President Donald Trump Leaves NATO Early After Being Mocked By World Leaders | All In | MSNBC


  1. Quit bro go

  2. From UK and I think it was shameful and these NATO leaders should not be in they jobs plus it was bullying,unkind and princess Anne, Tory leader,plus our queen should of stepped in and not aloud this plus they should of been all more kinder plus respectful.nato leaders do not portray a good light and this NATO group of leaders put NATO at risk by they mocking,joking,laughing at USA presedent

  3. The truth is if you cannot be respectful when NATO saposed to bring all together and you mock USA leader than don,t expect him to come to your aide in war.

  4. Their not laughing at us their laughing at you!

  5. For someone like Trump who spends 90% of his time promoting himself, AND believes he is the most popular and respected man in the world, this little hot mic conversation must have been a real eyeopener. Or maybe not. Trump has never been one to acknowledge his own failures.

  6. No Donald the world is NOT laughing at Us
    The World is laughing at YOU!😂😂😂



  8. A real orange snowflake


  10. Can’t you pea brains talk about nothing else besides Donald Trump ? Give the man a break ! He’s done a lot better job than the Kenyan mouse 🐭 Obama! And look at the beautiful First Lady MELANIA isn’t she just beautiful ? And she’s a real Lady unlike Michael Obama! Trump has 2020 vision! This is MAGA country on a quit night you can hear a liberal sweat 😓! WWG1WGA even pelosi will vote for Trump! You liberals are meatheads! Dead from the neck up!

  11. Out of his depth. Get your water wings on Trump.

  12. The world is laughing at you! no the US

  13. no news here. We all know he is a clown ever since he was elected.

  14. The crack have appear, good job rusia
    North emperor has risen 👍

  15. The world is watching.Trump has done nothing but drag America 🇺🇸 through the mud. His swamp!! He will go down in history as the worst corrupt president ever!!

  16. Every time I hear President VonClownface say "The world is laughing at us," I keep hearing Margaret White in the 1976 Carrie movie taunting Carrie "They're all gonna laugh at you!" (I half expect thin-skinnedTrump to be standing there drenched in red throwing furniture with his mind around the room, the next time the UN or Nato laugh at him, & he snaps like Carrie.)

  17. You can eat until u need a
    Machine to drive you to food.?

  18. Treduao is bane of Canada.

  19. The hippo people
    Live all together somewhere

  20. Fake News. MSNBC is the definition of fake news.

  21. Try some avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers for obesity.

  22. laughing at you

  23. Justice has been done…this has got to crush the fat man.

  24. Hello.

    So whenever you hear D. Drumpf say America, he means himself. He refers to himself as america and america as himself..
    What a conceeded prik.

    Good luck.

  25. Trump is a thin-skinned coward who is sensitive to criticisms. Such an embarrassment to the US.

  26. Forget the Democrats…Trump can't even handle Trudeau making fun of him. That thin-skinned coward is a disgrace to the US.

  27. Did they make baby Trump cry😩

  28. This MSNBC soy boy is so cute. I just want to pinch his cheek, but he is so delicate that he might cry.

  29. Awww, poor little wanna be dictator. Sad because no one wants to play with him.

  30. he doesn`t understand you have to earn respect

  31. The world is laughing at the Orange pig and his racist followers 😂

  32. When Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre Elliot was Canadian Prime Minister in the 80's he was just as incredulous about Reagan as his son is now of Trump. In a conversation with Margret Thatcher at the G7, in refference to Reagan, Trudeau was heard saying, " Is this guy for real, he must think there are Communists hiding under his bed."

  33. The world is laughing at the US not because of Trump, but because of the Democrats, to be sure. That's what Trump means.

  34. Donald Trump is the president of the United States….to this day it still doesn’t sound real.

  35. Get ready for tariffs being placed on Canadian goods. Trump is fickle and his feelings have been hurt.

  36. You’re correct benedict donald. The world won’t be laughing at Us, they will be, and are laughing at YOU😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂🤣🤪😁😜!!!!

