz it and you can see that white moth that lays the eggs that hatch into the green cabbage looper that will chew holes in your cabbages and in your kale so the insects are here I really don't want to remove them but I did and once you cut and you can see the cut right there your plants if you're harvesting them you're twisting off the squash you're removing some damaged leaves you're breaking the plant the pheromones the odor gets into the air and the insects can find your plants that's how they you know find their food basically and this is true for squash zucchini cucumbers most of your plants not every insect does this so what do you want to do you want to use the peppermint oil in your garden you can put it on your plant leaves you can put it on the woodchips you can put it around the plants to mask the sense of your squash cucumbers zucchini all those plants and that is a way to help repel insects I'm coming to your garden it also works well I found that peppermint oil works well on the undersides of the leaves to irritate and repel spider mites they're hard to kill off but I found that the peppermint oil really does work for that I will link a video and I will put it in the description that talks more in detail about how to set up the rosemary oil the peppermint oils and what they're used for but I basically use one teaspoon of the peppermint oil rosemary in a gallon of water add in some soap shake it up you want the oil to be able to disperse through there so that when you spray you're good to go the serenade is just set up as it says on the instructions so where would I start it really doesn't matter you just don't want to mix chemicals together and anytime you're starting new sprays test sprayer you know this works so what I'm gonna do is I would start with the antifungal and I get powdery mildew all the time all my squashes zucchinis cucumbers and stuff so that's the top covered you also want to get in on the underside spray the undersides of the leaves and that's going to put down your antifungal that will help prevent the fungi the fungus is from coming and establishing on your plants so you don't want to wait to you see powdery mildew on here I know that I get it so I'm gonna start spraying now I'll do this about every seven days you also want to spray early in the morning before the good insects come out or later in the evening and then you would let this dry so let's just say I went through the garden I sprayed all the squash zucchini came over here hit the watermelons the cucumbers cover them with the antifungal wait about an hour to let them dry the next thing that I'd want to do is go ahead and get let's come over here shake it up when you're using the peppermint oil it's hard to do with one hand you want to shake it up vigorously mix the oil through the soap will help disperse it it's good to settle again the oil is going to come back up here so once you do that start spraying all around your plants if you know that you've used it before you can spray the plants for cucumbers with the peppermint oil I like to get on the underside that's where spider mites like to hang out I can already smell it and it's a strong set of pepper a strong scent of peppermint oil that's good to fill your garden it's going to make it hard for those insects to find what's growing in your garden and they may bypass it so you're always trying to reduce it's not gonna keep them away a hundred percent but it can reduce them down coming over to here where I know that I cut the extra zucchini out of there and I decided to take one the plant looked huge over here but I have one two three zucchini growing in there if I had another plant they're gonna compete they're gonna struggle easy for diseases to get in I'm gonna spray right where the cut is spraying here and that will help mask the scent of the damaged plant damaged leaves damaged stems okay so we let that dry you know wait about another hour you don't have to do these all on the same day and then here's the neem oil this is just set up in a spray bottle this is something I sell actually the oil and the spray bottle set up at my seed shop and you can see it's a high-volume mr sprayer all you're trying to do is disperse the neem oil on the stem on the leaves and if the chewing insect comes it's gonna chew that it's gonna ingest it and it's gonna die off in a couple of days you don't have to buy neem oil certainly for me but it's a hundred percent cold-pressed with the as directed I'll link some videos that explains that that's the component the compound that kills the chewing insects when you buy with all these tiny little bees when you buy neem oil often it the different stores it's a hydrophobic extract of neem all the good stuff has been pulled out so look for it if it says hydrophobic extract of neem don't buy that the other product you can buy is BT and it's a bacillus thuringiensis I think is how you say it always kills me and it controls worms and caterpillars on fruits vegetables ornamentals these are both organic shake it up and you would do the same thing you would come over to the plant spray the tops look how finally mist Brahe the undersides you don't need both you can just pick one whatever is available to you and that covers your plant with the bt again the insects chew on that they eat it and they die off and a whole key to using these things is to start before the problems really come spray on the schedule I'm gonna do every 7 days but you can pick every 7 to 14 days spray them in the morning or in the evening don't mix them all into the same container in some cases you can but I recommend keeping all your stuff separate and then spray just how I showed you continue to do this through the season it will keep your plants a lot healthier and again I'm gonna link the video that showed you how I set up the planting hole for these they're doing really well this is about four weeks of growth from the transplant hope you enjoyed the video that gives you some ideas of how you can protect your squash cucumbers zucchini melons from pests and disease and please check out my seed shop at the rusted garden calm and don't forget to keep a journal thanks for watching


