President's Council on Physical Fitness (United States Government Film) 1960's

a push-up is a little thing but little things add up this is Eddie Lewis doing a simple pushup so simple that people wondered why his school encouraged him to do it until they took a close look at the anatomy of a push-up when Eddie pushes himself off the floor he puts pressure on his arm and shoulder muscles his whole body benefits his heart beats faster and stronger his face gets a little red that's because his circulation stepped up when Eddie relaxes his body goes back to normal with one important difference Eddie is just a little bit stronger a little bit healthier and a little happier than before a push-up is a little thing but it adds up to bigger things the way little words mount up to make important sentences for free booklet to help you evaluate the fitness program in your school write the President's Council on physical fitness Washington 25 DC


  1. A little happier ?

  2. Thank you, President Kennedy, for inspiring us as kids to engage in physical fitness and outdoor play to get stronger. We will never forget your inspiration and encouragement.

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