Premature puberty increasing among Korean children

parents often say their kids grow up too fast but new research is showing that this may be the case in a much more literal and concerning sense our also young Faustus report on the surge of children experiencing early puberty the number of children experiencing premature puberty has surged in recent years triggering concerns for their health and later life a report published by the National Health Insurance Service on Monday show some 95,000 children experience premature puberty in 2017 a forty two point three percent jump from 2013 or an increase of nine point two percent on average annually half of the children were aged between five and nine premature puberty happens when girls aged under eight and boys aged under nine began physically developing into adults too soon various medical study suggests the earlier onset of puberty could lead to mental and behavioral disorders breast and ovarian cancer in girls and testicular cancer in boys and cos stunt growth although the number of boys experiencing early puberty has increased that a greater rate than girls figures show a whopping nine out of ten children with the condition are female the report cites increasing levels of pollution which can trigger the production of hormones which functions similarly to estrogen as the possible cause for the increase another major cause is a shift in food consumption to a more Western high-fat diets as fat cells are known to produce estrogen the earlier the girls come into contact with such chemicals the longer the exposure to the hormones which generally raises the risk of premature puberty family medical history and personal characteristics of course also come into play the symptoms such as breast growth the start of menstruation and the development of sweat glands are usually treated with hormone therapy to reduce the risk of premature puberty doctors recommend reducing the use of plastic products in everyday life as well as the consumption of fast foods was young Arirang news

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