Pretend Play Healthy Food Shopping with UCAN Kids !!! Learn about Healthy Food!!!

hi guys enjoy this video subscribe this this is the magazine with healthy uh healthy food well it's hard to explain but you know what we can do a challenge we can compare the healthy food to unhealth so that you can understand what's healthy what for it's not okay that Oh you know what I can actually help you with that so what is more house fruits candy what is healthier what do you think of course they are okay let's go and pick some fruits which food you wanna grab okay so grab bananas what do you thing is healthier juice or soda juice or soda who do you think juice exactly when I wrap some juice let's go do we have some Jews here Oh juice you like this one is it oh it's mango and peach yeah we could go with this one it says organic it should be good that's a good choice wanna grab one what do you think is healthier fish in can hoard fresh fish hmm what do you think exactly let's go and grab some let's go whatever thing is healthier strawberry cake or strawberry a fresh fresh strawberry that's carbon let's go in to find some you see strawberries okay so let's grab something hi strawberries yes they are ah what is that broccoli better broccoli carrots are they healthy as well Bonni Bonni guarantee okay Oh hey check it out I'll grab some corn for us young boys are they healthy


  1. Повчально для діток😉

  2. Дуже цікаво🥰

  3. Thank you for sharing friend. We love eating 🍌 , 🍓 and 🌽.

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