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    Jess from Roots and Refuge sent me ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
    New sub ๐Ÿ™Œ

  2. From a video of yours in 2012 "How to Treat Tomato Leaf Diseases" you recommended Sulfur (Bonide Garden Fungicide). Have you changed your recommendation on this product which you applied to your tomatoes?

  3. Hi Gary, i was curious that since BT and seranade are both live bacteria if you have done any experiments in combining them?

  4. For 3 years squash vine borers have killed my squash plants, I've tried 7 dust, wrapping stems with hosiery, wrapping stems with foil, and of course changing planting location but all failed. Any suggestions??? P.S. Love your channel, already subscribed!

  5. Gary, do I need BT and neam oil?

  6. I started using Serenade and it works great for powdery mildew and black spot. I may finally be able to grow roses now.

  7. I have a nice clump of mint growing, can I crush those leaves up and let sit in liquid to make a concentrate, strain and dilute then spray it? I also have orange mint to.

  8. How do you stop someone from stealing your tomatoes?

  9. Had to pull my Crookneck squash. Leaves had a mottled intravenous yellowing pattern – no signs of insects and stem looked fine. Tried adding more magnesium and nitrogen to no avail. When I pulled up the plant the buried portion of the stem was covered in ants and the roots were covered with strange small blueish nodules. Very odd.

  10. Gary a tip I can give you to help stave off powdery mildew is to mix up 1/2 gallon of water to 1/4 cup buttermilk and spray your squash plants top and under the leaves with it before the plants bloom. I tried this method this year and it worked.

  11. thanks for all the info you put out there

  12. This will be my first year to use the peppermint and rosemary. Grateful to have another 2 weapons that happen to smell great! Considering injecting my squash stems with BT also. Has anybody done that?

  13. Gary, I have some Neem oil from last year that I ordered from your shop. Is it still good?

  14. Are you going to be using hydrogen peroxide this year?

  15. Got any tips for aphids?

  16. I just sent in an order of neem oil from you .I trust your expertise…

  17. Thanks for the video. I first noticed the powdery mildew on a cucumber leaf last week and didnโ€™t know what it was. Iโ€™ve grown cucumbers before, but at my old place a few miles down the road, and never had this problem.


  19. Great great video Gary. I have one question though. If the peppermint spray is used to keep the pest away, will it not do the same thing to the pollinators that we need in the garden? Thanks,

  20. Perfect, just what I was looking for.

  21. Gary great episode on how to reduce fungal and insect damage.
    Now that you are in a new garden what is different from your old garden as far as insects, mold and other pressures.

  22. Have you opted for Seronade for powdery mildew vs baking soda now? Better results? I'm doing your hydrogen peroxide formula this year. I had pretty good results with the asperin/baking soda on my plants last year. Lasted well in to August here in the deep south.

  23. I get lots of leaf miners. Do you get those? They really destroy my cucumbers every year.

  24. I know what you mean I am trying to do the same thing I just started having problems with squash bugs eggs on my plants so I sprayed Bt I have only had to treat my plants once so fare I go out every morning and check my plants

  25. Does the copper fungicide work for powdery mildew on squash plants?

  26. Sir, I was so happy eating yellow croocknecks and was wondering what I would do with so many…I then saw and ignored aphids and white flies. Well apparently they brought mosaic virus and I had to pull and discard my 8 squash plants from that area. I wanna cry now. I thought squash bugs were the only thing to worry about…now I know for next year.

