what's going on guys welcome back to another video today I'm going to be talking about the highly controversial topic of patient care first healthcare experience here we go yes I'm wearing a hat today I didn't feel like doing my hair if you guys are pretty active on Facebook and Instagram you know that there's been a lot of controversy and a lot of discussion about Casa and their guidelines for what counts as patient care for its health care I just want to clarify and give you guys my opinion and suggestions on how you should approach whether to consider your experience patient care or healthcare again this is my own personal opinion but I think it's a good solid foundation and base to go off of to see what category your experience falls under so before as you can see here caspo didn't include CNA under patient care experience they had an under healthcare experience and if you look now as they're updated patient care experience and guidelines and health care experience you can see that CNA is included under patient care experience so patient care experience is anytime in my opinion when you're providing some type of care or assisting in treatments or procedures for patients and to overall help their well-being and when you're directly in contact with patients you don't have to be the sole provider for a patient but as long as you're actively assisting in the treatment and care and you have that direct patient contact I consider that patient care experience health care experience is anything that I consider to be in a healthcare setting like in a clinic or a hospital but you're not doing anything directly patient care related so what I mean by that is you are probably doing administrative work or cleaning beds cleaning rooms changing rooms transporting medications things like that that aren't necessarily focused on the patient but you're still in a clinical setting so that does count as healthcare experience so as a physical therapy aide I was very hands-on with my experience and I was with patients probably 80 to 90% of the time but the other 10 to 15 20 % I was calling insurance companies I was booking appointments I was folding laundry cleaning beds and I considered that experience health care experience and my direct patient contact as patient care experience and when you put your experience in the cash flow you can list it as both patient care and health care as long as you split the hours accordingly so how do you know if your experience counts as patient care experience some questions you can ask yourself are are you directly assisting the patient are you doing hands-on procedures or treatments that's overall helping the patient's well-being again you don't have to be the sole provider you don't have to be the physician or physical therapist or the nurse practitioner in charge as long as you're actively assisting and providing hands-on patient care treatment I consider that patient care experience so Casper even states that their guidelines are just that guidelines it's something that they pile together from feedback from different PA programs and they use these guidelines just to help you distinguish between patient care and healthcare experience and two very important points I want to make are that first it's very dependent on your own personal experience MA according to caspo is listed ma being medical assistant is listed under healthcare experience but I know a lot of MAS that do very hands-on work assisting in procedures assisting in providing care and treatment for patients in a clinical setting that most if not all programs would consider patient care experience but like I mentioned it's all dependent on your own personal experiences and your own responsibilities and duty I know a lot of MAS that our front office mas that only do administrative work so I would consider that health care experience because there's not much treatment or care directly provided the patient back office ma is that assistant procedures and assist in providing treatment I consider that full patient care experience so again it's all dependent on your specific experiences and your clinic that you work out and how hands-on you really are with patient my second point that I want to make is it's also very program dependent and I'm going to show you on the screen what my program considers direct patient care so as you can see direct patient care should involve patient interaction with Bossier experiences that enable you to utilize skills or medical terminology in a clinical setting and as you can see EMT physical therapy a CNA medical assistant are just a few that are considered full patient care experiences some experiences that my program doesn't count towards patient care experiences are things like shadowing student interning home help aid CPR trainer vet tech clinical front desk which is basically administrative work just to name a few so I'm going to keep in mind is if you're an RN or a CNA most programs don't accept your student training hours as patient care hours because we're still training so let's take a look at Duke PA programs patient care requirements as you can see they don't accept student experiences shadowing clinical experience as a student EMT student nurse student athletic trainer or intern to count as patient care hours on the other hand let's take a look at Stony Brook PA program patient care requirement as you can see Stony Brook allows up to 500 patient care hours to be fulfilled with clinical training aka your rotations when you're pursuing your BSN degree or your training to become an EMT or your training to become a CNA those hours up to 500 will count towards Stony Brook's patient care requirements Stony Brook even allows up to 200 of those hours to be shadowing and a lot of programs don't allow shadowing to be mixed in with direct patient care because you're not as hands-on but as you can see and as my point to get across is it's all dependent on your own personal experience and it's very dependent on the program itself and what they consider patient care experience so just to recap and I've said this multiple times throughout this video it's all dependent on your own personal experience not all medical assistant positions are created equally some are much more patient care focused some are more administrative focused it's really dependent on your own experience and secondly it's very dependent on what your programs consider patient care experience so it's important to find out if your experiences count as patient care experience so either go to the school's website or email an admissions counselor and figure out what they considered patient care and if they'll accept your hours as patient care or healthcare experience so my general rule of thumb is if one school accepts your hours that's patient care listed under patient care in caspo and the schools that don't count it as patient care let them make the decision to consider those health care hours so you don't jeopardize your chances at a program that does see them as direct patient care hope this video was helpful I'm leaving for Nevada in ten days I am so excited I have about a month before my orientation start so we finally hit 3,000 subscribers on the channel and I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all the support for following me on my journey for allowing me to you know help you guys in your journey as well so thank you guys and I'm just so humbled I'm so blessed and even more excited to take you guys on my journey in PA school don't forget you can connect with me on Instagram feel free to DM me any questions you may have or comment below don't forget to be like my blood type be positive I'll see you guys in the next one peace


