Pregnant Family Moves into Bus to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

my name is Jimmy Boyett and this is onyx and my wife Amber and this is our School Bus we were living in an apartment in Narragansett Rhode Island just like a little beach town in Rhode Island I owned a little shop like a storefront it's all the jewelry that unique I'm like I couldn't take this anywhere he worked as a contractor painting and doing construction and stuff like that we went down to a Puerto Rico and did this pretty intense cleanse we did it for a lifestyle change you wanted to get healthier when I got back I found it really difficult to implement the changes being in the same environment that we were in before kind of prompted us let's just get out of here and go do something totally different you got back from the cleanse in June that following November we bought the bus right for like three or four months I was just working on it on the weekends and working full-time all week long and she was working like running the store several days a week to probably about another month and a half I worked on this thing like every day of the week job it was a full-time job ten-hour 12-hour days sometimes and I left my job I close my store the end of March – so really be wrapped everything up in our life and there Gansa by the beginning of April we were like okay this is a we gotta be ready to go for May this is a 2003 international tee 444 8800 when we bought it had just around a hundred thousand miles in our mileage ranges from eight to like almost 11 miles per gallon total we were just over ten grand in the whole build our solar system each one is 150 watts our battery bank size is what we have six batteries I'll show you those I've actually put these boxes in I have one on this side and one on the other side our batteries are 126 amp hours they're sealed deep-cycle batteries and so the other side is basically mirrored to that we wanted to be able to compensate for like overcast days we could probably go for four or five days on these batteries without sunlight it's all wired through here and it comes behind the kitchen cabinets and down underneath where we have storage under the bed but I have my charge controller here and my in two thousand watt inverter on this side extra storage for like tools and things like that and there so I have 40 gallon water tank we filter everything as it goes in and then we have a filter on the outside as well it's just a sheer flow with the accumulator and all that just hitting under there's some more storage as well for like oil and all that good stuff I built this table cooking area for jewelry shows we set up on here we just kept it simple we don't want to run gas or anything so just give me that well the other day he was supposed to be taking a nap and had a bottle of our cleaner it's just vinegar but vinegar water but he emptied the whole bottle in the bus while he was supposed to be napping so everything in the bus was including him was soaking wet and then smelling like vinegar our toilet vents out here it's not horrible because compost but you can smell it so it's one of those things that when you're doing a project because you learn as you're building or as you're like living in it you're gonna change we're gonna change these things welcome to my bus home come on in we have to like definitely strap things down in here when we travel not too much like we strap the fridge in place and then we'll strap like the drawers and cabinets yeah we wanted a little book space for onyx to be able to just grab his stuff and this was a perfect spot for it these are our little shoe cubbies over here like we each have one here we did build this little extra space for the baby so that way so that way he can come over here and look at his books and we don't have to worry about him falling down the stairs rather than put a gate up over here and take away on space Jimmy made this little hatch kind of thing we have our captain's seat over here on a swivel so that way we can utilize it when we're just hanging out in the bus we have a lot of natural wood in here he had a friend in Rhode Island that I ended up trading some jewelry for some wood we traded a lot of stuff for what we actually have in here people top over here Jimmy made it so that it flips up we have storage under that and we have the cabinets for storage under here too and we painted those with chalkboard paint so onyx could mark those up and have a good time with them these seats are on tracks we had to have seats that bolted down so that we could buckle in the car seat I opted for a full-size fridge because we like to make everything fresh this is where we sleep back here our queen-size bed and then onyx has a little loft back here he built it off of the bed I think he was trying to figure out how to build it off of the frame of the bus and then a friend came in it's like you can use the frame of the bed to build off of it so we ended up making it like a little bunk style and it's pretty cool and onyx wakes up in the morning he like rolls out of bed and gets in bed with us and I don't know it's kind of neat I was afraid at first he was in a crib when we moved in here so put him in bed without a rail kind of I was nervous but he does just fine in it and then we have the skylight Jimmy built like a little porch so we can go sit out on the deck up there so this is our bathroom we got the nature's head toilet it's awesome the only transition is being comfortable about using the restroom in front of you know every we don't have any privacy I mean we do have a curtain that we have on the nice thing about the bus is that it's all magnetic so we can use magnets to just put a curtain up quick so I mean we can block the bed off or the toilet off with the curtain which is nice and have a little bit of privacy but for the most part we just kind of leave it like this and I think it might make potty training easier for the baby to just cuz you know yeah the only thing that's been difficult for me I think maybe because I have a growing belly the small space and like when we're all in here like if I need to get over there and Jimmy's at the sink or something like that I can't sneak by I can't I gotta just wait and just you know be patient I would say that's probably the most difficult part is like to not just be able to go over there if I want to it's like I'm gonna gonna be patient and wait which is not a bad thing either patience is a good thing to practice so we got this utility sink and we got this so that way we could give Onix baths this perky water filter over here Ruben thinks it's a coffee or like you drink a lot of coffee huh no it's a water filter we've got a hot water heater like a two and a half gallon hot water heater that we use it runs off a solar we can't have that in the fridge both plugged in at the same time so we have to be selective as to what we're doing Jimmy just started building this we doesn't we don't even have a door on it yeah you needed some extra storage especially with another baby coming the storage is always a problem in a small space I feel like we just got these little nets somebody gave us these and those have been super helpful it's a constant evolution we're just really figuring it out every day what works and what doesn't work and just kind of adjusting so this is the garage back yard back deck this was key just to have for storage purposes and just for hanging out but it's awesome gonna be able to carry our bike because I have two mounts one on each side and then we strap our a big bike stroller and just we strap it down to the deck she had to have her anvil so we bolted that down I wanted to keep all these doors working which the nice thing about busses is you have you have towards you know like one on that side that actually was wheelchair lift in that door and that was really fun taking out a lot of our storage is like winter clothes or jewelry jewelry stuff sports equipment of like my own little climbing equipment been since we've been staying here like I made a little shower area it's just four inch WC and I just made a big oval shape with it and it holds about 12 and a half gallons of water it does heat up pretty good actually it gets pretty warm and it has a vent out when I'm filling it I can see it's full it just shoots water out which he loves I just kind of wake up it has a pretty good pressure or just gravity fed it's not powered by any electricity you don't be afraid to let things go we had a hard time don't put it in storage you know like let somebody appreciate it yeah we decided to not get a storage unit and like pay for a monthly storage unit just to save things that we don't really need we got rid of I would say like 2/3 of our stuff it feels so good once you let go of them and there's things that came up that could have stopped us from doing this for instance getting pregnant again there's always an excuse not to move just decided to stick with our plan and roll forward with it if you're thinking about doing something like this you have that desire in you don't smother it just do it humans are so adaptable anybody can adapt to live in the space like this or live with less you know what it's just making that change I think it's easier having somebody to do it with and then having a baby give us a whole new dynamic you do things with him that go to the playground a lot and it's kind of fun and we have to find fun things for him to do to entertain him it keeps us entertained forces you to live you a little more childlike and not be so serious you know like just go play like enjoy it go play outside I hope you enjoyed today's episode if you did be sure to like comment and subscribe a toy a bus project or silver tides and be sure to check out their jewelry and get some I just got this mad piece right here have a great day


