PPP1: 5 powerlifting pet peeves + bench workout

and this is like such a cool gym to work out at there's never anybody here whenever I come to Train that's kind of have like my own alone time and it used to be me in the weights nothing but myself but the one downside is when he gets hot in here it's hot like it's like 100 degrees outside right now and I'm dying right now but that's okay because I feel like it's kind of like like it's kind of like you know it's good for you to train in environments that are a little tough feel like it makes you like a better a better lifter training under less ideal circumstances like this or something like that I don't know so I did my first power to me when I was 15 I'm currently 24 years old so it's been like nine years on and off and I really love it you know like the last couple years I've been been pretty into it for you know years and years now and it's kind of provided me with with a life that I never would have imagined as a child and it I think it's just really awesome and I love everything about it now with all that being said there's a couple of things that go on in the community that kind of here take me a little bit and that's what I'm gonna talk about today cuz after all I am human so you know I get upset like everybody else all right so my first pet peeve is gonna be the guys who are really big you know the super heavyweights 308s maybe somewhere in there guys weigh over 300 pounds who are maybe not the most competitive lifters in their weight class so they have to resort to dogging on the guys who are like 181 198 they have to put those guys down saying hey forget about your Wilkes Wilkes doesn't matter because my total still bigger than yours because in the jungle there's no weight classes and well that's great Nolan I totally understand where they're coming from yes overall maybe they are stronger than the guys who weigh over 100 pounds less than they do and yeah you're right in real life and in the jungle there is no weight classes but guess what there's weight classes and powerlifting and there's things called a Wilkes score that kind of determines where you stand on your total compared to your body weight and I know it will excision the best it is not the best way to do that but there's a lot of biases with it in this and that and there's a lot of things wrong with it yada yada you can go on about it all day but it's the best thing we have right now so congratulations you're stronger than the guy who weighs over 100 pounds less than you do and yes in the jungle baby yeah I know I know you would kill them in the jungle but guess what this is powerlifting you got to play by the rules that's how the rules of the game work your argument no weight classes in the jungle does not apply to the sport of powerlifting so let's just leave that argument outside of the sport all right so the second one now is going to be power lifters we know within the sport of powerlifting who hate on the sumo deadlift that's right I said it and you know this one's gonna hit home for me too and I got plenty to say about it but guess what just like Wilkes it's a little ridiculous to hate on a sumo deadlift in my opinion if you are participating in powerlifting that means you know and understand the rules of the sport and kind of how it works well the sumo deadlift is a part of powerlifting so it kind of blows my mind a little bit when people try to make such a big deal about it because it's part of the sport is within the rules you can do it it's similar to like people who are just they're back ridiculously on benchpress kind of like I'm doing here I would do it more if I could honestly guess why because it's within the rules and I were just it's not about how you lift the weight it's about how much weight you lift and I get it that's not like everyone's favorite rule but you know that's just it is just kind of part of the sport and I totally understand some of the hate that comes from people who maybe don't power Alif maybe some like bodybuilders CrossFitters who whoever maybe some strong men who hate on the sumo deadlift that's a little different my opinion because well yeah they don't power lifts so maybe they don't respect sumo deadlift the same way they do conventional deadlifts but it's no different than how maybe for strongman I'm not the biggest fan of how they use like always use like suits and they literally use straps for every kind of devil if they do pretty much always but guess what I don't hate on it I just respect it because it's part of their sport that's like what they do those are the roles they play by the rules as long as it's within the roles I don't have a problem with it and I'll just compare those lifts to each other done within strongman I keep those completely separate from powerlifting if you're within powerlifting shut up like just just shut up about sumo deadlift thing you're choosing to compete in powerlifting don't complain about it alright number three