Postgraduate study in Clinical Exercise Physiology | Waikato Institute of Technology | Wintec

Wintec has always been like a second home for me so the tutors, it’s just a small community I would call it so tutors and everyone here knows you by name and I did my grad dip here my level 7 diploma and when I thought of post-grad this was the place where I felt I belong to and I had to come back to my nest and that’s why I came back to Wintec My name is Farrad Mohammed I am from India and I have come to New Zealand in the year 2013 and I started my study here at Wintec and currently I’m doing my Masters here at Wintec So I had my Bachelor in Physiotherapy I came here and my level 7 in sport and exercise science I went out toward but decided to come back and did my level 8 post grad and that’s when I landed into my Masters here at Wintec I am working here at the Bio Kenetic Clinic as the supervisor and we do a thorough fitness assessment with our clients and we work one on one with them for 12 weeks so that is what drove me to come back and study because giving your clients just 2 weeks of your time doesn’t make them any better by giving them the whole 12 weeks and making them better and making them to return back to their sports or return back to their work gives you a kind of job satisfaction Various cardiac issues mostly its Hypertension and we also have stroke patients coming in we’ll have diabetes, high cholesterol or kidney issues lung issues are the common we have here asthma or bronchitis clients come in here and we have chronic injuries like athletes who are suffering from various injuries but didn’t have enough time with their physios so they come back to us and we carry on with that. We basically look into all the various physical fitness competence like your muscle endurance your cardio vascular endurance and you balance your flexibility and you’re posture. so these are the areas we concentrate on with our clients and we do the testing as well as our exercises are the same as well temporary cardio vascular endurance we do the cardio exercises Temporary muscular endurance we give you strength training we have your balancing exercises and for flexibility we have various dynamic and passive exercises and for postural analysis we advise you on how to sit proper or how to walk properly how to stand properly It’s the hands on experience that you get here at Wintec it’s a Polytech so they make you work ready because in India I had the theory knowledge but I didn’t have much of practical exposure which I got here from Wintec and I’ve seen New Zealand it’s a beautiful country the resources here and the people here are quite friendly and that’s the reason I chose New Zealand.

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