Potassium Citrate Powder Supplement Review – Best Potassium Supplement?

what's going on guys Seth here hit it again with another video and in today's video I'm gonna be talking about potassium right potassium citrate and just talking about the benefits of supplementing with potassium citrate what I've noticed using the powder and why you're definitely going to be wanting HUD's to supplement with potassium because most people are extremely deficient in potassium I believe it's like less than 2% of all people are actually meeting the requirements of potassium and you should actually be getting like 4500 milligrams to like 6 grams right per day and it goes even more if you're an athlete or you're someone that's sweating a lot so personally with me you know I was recently I've been doing a lot of sauna use right so I've been getting in the sauna and I've noticed at night my legs were really cramping up and yes so when I was doing research on potassium supplementation and so forth what I found out was that due to the fact that a small percentage of the u.s. population has some sort of issue or reaction to same potassium where it's like a serious health issue the FDA right they're not allowed to sell you a potassium in any dose higher than 99 milligrams home so for most people you would have to if you're buying a traditional you know pill like in the in the bottles you would have to consume pretty much the whole bottle of potassium to be able to really get any results so with that being said the reason why I recommend just picking up a bulk powder is because you can just consume like you know a half a teaspoon quarter teaspoon and you're getting way more potassium it's much more cost effective as well so I saw a lot of results from getting this potassium and then also combining it with magnesium glycinate which as far as magnesium is really important because it balances the potassium out and most people are actually really deficient in magnesium as well and they're the two most minerals in your body and can really help with just sleep issues leg cramps low energy fatigue stuff like that that a lot of people are dealing with and I definitely saw a lot of results literally when I got my potassium I saw instant results and just being able to get rid of my leg cramps and it really helped with sleep as well which is also interesting but like I believe it was Chris Master John said who's like a PhD in nutritional science he says that you want to make sure that you try to you know when you're taking the potassium ideally you want to try to blend it up in your food so what I do is I just blend it up with my smoothies that seems to work well with me in addition to helping with the sleep but I noticed from the potassium was just it really helped with my performance in the gym it felt like my muscle contractions were sharper right and I know that dr. Burke had a video just talking about the importance of potassium and just the science of like the potassium channels and so forth and how it really just regulates you know the electrical conductivity throughout your entire body and if your potassium levels are off if you're not optimizing your potassium then you're really just running a risk of not functioning optimally so definitely recommend you guys picking up some potassium like I said I just got mine from this company called bulk supplements which I just got it off Amazon I will link to it down below if you want to check it out but yeah I recommend just getting a bag like this it'll last you for a long time and it's a great investment and just you know mix it with your food and blend it in your smoothies and so forth and I definitely think you'll see results so yeah that's pretty much it my review on potassium citrate here definitely think it's a good idea to just supplement with so yeah with that being said make sure you go ahead and smash that like button huh if you did like the video it really help my channel out it helps it grow and get this information out to more people I know there's more people that can definitely benefit obviously right less than 2% of people have their potassium needs met so you know spread the word share the video if you're new here make sure you go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you want more videos on all things related to health optimization human performance is what I'm all about here and I'm planning on pumping out a lot of great new content here in the near future so you're definitely gonna want to stay tuned for that so yeah guys thanks for watching the video and until next time I'll see y'all later peace


  1. How much potassium does 1tsp contain? In mg?

  2. They say if you take to much
    You could die.

  3. I just ordered the potassium citrate but producer recommended using a mg scale. So do you think taking 1/4 – 1/2 tsp is good? I have no clue how many mg that is – also do you just mix in water? Do you taste it in your smoothie?

  4. I am having trouble knowing how much to take.. I am Keto and heard to take 1.5 tsp of Potassium Citrate from Bulk Supplements. I have been mixing 0.5 tsp 3 times a day to gatorade zero and can hardly get it down 🙁 HELP

  5. Thanks for this video. I just recieved some bulk potassium and noticed that there was hardly a taste to it and it looked like damp white sugar. I thought it would taste strong or salty. Can you tell me if this seems right: Many thanks

  6. I took potassium citrate for the past 2 months. I saw A LOT of benefits: sleep, muscle mass gain, cognition, energy, etc.
    I'll be trying potassium bicarbonate next to see what the difference is, I've heard some good things about it.

  7. i was looking this up also, i got this for leg cramps, how much is a good does for this? i have the ext same supplement for the price

  8. is it safe drinking pottasium citrate ..bcoz it can stop heart

  9. Great video… how much do you take or add to your smoothies?

  10. What's the taste like ?

  11. K

  12. yep i think potassium deficiency is a much bigger deal than many may realize.. i believe potassium and sodium are very much related to the human cell and i think you may be so right on about both potassium and magnesium being supplements to consider taking even outside of herbal/food form.. i also think the tight grip over potassium availability in capsule form, vs something like iron which is 1 of the supplements i do believe is better to take from food/drink… and can be very serious if taken in high doses via cap, well yeah i think there may be more to that but anyways.. i also think if a person is supplementing minerals, etc. they may also especially want to regularly do heavy metal/parasite/fungus/yeast type of cleansing to help make sure the nutrients go to the right places but that's another topic somewhat and i'm hoping to look into it further.. all the best and God bless you in The LORD Jesus' Name..!

  13. You have any tips on gaining height? Really enjoy your content!

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