records whether it be world records national records state records junior records master records you name it all of the above you know I always congratulate anybody who set some kind of record in powerlifting and that's not really what I'm complaining about here that is not my complaint about it at all so don't get me wrong here so no matter what record is it absolutely matters like if you've worked hard for it and you have gone after it and you have broken it good for you congratulations like that's not what I'm getting at here at all my problem with records is and maybe for those of you who aren't super familiar with the sport of powerlifting well there's a million different Federation's in each Federation has their own set of records okay so in the what I'm gonna complain about is maybe some of the people who set these records don't exactly specify like what record it is that they broke they'll just leave it as simple as hey I broke a state record in my weight class or a national record in my weight class or a world record in my weight class now I think we're all familiar that there's weight classes and the record applies to each weight class it's not under like one giant total of like everybody it is broken up by weight class something I think we all know that but there's a lot of different Federation's and if you're one of the ones that you know has broken either like a world record state record national record in whatever Federation I think you you absolutely need to specify what record it is that you broke because otherwise I feel like it is to a certain extent it is a little dishonest because if you're saying that you broke like a world record and really it was just for like a Federation within like a certain age division and weight class like you're being I think it is a little dishonest and you're giving yourself a little more credit than like what you actually deserve because maybe for people outside of the sport who'd understand all these records work and stuff you know it it makes it look like you'd maybe accomplished something a little bigger than what you really did not taking away from your accomplishment but it's just it's just not the same thing you know for example whenever I was a junior so I was 21 years old I broke an IPL world record in the deadlift for the 220 pound weight class for the Junior Division okay like that's all it was like so it breaks down that fart and I made sure to specify that because I feel like if I didn't I I would have been you know I thought I was like kind of lying if I just called it a world record without specifying hey no that's only for for this Federation for this weight class in for this age division and again that's not to take away from any records that anybody's broken but it's I think it's just really important to specify because it is gonna confuse people and like I said it is a little bit dishonest cuz this is not really fair to give yourself the same credit that somebody who's broken like an all-time world record gets you know what I mean like it's it's just not it's a different comparison and it's just not really fair for you to do that if that's not what your record actually is not seeing people do I've seen people post Oh world record this and that and they don't specify what it is and they go around telling all their buddies and tell all their friends and posting online hey look I broke a world record or hey I broke a national record but they don't specify exactly what it is and I'm not saying everybody does this there's actually probably I can probably find more examples of people who don't do this and whenever they break like whatever record is they break they break it down and they specify exactly what record it is that they broke and I respect that and I appreciate it and that's great but every now and then I've seen like a handful of people who don't do that and it just it kind of rubs me the wrong way a little bit all right guys and number four is gonna be crappy Federation's and backyard meets what I mean just kind of went to rant what did some some bench stuff you know but more specifically the lifters who take advantage of these crappy Federation's to set records and we all know who some of these people are and we know what these Federation's are and we know what's going on more often than not it's it's a high squat that gets counted is an all-time world record or a hike squat that gets counted towards a giant total and then when you go look at the rankings on like open powerlifting which if you guys don't use open powerlifting for passing rankings what are you doing that's like that's like the place to go they're freaking awesome then when you look at them on there you don't know that that squat was maybe like five inches high and it got counted towards their total or counted towards a world record I've seen what records getting stolen from people that are that should not have counted at all that you know like a high squat that maybe