  37. It is halarious how such a great nation selects such idiotic right wing Presidents.

  38. Where is the mockery? He wasn't mocked, he didn't leave early either, but you guys are worst than vomit! You guys are Fake News! The truth is that Trump outsmarted ALL of you and Became your President!

  39. If you're president, they're laughing at you😂

  40. More crying from bsnbc come the first Wednesday of November 2020.

  41. Karma doubled down on him

  42. Corrupt network covering a corrupt president

  43. Mock him up 🤣

  44. It's hard not to laugh when you see a bright orange clown acting like he is the king in front of world leaders.

  45. Oh sorry, you got your feeling hurt Agent Orange the laughter continues.

  46. We are all laughing at Trump 😄😆😏South Africa 🌍🇿🇦

  47. Trump is a classic bully. He can mock women, mock the handicapped, mock Americans… but when the tables are turned, he runs home like the coward he is.

  48. The world now laughing at him and feeling sorry for the American people.

  49. There laughing only at you

  50. HA HA!

  51. This just provides further proof that many world leaders think the adolescent Trump is a joke who can't be trusted.

  52. "They won't be laughing at us if I'm President"…..yeah, sure thing, Donald!

  53. he took his toys and left cause they made fun of him?…this guy is a 12 year old spoiled little brat

  54. China running wolrd .
    Stopp china trump2020

  55. What Trump has failed to realise is that the world is not laughing at America the world is "Laughing at Trump" and the sooner he realise it and gets himself out of the kitchen the currently put himself in the sooner the world will stop laughing at him and breathe a sigh of relief.

  56. NATO it is redundant wasting of money

  57. The thing is, the Pig (Trump) is doing a bunch of things, taking on new inititatives, all designed to redeem his very poor performance and reputation in trying to twist votes, change the polls, in advance of Nov 2020. So, he ends up betraying the Kurds, so he can tell his base he "brought the troops home". He messes severely with the military justice system to get this guy Gallagher to campaign with him. And then he seizes on Macron's allegedly critical remark about NATO, the Pig saying it's really bad to insult NATO – – – and of course, the Pig has insulted NATO much worse since day 1. (Turns out that in context, Macron's remark was in fact not an insult to NATO.)
    So the Pig has this meeting scheduled with Trudeau, and immediately before the meeting he gives an unscheduled spontaneous 45 minute press conference, in which he obviously is oblivious to his meeting schedule, even though his aides try to signal him. He's doing one of those "basking in the limelight of the press" routines, and just doesn't care about keeping Trudeau waiting, given the opportunity to be in the press spotlight.
    So, consequently, Trudeau is late to the Queen's reception due to the Pig's keeping Trudeau waiting. Trudeau meets up with the other boys, "Jeez, Pierre, you're late, What's up?" Pierre rolls his eyes, "Ya know, Trump went on and on and made me late."

  58. These guys laughing at Trump – it’s so high schoolish- trump wants to leave early so he did the early media con kinda lengthy but he got what he want before he leaves – and then media is airing this “gossipmongers”

  59. The whole world is laughing at YOU

  60. Kim doesn’t Lie
    The Oxford English Dictionary defines a dotard as "a person whose mental faculties are impaired, specifically, a person whose intellect or understanding is impaired in old age".

  61. “Believe me, folks,” that’s usually drumpf talks when he is lying 🤥!!!

  62. trump has always been out of his league

  63. At Us???? Sounds like too many people!!! 😉

  64. remember in the movie Carrie where the mother says, They're all going to laugh at you!" Well the whole world is laughing at Trump– any questions?