  1. Hey, quick question.

    I volunteer as a baby cuddler in the NICU. I cuddle with babies and help soothe them. Will that be considered patient care experience?

    Thank you.

  2. I did a cna program back in highschool while doing cna clincial experience but only for a month. I am currently a certified medical assistant taking vitals and going over their charts. Could both of those be enough for PA schools or should i pick up another side job doing something more hands on?

  3. Would being a PCA count as experience?

  4. Would volunteering at a hospital be considered patient care expirence. My duties include greeting and escorting patients to their destination rooms.

  5. Thank you. I am a medical assistant and I had full patient contact. I only recently learned that many MAs only had administrative experience and other experience.

  6. I am with patients all the time. I work at a nursing home in the activities department. We entertain with things like bingo, movies, ice cream socials, etc… I have to transport them to and from the events, assist them during the events. We help them get in and out of wheelchairs if needed. I also assist the patients that need help during lunch. I have to know their food allergies and eating requirements. We are required to have our CNA to do the job. We also take the patients on field trips. This job is not listed, do you think this would count?

  7. Is volunteer is Heath care experience. Is there’s a section in CASPA to put volunteering hours??

  8. Subscribed 👍,
    Thanks for the information very helpful. I got a question in a plasma center they offer training and would accept me to work but does that count as patient care experience? Thanks in advance.

  9. Everything was fantastic until I lerned that I needed those 1000 hours…. I wish I had known this a year ago lol… I literally learned about PA's today.

  10. Where do you think dental assisting lands on this list?

  11. I’m going to be a senior in high school this year and this summer I volunteered at a hospital in endoscopy making patient charts and beds in the PACU as well as bringing out patients to their car in a wheelchair. Does it matter that I was still in high school when I had some health care experience? Would they except the hours I made then?

  12. Anyone know if a Caregiver at an assisted living facility is considered healthcare or patient care experience? I recently got a job as one, and a co-worker there told me no, because it isn't considered a medical environment. The job descriptions are tolieting, bathing, dressing, transporting, medication reminders.

  13. Hey James! What age did you get into your PA program as and how long did it take you to finish your prereqs?

  14. I have no experience or degree. I want to be a PA. I am deciding if I should get a certificate before starting on my AA. Is that best to get my hours and work through my schooling? Should I get my AA first? My goal is to work in derm.

  15. Quick question what did you do for advanced science electives

  16. What school are currently going

  17. does interning count as experience? example: doing a physical therapist aide internship

  18. Hey quick question if you have the time. My major is communications disorder, a bachelors degree for speech pathology/audiology, but I am also considering PA school. I would already have to get patient care/health care experience with a speech pathologist in a hospital setting for my major, do you think those hours would also transfer over for PA school?

  19. did you get your hours while you were in university or after you graduated? btw, thank you for the helpful videos!!

  20. Peace be to you! I TRULY look forward to the day you are "James Kim PA-C" ! You exhibit so much PASSION for this AWESOME profession!

  21. Hi James!
    Do you know what personalized living assistant falls under?
    Thank you!

  22. I have a Child Life Volunteer experience and I'm so confused where this is categorized as. I basically interact with kids through activities such as games and arts&crafts and cuddles baby. They are the children who are often alone in the hospital without family being there a lot. I feel that this emotional-related support seemed very important for children's development and I'm leaning towards the patient care side because I was also thinking that psychologists/behavioral professions also work with patients too…?
    I emailed both CASPA and PA Program- waiting for them to get back. In the meantime–Need people's opinions haha.

