Preparation of a whole chicken (French trim). Healthy eating from chef Lee.

hello and welcome for tuning in for this video we're gonna show you our French trim a fresh chicken okay economical save you some money protein Mitch why me and I will say two things got chicken over eggs I'm happy ok because it always make a nice meal when times are hard for those two beautiful ingredients okay so in front of me is a chicken which I bought from boovs was four pounds there are ones next to that bother eight pounds for nine pounds or 10 pounds organic so I can't really afford to spend that much on a chicken than most people with the you know all the rise of everything that's going up in fuel prices and prices increasing up all the time if you can afford it then buy it it's entirely your choice okay I'm going to show you how to prepare this one we can start in the fridge put in the freezer and I'll show you never videos how to compu chicken cut the breast you know except you okay alright so I've got two knives lose the fish knife and then I okay so firstly gonna pull out the wing I'm gonna pinch that skin there and on the bone change my knife one option down okay wings off so chicken around again pinch just go down up like that used to be quite a lot of these when I worked at the vineyard alright background again and then down here okay outside I'm outside okay down again and just put them back like that go under the oyster okay nice stuff I must have dozed off okay let's take the middle of it out the cavity just break that for the knife take it off use up for a nice stop okay okay front it off look ourselves chicken and they could roast that see not roasting living like that and serve okay beautiful okay so we'll go down the middle down the bowl all right so I've got fair so go that side it's gonna follow up on okay that's important to follow the bone okay you do meet prep I'm no expert on meat but just follow that bone okay you get your knife in there huh what about the wishbone as well but we're taking now okay okay okay peel that skin off we got ourself the breast all right okay with a side and get a little bit check you in your film on bit so again just follow that bone okay I'll turn it around so you can get some sauce you're down there I'm gonna just get once I get on that bone more I just fold the bone again and then take one action of an eye all right what that wishbone should just tear off yeah I've got the carcass for a nice stock you can roast out and do a brown chicken stock okay all right took laughs okay it's just tables Philadelphia on the choake take the foot off I don't need that 19 again just trimming off that fat and ourselves a nice beautiful breasts okay don't play same again and that's how in product okay so we've got a lexan thighs the carcass of breasts and it's okay and it's okay what I'll do now I'm gonna take when I've got these in half okay it should be run about their play beautiful straight in clip in half a dance with two separate meals towel underneath a wet it just is secured board so when you chopping I'll cut in whatever vegetable anything you bought sealed you're not wiggling around all the time okay get some structure on your board so you not so you've got shouting life it's dangerous you know I mean so there we go that is how you French to a chicken on a tray okay hot tray there let's take a container put me breaths in okay put a lid on plate you could freeze this down if you want wings okay huh so I could use a carcass again for a nice chicken stock roast them off I'm sure to make crispy chicken skin as well another video song pepper chicken skin to see if the stock I can the philips as well so we'll do that and then we go I'm gonna show you now in containers and pop them in the fridge or the freezer okay prep ahead think add and you'll be so much more organized and you will save money prepping chicken that way okay thank you very much French Jim a chicken I want to show you lots of different things with chicken confit no nation article keep without any dry except okay so thank you very much thanks for joining in brilliant lassen and we'll see the next lesson formally okay remember for mobile to mobile cookie from home to home okay thank you

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