  65. Nobody mocked at Mr Donald trump
    He is my president anyways and I love my president

  66. Definitely laughing now he a fake puppet president

  67. Sooooo…You’re not as POWERFUL & RESPECTED as you in your delusional thinking may think you are!!!

  68. No, Donny, we are not laughing at the USA in general , we are laughing at YOU and your followers..And btw, we never had reasons to laugh at other presidents, it's all about you….Greetings from Europe…

  69. But everyone has been mocking him since the beginning of his presidency 😞

  70. You look like you are 14. What's your secret breh? Sorry assumed a pronoun.. hope that works still..

  71. Haha or maybe the most powerful man on earth doesnt give a $#%@ about what a not most powerful group of men have to say lmfao

  72. " they won't be laughing at us when I'm president" Nooo were laughing at you Tramp your the King, the King of Clowns that is You Moron ! where's all the Trampanzees now their Messiah is showing All what an absolute dope he is ?

  73. the hole world lol at trump then his voters on the night sanders wins in 2020

  74. Okay you are finally getting your wish but the whole world knows that there is no evidence. While crying racism and sexism, you should be ashamed of abusing the first lady who is helping fight the opioid crisis and her 13 year old son. You should be ashamed of sewer rats Antifa going around beating girls, spitting on and sucker punching people. In exchange for your hatred of Trump you are happy to see the criminal DNC destroy America from the inside and re-assume the dummy role so the whole world can go back to outwitting you and leaving our economy in tatters. Only when the markets crash and China begins stomping all over you again will you wake up but will be too weak and pathetic to do anything about it.

  75. I like they way Donald always accuses other people of what he is or what he does…His world of knowing is locked in his own head……

  76. America the world is laughing at you. I am sorry to say that. I feel for you. I think you don't need enemy as long as you have this president.

  77. #whiteOnwhiteLaughter…👀

  78. United States of America is a laughing joke because of this animal

  79. He is the clown to laugh at but his politics are really scary like Hitler. They are so much a like. He has one true goal complete Trump control and to be next to Russia as a perfectly planned DICTATOR. Be afraid about that and Dump the Trump.

  80. First time Trump spoke the truth. Yes the whole world is laughing about him. He's just a nasty kid in a huge fat body.

  81. It's mind boggling how he became President of the United States in the first place, and him saying no one would laugh if he was President. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically at that.

  82. This is such a distorted narrarive I can't even

  83. And they should feel that way! I’m actually relieved to see political leaders responding appropriately to this ridiculous man. What an humiliating and dangerous time in history for America.

  84. We are still laughing America and Trump is the reason

  85. All my life I said I wanted to be a comedian and everyone would laugh. Well nobodies laughing now…

  86. The world is laughing not only at Trump but America as a whole, thanks all to trump. Trump turned my country into a morally and professionally corrupt country, filled with ignorant clowns.

  87. Love all the comments of how people are embarrassed by our President, one whose policies have led to a record breaking economic gains. Just a bunch of liberal losers with no money in the market

  88. The Trumps live in a world full of their own lies and insults directed at others. Then they are horrified at World leaders laughing at them and worried at a silly comment about their son Barron. Melanie and Donald have sadly created a World ahead of Barron that, because of the Trumps, will be “laughing” at Barron for decades to come. Barron can’t hide behind mommy’s skirt any longer. That’s what’s horrible for parents to do to their child.

  89. Mock him up!
    Mock him up!
    Mock him up!

  90. Now he, for the first time, says US, not my, but Us. No mr. President the world laughing at you (singular).

  91. "The world is laughing at us…. They won't be laughing if I'm president" – Donald Trump
    No one was laughing till you became president. They laugh at you and pitty our country cause of you.

  92. and republicans call democrats snowflakes.

  93. Ignore the comments left by antifa.

  94. Trump if thinking that he's playing with Eric and Avianca and Don Junior

  95. Hopefully he'll leave the election campaign early as well.

  96. "The whole world is laughing at us" No Doris, we're just laughing at you.

  97. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he thinks he can do whatever he wants

  98. The only world leaders who are laughing harder at Trump than Trudeau, Macron and Boris are Erdoğan, Kim Jong-un, and of course, of course… Putin. All roads lead to Putin.

  99. Trump calling someone two faced with his Gemini ways.

  100. Hi from the UK. The world loves America and its residents. Except for one, who is only fit to be mocked and hopefully jailed. Come back USA, we miss you!

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