  23. Great video! Thank you so much for all your tips, James 🙂

    I have two video requests:
    1) Taking pre-reqs @ community college vs @ university
    2) What we're your hardest pre-req classes (and maybe how you got an A in Organic Chemistry)

    I completely understand you being very busy with your rigorous classes in PA School, but I'll take any type of answer whether it is a video or a response. Thank you again for all your help & congratulations on PA school. Good luck 🙂

  24. Do you think phlebotomy is acceptable experience? Someone said they think it's probably viewed as low-tier since schools don't really mention it. If phleb is good, would it have to be in the hospital? Or would a donor bus or plasma center work just as well?Thanks for posting all the helpful videos!!

  25. Does working as a hairstylist for over 10 years count as patient care experience?
    I want to be a cosmetic surgeon lol. So I been taking care of people's beauty all my life. I just need to get in Med school. I am not too good academically, but I am great practically. I am also working on myself mentally to study ugh…😞 so depressing. I did hair and tutor math on the side. I am working on getting patient care hours too…ugh I am ready to chopped and sew people together. Also, I can sew clothing because I learned it from my mom and took fashion design in high school. I can cook and do anything even cleaning poop because I have kids. I hate dressing up to work, so scrubs will be perfect because I am too lazy to make myself look good. I don't like to comb my hair but I am always fresh n clean because I like to be natural. I am not fake bits. I mean some people are so fake. However, I must stay humble and do my job. I am not a nerd but I would love it if someone can help convert me to nerdism. I know nerd ism is not even a word. Hhahahahaha.

  26. Hi James, I've been watching all your videos these days. Thank you so much for posting all these helpful information publicly. One question here, do you think coordinator of clinical studies will count to patient care? They do have direct contact with patients, mostly inform them the rules and potential side effect about the clinical studies, but no direct hands on on patients. Thanks!

  27. This may be a dumb question…but I really need an answer lol. Is it possible to get patient care experience without having to get a certification/complete some sort of school? And what kind of position would be an example? Like a personal care assistant maybe??

  28. dam you go james, didnt know you became a youtube star lolol

  29. Ahh i am so so glad i found this channel you are SO helpful!!

  30. I was worried when CASPA moved CNA into the Healthcare Experience category because the reason why I got my CNA was because its usually considered "Patient Care". In my opinion, CNAs play a HUGE part in the healthcare team. We keep the residents clean which rids them of possible infections. We are the eyes and ears of the resident and witness changes or complaints of the resident and report them to the charge nurse.

  31. Hey James, your videos are very informative! I'm a pre-PA student doing my undergrad in Health Science here in NYC and will work as a PT aid as well soon. The PA schools that I am looking into applying to here in NYC don't require the GRE nor MCAT. Should I still take the GRE or MCAT even though the schools don't require them? Will the scores make my application look more appealing?

  32. Hi James! Your videos are great and extremely informative! I'm very interested in attending PA school, but was wondering what books/resources you think have the best information on the CASPA process and PA school in general?

    Thank you in advance!

  33. Hi James, love your videos! They're so helpful!! My husband is changing careers from Human Resources to PA. He is currently doing his pre-Req's for but not sure which direction to take for his hours. Would you say it's worth getting certified for something like CNA OR MA or do volunteer work? The programs he is looking at don't really specify what type of experience is preferred. We live in socal and he is looking at Western and CBU's program. I see a lot of people spend years getting their hours and volunteering and he doesn't really have that kind of time. So what would be the best way fast tracking his hours? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  34. CNA vs. Phlebotomist…which would you recommend for someone looking to get PCE hours after graduating with a BSB? Both take about a year or less to receive certification, so I'm wondering if one is "better" than the other? Thanks so much for your time and all the awesome advice you've shared!!

  35. Do you think my chances of getting in Pa school are more likely if I assure them in personal statement and in application that I'm currently in the process of gaining more PCE while in reality I have only 500 HCE and 100 PCE?

  36. Where did you get accepted for PA school?

  37. These videos are very helpful. I'm a college sophomore and it is nice to listen from someone who has applied to PA programs.

  38. Wait, that music break for Humble was hilarious! Lol I died 😂

  39. "If one school accepts it then list it under patient care" Thank you very much! Many blessings

  40. Good rule of thumb at the end. I think that's a good way to approach it when you're entering it in CASPA

  41. Hey James! Really appreciating your videos and thought into the CASPA application. I'm currently a CNA (almost 2 years) and applying for the first time this year, keep it up (:

  42. Another great video 👌

  43. Hi James I love your videos. I was wondering how you got your job as a physical therapy aide? I also live in San Diego and most of the job listings I've seen want you to have experience or to be a kinesiology student which I am not. I want to start getting patient care experience while I am in undergrad but I don't really want to have to go through a certification process. Thank you!

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