shouldn't got passed in and it just really irritates me and I know that some lifters going and taking advantage of this on purpose and they'll always say you know the famous saying is hey bro your opinion doesn't matter it's only the judge's opinion that matter the judges that were there that day they gave me three white lights I'm like yeah man I know but how could you be okay with that like it sucks like but I don't know keeps throne and it's not necessarily anything against the Federation itself it's more so against the lifters who go in and take advantage of the Federation and maybe some judges who don't have that much experience it's those guys who I'm kind of really attacking here the ones who go and do those kinds of things like it's just it's ruining the sport and it just kind of makes powerlifting look bad oh and don't even get me started on the multi ply high squads that have like kind of always gone on over the years and years it wasn't parallel it wasn't parallel okay it just it was just these crappy Federation's probably just need to either step their game up or just go away but at the end of the day it's a the integrity of the lifter to pick a good federation with good judges who are going to enforce these standards or if they're not going to at least enforce the standards yourself live to those standards alright so the last one I want to complain about today is gonna be the famous genetics and leverages yeah yeah I know I know you would be as good as this person over there if you just had the same leverages in genetics they did I know I know cry me a river I think using like leverages in genetics is such a poor excuse as to why you're not as strong as you want to be I think it's just I think use is a really bad excuse and yeah I'm not gonna sit here for 10 likes that doesn't have a lot to do with powerlifting obviously genetics are important obviously leverages are important too and of course I am talking a little bit from experience here to you because like one thing I see all the time okay obviously my arms are long right people are like well you're only good at tell it because your arms are so long like yeah but am i though is that the only reason I'm good at deadlift and I don't have like the best leverages for bench or squat but who cares like you think I haven't known this my whole life like you think it wasn't in high school in like hey if I was like 5 inches shorter like that guy over there maybe I could squat like a hundred pounds more well what good is that gonna do me to think that to myself it's it's only gonna be like a setback if I'm putting that in my head I'm limiting if I'm letting myself up here with those kinds of thoughts guess what I'm limiting myself in the gym so I've never even thought about it I've just said hey this is what I got to work with this is what I'm gonna go and do that's all I can do so don't tell yourself that you would be better better if you have these genetics or you know or these leverages or this and that it does not do you any good it's like well you don't have those genetics you don't have those leverages it doesn't do you any good to compare yourself to maybe somebody who does all you can do is just work on yourself and and honestly my biggest thing about powerlifting is that it doesn't matter like how strong you are compared to somebody else the only thing that matters it is like you being stronger than you used to be and it's like that's really the best you can do and then the other thing about leverage is is that you can you can find a lot of examples of this nobody is built perfectly for all three of the powerlifting that means squat bench press and deadlift how things really anybody who's like completely perfectly built for all three I mean someone is gonna have a disadvantage somewhere in there okay like like look at me for example like my leverages are very advantageous for the deadlift but guess what that doesn't necessarily help me out with benchpress or squatting very much at all now does it and that's why we have what's called the total that's how we have three different lists that we put together that kind of determines hey this is how good you are overall as a lifter overall this is how much weight you're able to lift on this variety of lists and I think it's very fair because maybe the guy with short legs and short arms is real good at squat and bench but guess what maybe he sucks at deadlift like I feel like most of the time it's gonna even out some way or another and so it's just not worth complaining about at the end of the day well that's gonna be it those are five powerlifting pet peeves of mine and I wouldn't even call them a top 5 these are just five that I thought of just now there's a lot more I could do but I think that's enough ranting for one day just kind of want to rant a little bit while I did my my light little bench workout here at the end of the week so definitely appreciate you guys watching okay Shawn next time


