Preventing Disease, Promoting Health, Improving Quality of Life

Elizabeth Majestic:
The School of Public Health at Indiana University is very unique. The faculty are caring. They
don’t just care about whether you do well in the classes; they care about you as a person. Jordan Bramwell
Now I feel more connected to the school of Public Health on IU’s campus but also to all
the schools of public health in the nation. I feel like I’m a part of a bigger team that’s
going about the health problem in America. Susan Simmons
It’s really exciting to be a part of the school at this time in its history. We really have
a strong history of excellence and I see us maintaining that into the future, and actually
expanding on it a number of ways. Rhett Kleinschmidt
The School of Public Health, more so than a med school or a law school or a business
school, is something that impacts every person on the planet nearly every day. Dean Mohammad Torabi
I really think what brings us together is first of all, rich history. Second of all,
is our mission that is really committed for the disease prevention, health promotion and
enhancement of quality of life. Curtis Simic VO
Founded as the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation in 1946, for many
decades the school has been at the forefront of innovative approaches to health, community
engagement, and quality of life. Dean Torabi
Our school was established under the visionary leadership of Chancellor Wells … We became
a premier school of health, physical education and recreation. The school, as we describe
it to our students, faculty, alumni, it has been going through an evolution in process
for seven decades. As a matter of fact, when it was called School of Health, Physical Education,
Recreation, it was when we used to have a Department of Recreation, Department of Physical
Education, Department for Health and Safety. Each of those departments, they have changed.
They have progressed. They have gone through the evolution process. Curtis Simic VO
Today, that evolution has led to an important milestone: the official renaming and process
for accreditation of the School of Public Health at Indiana University, Bloomington
— a change that gestures to the institution’s heralded past while also promising to carry
on that proud tradition of excellence William Knox
I think it’s a tremendous opportunity for the school. The name change will provide an
opportunity for people to truly understand what the programming is about throughout the
school. With HPER being an acronym, you would have to spell out all the different departments
and areas that were encompassed in that.  School of Public Health, really, speaks for itself.
 It truly defines what the school is about, our goals, our mission, and kind of what drives
us to kind of continue what we’re doing. Mick Renneisen
We were very lucky to have the great faculty that we had I think all of us are connected
to those folks. I think they would tell you if they were doing this interview that they
are very proud of the school’s heritage, but they know that moving forward, this is the
right thing to do. This is a step that had to be taken to be relevant in the 21st century. John Seffrin
It means a great deal to me and a lot of other people that it’s now the IU School of Public
Health. I think first and foremost, it allows the great State of Indiana and the great University,
the Indiana University, to join other great institutions like the University of Michigan,
University of Illinois, in having a full-fledged School of Public Health.
Secondly, I think it more accurately reflects the true core mission of the school. All of
the academic and professional programs in the school have to do, at their base, with
health promotion and human development. Dean Kleinschmidt
I think it means a couple things, and one is that it shows an advancement of the school,
the program, of Indiana University.  But the other thing is it doesn’t make any difference
at all.  It doesn’t matter what the name is.  It doesn’t matter what the logo is.
 It doesn’t matter what the colors are.  It’s still Indiana University.  I have my degree
from there.  And that’s what I’m most proud of. Curtis Simic VO
The name change also has important practical implications, opening a wide range of opportunities
for teaching, research, and public outreach … Elizabeth Majestic
By becoming a school of public health, the University is going to be able to offer a
diversity of new degree programs that heretofore they would not have been able to offer. They’re
going to be able to extend the kind of work that they’re doing in the community to actually
improve the health of the public, and they are also going to be able to expand their
research portfolio in a way they couldn’t even dream of. John Seffrin
I think it charts the future for the school. Bottom line is, we need outstanding schools
of public health like the Indiana University’s School of Public Health if we are to become
the healthiest nation in the world, which we certainly are not now … The school will
maintain its long-standing commitment to excellence. In fact, being a School of Public Health will
allow it to be more competitive for grants, and so I would anticipate that that level
of excellence will even go higher. Dean Torabi
Change is part of growth, part of development and part of the future. The speed of change
is phenomenal … Our faculty, our alums, our students and the President of the University,
the Provost, the leadership of this University, they have decided to make an historical change. President Michael McRobbie
As we reimagine Indiana University in the 21st Century, the school of Public Health
Bloomington, bolstered by Epidemiology and other highly effected tools of Public Health
and by its outstanding faculty, students, and staff,
will help lead the way in cultivating a healthier citizenry in Indiana and across the nation. Lauren Robel
Indiana University Bloomington is ideally situated to assemble such powerful research
team, and to support them, with unmatched technology, to reduce the awful toll exacted
by pressing public health problems. The school of public health will catalyze new collaborations
that marshal the campuses strengths for the good of citizens across Indiana and across
the globe. Curtis Simic VO
Although the school has only recently officially become a School of Public Health, it has long
been a leader in the field, due largely to the school’s unique scope and depth. John Seffrin
Indiana University School of Public Health has many strengths. Too many to count on one
hand, for sure. But, I think the three greatest strengths are the quality of its faculty,
and the relevance and importance of its mission, and the opportunity it has to make a difference,
to have a real impact. Dick Enberg
The experience of a campus where the professors seem more than just someone that stood in
front of the class and offered you their lecture and their experience, they became really,
maybe it was because of graduate experience, but they became close. I think it’s partly
the Midwest that people look each other in the eye, they seem to care about you. If you’re
in trouble, they’re there to help. If you’re having a good experience, they’re there to
celebrate with you. Rhett Kleinschmidt
It was like a comfort zone.  You know, everything that I loved outside of school, whether whether
it be sports or, you know, in recreation or just anything you know, outdoors living and
things that I enjoyed outside of school, I could come into the School of Public Health
and learn about those things and just kind of be a part of other people who shared the
same interests. Jordan Bramwell
While being here I’ve had many excellent teachers. All of my professors have been my favorite
professors. The best thing about them is that they’re all genuinely interested what they’re
teaching, they want to meet with you after class, they want to take extra time to explain
things, they want to meet with you and talk about your career goals and help you in any
way they can. Heidi Knoblock
I think it’s unique in the sense that the IU School of Public Health encompasses kinesiology
and recreation and tourism and traditional public health as you would think about it.