  1. Actually, it's sad for me to watch this video. Just don't get the idea that why people like to deliver babies when they barely have not enough space for their two. I am wondering what will their two kids(hopefully there gonna be no more than this number if they decide to keep living in this car) consider their parent's decision when they grow bigger. Have fewer babies when you don't have enough materials to provide for them, and that's the easiest responsible decision you can make for your children.

  2. How do you have sex with your son sleeping right next to you

  3. Kinda cool but also kinda nuts. Especially for a pregnant woman. I'm just curious where the newborn is gonna go? Newborns need to nap like 5 times a day. How will that all work out? I personally don't think a bus is a safe place for a baby.

  4. Toilet between bed and kitchen, really?

  5. Just Beautiful!!๐ŸšŒ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. So they shower outside

  7. Do you need to have a postal address if you travel a lot?

  8. God bless these people. .. all though the home bus is awesome, the greatest and most prevalent, element, of this video….is love

  9. So Beautiful! Oi, Family, Blessings ๐Ÿ’ž

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  11. Get a Job you bum.

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  13. I was holding my breath when I say your son on your shoulders skateboarding without a little helmet on his cute head. Free spirit one thing, split head another. Canโ€™t control loss of control. Think about it. Why do they call them accidents? Because you never see them coming.

  14. It was cute up until the point they said they go to the toilet next to the bed in front of everyone, then I was like, oh hell no. That's going to get old really quickly.

  15. Don't like the toilet next to the bed ughhhh.

  16. Being pregnant is not fit for this bus

  17. Just go play outside. Love it!

  18. they'll need a bigger bus, double Decker maybe.

  19. Nice to see it how they do it! It's a beautiful schoolbus! ๐Ÿ‘we don 't have that in the Netherlands.

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  21. Damn Hippies ruined the neighborhood

  22. The bus looks great and very practical. I agree that they are a living changing thing. Especially as the family grows too. I could see a trailer box of some sort hooked to the back eventually. I love the jewellery. Awesome! ^j^

  23. beautiful life and family!

  24. Iโ€™ll just continue to live vicariously through these YouTube videos for the next 4 years. Iโ€™m never getting a lease on a car again. I found some amazing vans for crazy low prices and Iโ€™m stuck with my current car. A high top van is my rig of choice

  25. Dew drop diffuser….youngliving ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Admire this family.. its simple and they have a small business on their is about being contented and happy together ๐Ÿ™‚

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  28. Beautiful.

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  31. These people seem like lazy, dirty squatters.

  32. Everytime Dylans face pops up at the end of every video it just puts a smile on my face ๐Ÿ˜€ haha Keep creating this great content!

  33. I love this bus!!! So cozy and the couple seems very sweet. And, dad can build anythingโค๏ธ

  34. My best friend and I are looking to do a van/bus/etc conversion to live in for a good year at least, has anyone seen any videos of conversions set up to hold two separate people? twin bed/bunkbed situation? Any help is appreciated! xx

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