  27. GARY, I need some HELP BAD! My beans have been turning light green to yellow for some time, also they have brown/yellow spots on some of the leaves and some wilt and fall off, they kinda look like they've just rotted and fall off? Also some of my bean stems have brown vertical lines or marks on them, almost like they've been scratched or something? Other plants look great but yellow? I literally have bean plants that have green leaves and yellow leaves and some that are ALL YELLOW? I didnt want to but I used the water soluble miracle gro all purpose fertilizer on only half of a row because of the higher nitrogen ratio, and that actually helped some but not like I wanted so I figured it was better than nothing and went ahead and used it on the rest and it did absolutely nothing as far as I can see so about a wk later or so I used Epsom salt and water and that did about the same, but now the edges of my watermelon plants are yellow and some spots are brown on the edges and look dried and cracked? I havent needed to water much because of the rain but I think the clay soil is kind of tricky when it comes to watering, anyway not only that but a section of my sweet corn is alot smaller than the rest and yellow with purple stalks??? ALONG WITH MY CUCUMBER PLANTS GOING LIGHT GREEN OVERNIGHT! Now the cucumbers just started to show white spots on 2 leaves out of 10 plants, but their leaf edges have turned white??????? I am totally overwhelmed by all of this! Idk if I have a bug problem, a nutrient problem, I did spray copper fungicide tonight because the same looking crap on my beans looks like what might be on my watermelon and canteloupe leaves, it's on the very first and oldest canteloupe leaves and watermelon leaves as well as other places ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿฅด Step right up! Anyone?!

  28. Gary, Been watching your channel for some time now and really enjoy it. So do the folks down at Greenstalk in Knoxville. I stopped by last week and bought two 5-tier vertical gardens. Mentioned your name and how I found them to Cody, She was pleased…………of course.

    As I said, I really enjoy the gardening info you produce and try to follow some of the procedures and recommendations. My problem is, it is extremely hard to refer back to a certain video and a certain spot in that video. So my question is, do you have this information somewhere in a book form that can be purchase so I can just go to an index, look for the situation I am trying to address and then go to a page and read the solution or practice? The video format makes this almost impossible unless I am taking note while watching each one. Of course, that is not fail safe. Thanks. JimE

  29. Thank you!

  30. Hey Gary here in Michigan weโ€™ve had a lot of rain. How can we stick to a schedule of spraying when the rain washes off what weโ€™re trying to protect? Thank you for your suggestions.

  31. Once you mix the neem oil, water and soap, how long does the mixture remain effective? Is there a shelf life for BT spray, Serenade/H2O?

  32. look into spinosad it is a top notch bt by the name of monterrey and captain Jacks a lot better than the older bt

  33. What about bees? I am thinking about the peppermint, but, does it deters pollinators?

  34. Why do you say don't use hydrophobic extra of neem…..please give me an answer…and thank you!

  35. Also, I like neem, its effective. But I can't stand the smell of neem. Have you ever used Azamax(its a product of concentrated azadiracthin)?

  36. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Bacillus subtilis are excellent products. Use both with my plants. Recently began using Botanigard ES(Beauveria bassiana) and its wonderful against bean/flea beetles.

  37. Gary, my Zucchini is growing in different ways. 1st plant grew strong with thick dark green leaves but it wilted during the day. But the 2nd plant has much more leaves, but they are only about half as strong as the 1st plant. And the leaves are light green and thin. But it has much more flowers with it. Is there anything i did wrong?

  38. Will the peppermint oil keep birds out of your strawberry beds?

  39. Wow, helpful info!! Squash bugs are the worse. I will try this. I have hope now.๐Ÿ˜Š

  40. Great video. I use milk for fungus. 50/50 with water. Whole milk is best. I have used it for years.

  41. Hi Gary! Always enjoy your excellent videos. I have made up sprays that combine Neem oil with BT. I haven't seemed to have any ill effects from it. Is there any reason I shouldn't mix my potions to let one spray do double duty? Thank you!

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