So, it’s unique that it encompasses all of these things which really makes for more of
a comprehensive view of what public health is. I think that is something that a lot of
schools don’t offer and we can really utilize that to transform how people think about public
health and to really start tackling public health issues in a more comprehensive way. Curtis Simic VO
The IU School of Public Health-Bloomington is also unique in having a robust and dynamic
undergraduate program … Susan Simmons
Us having a large undergraduate population really expands opportunities for our students
to explore various areas of public health and to look at public health more holistically.
Rather than just looking at things like clean air or clean water, or health behaviors, we’re
also looking at things like fitness, wellness, recreational spaces, and how those impact
public health. We also have students in sport marketing and management, and sport communication
that look at the sport aspect of how sports enjoyment either from the participant standpoint
or from the spectator standpoint really increases the quality of our life. Dean Torabi
These undergraduates, if they decide to go to work market, they can make a difference
in terms of a public health of our communities. But also, these students are the future graduate
students for our programs, and these students are the ones who would be better prepared
to pursue Master’s and doctorate degrees than students who don’t have any public health
background. Curtis Simic VO
The world today is faced with a growing number of serious health issues, including obesity,
diabetes, and the scourge of HIV/AIDS, to name only a few. The IU School of Public Health-Bloomington
is now better equipped than ever to address these challenges. Elizabeth Majestic
One word: technology. Indiana University School of Public Health can really work hard on the
issue of public health informatics, medical informatics, why that’s important is because
those kinds of strategies improve public health decision-making. John Seffrin
We know from the work of the United Nations and the World Health Organization that non-communicable
diseases will be the number one health, disease, and disability threat to the world and to
the United States in this new century. Interestingly, and uniquely, the Indiana University School
of Public Health has programs to deal with all of those, heart disease, cancer, lung
disease and diabetes. Curtis Simic VO
The School of Public Health-Bloomington is also well-positioned to train and produce
students to become leaders in the field … Mick Renneisen
The School of Public Health is beginning to work on how it can be a partner and prepare
the future alums of the school to be participants in the health care challenges that we face
as a country. I hope that this message reaches people who have not thought about Parks and
Recreation as a profession, and the light bulb goes off over their head and they go,
“I never thought about that. Maybe I’ll pursue a degree from the School of Public
Health and Parks and Recreation” because that’s a part of the big picture of public
health. Heidi Knoblock
I had no background in public health before I came. I was focused entirely on nutrition.
So, I had more of the technical nutritional aspects, but the School of Public Health really
gave me the skills to develop programs, implement programs to work with stakeholders from a
variety of aspects, especially those that are not traditionally associated with public
health, such as schools and these major corporations. Susan Simmons
Job opportunities in the area of public health and health and wellness are really expanding
as individuals become more and more interested in leading healthy lifestyles. That means
there are lots of job opportunities available for our students. Our students can work in
a variety of different settings, everything from fitness centers to community centers,
hospitals, clinics, school systems, parks and recreation settings, government agencies. Curtis Simic VO
Drawing on its rich past while embarking on a new era of excellence in teaching, research,
and outreach, The IU School of Public Health-Bloomington is proud to be able to make a difference in
people’s lives … Dean Torabi
Our message is very simple. We treasure the past. We are proud of our past. But we have
decided to embrace the future with a broader mission. With our broader mission, our preventive
disease, promoting health, and improving quality of life for our citizens. That also contributes
to economical development on health care cost containment. Jordan Bramwell
I think that both physical and mental health are essential and I feel blessed to know that
I’m going to take this education and use it every day for my individual relational and
career life. The students that have graduated from the IU School of Public Health are going
to be out in their careers, very successful and helping to increase overall health in
adults and children in America. John Seffrin
Indiana University School of Public Health is worth investing in because of the fact
that it can have such a tremendous impact in shaping the future of this nation, making
sure this nation is not only the healthiest nation, but competitive economically. Dean Kleinschmidt
I wouldn’t trade my years at Indiana University for all the gold in California. If I had it
to do over again, I would be right back at HPER. I would be right back at the School
of Public Health at Indiana University. Elizabeth Majestic
I had a wonderful experience studying at Indiana University. It is the most beautiful campus
in the world, and has so many different resources that you can access… A willing faculty,
and exciting student body, I mean, how can you go wrong? It’s a fabulous place.

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