  1. I really appreciate all of the support from you guys. It means a lot!
    This was just 5 pet peeves. Not a top 5. There are plenty more I'm sure I left out!
    What are some of your pet peeves?.

  2. Let's see the 308 guy try to chase down the 181 guy in the jungle. Watch the 181 guy climb trees. Watch the 308 guy gas out.

  3. Any tip on low back pain while bench press with an arch?

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  7. Yeah you're 100lbs heavier but my spear don't care. So come to the jungle if you dare.

  8. Yes you shouldn't feel bad about your leverages (genetics) and using them as an excuse because you can't do anything about it, but saying leverages doesn't matter is just crazy.

    You have 300kg squat and +430kg deadlift (probably ). You're literally the perfect example of how big of a role leverages have.

  9. i hate sumo deadlifts but i like watching your content

  10. Number one is arguably,"if I was on all the shit they're on"…yeah,youd still be weak.

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  12. this type of videos are the best hope you stick with this style

  13. I never understand why anyone makes negative comments about the way someone trains. I mean trying to help someone improve is always great, but just putting people down because they aren't doing it "the right way" or whatever never made sense to me. Just be grateful that they're trying to be fit or healthy or just a part of the industry in any kind of way. No one has all the answers and it's a hell of a lot easier to just not pick up the weights to begin with, right? So people need to just be cool about all of it. It's a sport, powerlifting, cross fit, strongman or whatever, that requires a great deal of suffering as it is anyway, without the added discouraging negativity. As an American, I'm always seeing people who are just weak, tired and out of shape, or just plain old beat down, it's like they're sick and dying out there. For God's sake man, if they're trying, help their ass out! Just be kind, the road ahead is hard enough as it is. A pat on the back moves a man forward, a slap in the face only turns him around.

  14. The sumo deadlift argument is stupid, I agree. But the bench press one is valid. Even if there is no breaking of the rules, having a literal 2 inch range of motion because of a crazy arch should not be allowed.

  15. The light but strong guys would totally outcompete anyone "in the jungle" theres no way the big fellas could support their weight with all the food required, not to mention not being able to find anything to eat due to their horrid mobility

  16. I really enjoyed this format cailer! Great job

  17. Love the lil dig at multi ply, multi is just a joke

  18. It's easy to downplay genetics from the proper side of the survivorship bias 😀 Just saying.

    I jokingly tell people if anyone put in the same amount of effort as me over the last 10 years or so they'd be a far better lifter than me. I'm still doing it; I'm still improving at 35; my ceiling is just a lot lower.

  19. Talking about the bad federations and scummy records, that 500kg half-squat, the tens of “world record” deadlifts. It’s all too true and really unfortunate, no idea how that could be reasonably fixed. Powerlifting just isn’t streamlined very well.

  20. People who call out Sumo pullers are just insecure with their own pulling ability.
    Personally, I am SIGNIFICANTLY stronger conventional, and find sumo to be awkward and damn near painful on my hip flexors.
    With that being said, people who say sumo is easier seem to never pull sumo, so they discredit themselves immediately on that argument. The only individuals who can say Sumo is easy, are those who excel at it.
    Point is, people are always going to pull whichever way is more comfortable for them, and there is no easier / better style.

  21. Great video brother!!! I’m 5’9” shorter arms stocky build and my bench has always been way better than my deadlift. I don’t compete but I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard the short arms/leverage excuse from guys-I always laughed

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  25. love the new format!

  26. Sumo Squat and Bad calls in bad federation..Similar idea, if they allow it and count it i.e. sumo dead lift or a high squat its fair according to your rant yet your a big biased on it. If it counts or not, conventional deadlift will get more respect than sumo and high squats will not be respected . There is a difference with one being an allowed rule and the other not enforcing the rule but im just salty on the sumo deadlift lol. Respect given none the less.

  27. Sumo is way more technical there I said it

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  33. With regards to the hate on sumo pulling, people have this really weird obsession with making things as hard as possible, thinking it makes them more noble as a lifter. If you can lift more pulling sumo, why the hell wouldn’t you? By pulling conventional and lifting 50 less lbs (sometimes more) doesn’t make you a noble lifter.

  34. Super big arches in the bench are legal and it's not wrong for people to take advantage of it. However, it's just not aesthetically pleasing to look at and no one's going to take powerlifting seriously.

  35. “I don’t think there’s really anybody who’s like completely built for all three”

    Larry Wheels: Hold my Chalk

  36. For some weird reason cailer I can just imagine u pounding the shit out of someone to death with your fists then walk away like “ Dude should’ve specified your world record?” 😂😂

  37. Dudes who are hella heavyweight who have a higher total than lower weight classes, but aren’t at all at the top of the weight class, shitting on lower weight classes is hilarious because they aren’t even the top of the game. “Oh, I’d totally dominate that dude in reality”, but would still get shit on by tougher, bigger, and stronger dudes.

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  43. I seriously hate the back arch in bench press. Yours isn't "that bad"? But I've seen some ridiculous arches. If you can be failed by judging natural flatness of the shoe you are wearing the judge should be able to detect scoliosis. 2 equally strong benchers, the one with most flexible spine will be able to lift more because of less bar travel.

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